New Year Resolutions..Or Not!!! Stop Blogging!

lol..I was laughing at some new year resolutions I read from the New York Times this morning:

* Stop blogging, go back to reading normal books and watching TV
* Stop trying to be the author of a book via blogging

* Stop trying to sell ur book and sign autographs via blogging.

* Stop acting like your day was more exciting that other human beings out there, so you have to blog about it.

Lolll...that's funny, cos I know most of you won't stop blogging. Its fun to be jobless and type funny stuff to share with random folks, or inspirational stuff, or creative stuff, or even stupid stuff. I'm sure it makes some people feel like they're not the only stupid people in the world, that there are definitely others like themselves out there. Anyways, I've found out that blogging is fun sha, in my own opinion, judging from these three months I've been on blogger.

Ooooooh...the new year is in a few hours though........woah.......I'm counting down...I want to encourage everyone to go into this new year with God, because if you start with the Alpha, you will definitely end with the Omega, He's the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Whatever form of praise you begin your new year with, you won't go lower than that in the year to come. So if you start with a very high praise, your praise will keep getting higher and higher as the year goes on because you will keep finding reasons to praise God. Amen. Some tips on what you can do on the night of new year's eve: go to church, share a molten chocolate cake from chili's with your family, eat some fried rice/jollof rice and chicken, call your extended family, best friends and friends, and generally just have fun (like duh, I know I'm already stating the bad...). Have fun guys! Happy New Year.


Click here, for the article that inspired this post.

***Starting Over Again***

Starting over again means relinquishing one's past and putting all energies towards a brand new strategy. As the new year is approaching, I can't help but reflect on what Revelation 21:5 says, "He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." In the twinkle of an eye, God can make everything brand new. He can make you forget the past and dwell on the future. I want my new year to give me a brand new feeling. I want the bad things of 2006 to stop exactly at 12 midnight on december 31st, and the good things of 2006 to pour into january 1st 2007. It's simple to talk about, but only God's power can accomplish it. But I have a very strong feeling that you and I will accomplish a lot in this new year. In 2007, I pray that God will go beyond and above all that you can ever ask or imagine, and that all your dreams will come true (yes, you reading this right now). People think dreams don't come true, but little do they know that every dreamer has a reward...they have a passion that once ignited cannot be put don't be scared to dream great dreams (Joel 2:28, 'your young men shall see visions'!)

That being said, I'm not making any new year's resolutions for 2007 per se, because any time I make them in a very determined tone, I end up not accomplishing any of them. Why, you may ask? Because anything we try to do by our own power and might never works out the way we want it to. The human flesh is so weak that we cannot accomplish hard tasks by ourselves. So if I say I want to accomplish a task in 2007, I'm going to do it differently this time...God help me...not by my own determination, not by my own power or by any other human defined characteristic.
What am I trying to say? You can call it a new year's resolution, because there may be no other way to say it, but make sure you know somewhere in you that you cannot accomplish it all by urself...tell God ur dream and ur passion...and let God do the rest!

My Classic IQ test:

Woke up this morning to the sound of birds chirping outside the town house. Did my daily morning routine (prayers, brushing my teeth, smiling at myself in the mirror etc), then I rushed downstairs to read the Word. Anyways, so I got stuck on the definition of a particular word, and as usual I checked the dictionary to sort out it's meaning. That's how I got side-tracked by what is called "the classic tickle IQ test" (or so they call it). Unconsciously, I got hooked on all 12 pages, and this is what they came up with for moi:

Congratulations, jaycee!
Your IQ score is 122

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others. Your Intellectual Type is Precision Processor. This means you're exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve math or logic. You're also resourceful and able to think on your feet. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

So if u want to have some fun with this IQ test, go here (its the same questions everyone answers, they don't re-mix the questions):

Anyways, this is just for fun..I usually don't believe in these things...but enjoy...

Girls and FUN!!!

My friends and I were just remembering the song, "girls just wanna have fun" and we were laughing. I'm thanking God for a very wonderful holiday right now because I've been having too much fun. It's going to be a very memorable one after all...from shopping to movie nights (by the way we went to see DREAM GIRLS last night---good movie), to eating cereal, to sleep-overs, to riding in cars (and getting lost), to reading novels, to SCRABBLE (dang, I love that game...give me somn intellectual any day), to making long-distance phone calls and talking to long-lost friends, and finally, to crazy's like we've been starving to talk about different experiences and different gists like ever since...oh well, it's always fun to reunite during christmas. In all this, on christmas eve, we all sat down on the bed and talked about what christmas really meant to each of us. It was so terrific that christmas was explained differently by every individual, but at the end of the only boiled down to one thing...that God loves us so much despite all we've ever done. Will be blogging on another topic soon (I'm just cooling my brain cells...he he).....

Merry christmas to you all again and stay blessed...for now...ciao...

Chimamanda in the New Yorker...

She writes so well it almost brings one to goal is to read both "purple hibiscus," and "half of a yellow sun" this christmas (as I have heard excellent reviews abt these two books). I just need to get them in my collection somehow. I was reading her narrative about life during the war in the New Yorker, and she killed it...

This is only an excerpt:

At first, he wrote excited letters, and sent pictures of himself in camouflage holding a long, gleaming gun. He took special pride in his boots and wrote about how he polished them with Kiwi polish, the way he had polished the shoes my father wore to his lectures. His handwriting was barely legible and his English was comic. “Hungry is killing me,” he said. He wrote about the poor state of the barracks. He wrote about not being paid. Slowly, the letters cooled. Then, in a hasty letter, he wrote that he might be sent to Liberia, as part of the Nigerian Peacekeeping Force. Civil war was raging there. People were being skinned alive, he wrote. People were being dragged to their deaths.
“He won’t go to Liberia,” my father said. “He’ll be fine.”

Fide did not go to Liberia. Months later, a military coup took place in Sierra Leone. And General Sani Abacha, who routinely killed activists, who routinely shut down the media, who routinely jailed opponents, decided to send in Nigerian troops to restore democracy.
When my parents told me that Fide had died—he was blown up by a land mine in Sierra Leone, on September 3, 1997—I stared at them for a while and then started to smile because I knew that they were wrong.

“Which Fide?” I asked, as if he were not the only Fide we knew.
“Our own Fide,” my mother said, and those words will never leave me, because even as grief enveloped me I realized how lovely they were. Our own Fide. He was our own.

To read the story, go to:

***Once Upon a pair of Stilettos***

You know I was saying in my last post that I was free from incarceration (a.k.a med sch exams). So, I've been having too much fun already! From shopping on tuesday to dancing on wednesday (plus a tyler perry movie night at church last night), you name I stumbled upon a pair of stilettos online today, and my eyes saw 'red.' I think I shd make that my next project....errr...wait first o...let me check my bank account...

Hold on for one sec...

I'm back from, (*sigh*), I guess I can make do with just staring at it for! Ha ha ha...was so mad on tuesday...only 3 tops plus one fall jacket for 70 somn dollars...hsss...abeg I'm not going to the mall any more!
Back to my guitar lessons...

His Soul speaks to my soul...

This post is inspired by Uzo's poem... (her "after the dream" post)...

I stared at this part of the poem for a very long time...

We talk and communicate
Not as two people
but as two souls
Learning our reason for being
This dance - a waltz

And I started to think that she's not the only one... many people probably experience this feeling of euphoria! Sometimes it's just crazy when u think someone's soul is speaking to ur soul. Have u ever talked to someone and then they say some things and leave some other things unspoken? And whether they say it or not, both parties have a silent understanding. Have u ever stared someone deep in their eyes and they stare right back at you until both parties withdraw like a reflex action? Have u ever laughed with someone while being physically in their presence and all of a sudden both parties stop laughing because they notice there's something more to that one laughter? I was thinking of how possible it is for a person to communicate with another person without even saying a word!

Meanwhile, it's possible for one million other people to actually say words but at the end of the day there is NO COMMUNICATION...they can talk and talk and talk from the beginning of the morning till the roosters lay their heads to sleep, yet it's just the thought of that one person that still gets to you at the end of the day...the unspoken words may even matter more than the spoken words...

The silence of the lambs...

DISCLAIMER: this post is 'generally speaking.' (*winks*). Think not that I am in a position to kiss and's NOT happening to me...:)

As for the picture of strawberries...I'm reading a book right now, and the guy notices the girl is not a traditional type of person so instead of sending her roses, he sends her a box of STRAWBERRIESSSSS....ha ha ha....I'm so NOT traditional....geez, flowers are so COMMON!

A lil UPDATE ON MOI: I'm finally free from exams at I can now ROCK N' ROLL, TUMBLE, SLEEP, READ, PLAY, LAUGH, JUMP, DEBATE, and pretty much anything I'd like to do that is so NOT medical school-related. I'm thinking of learning how to play the guitar this christmas, because there's a song I really want to sing to God...and I'm thinking of singing this song at the "youth night" at church...hmmm...let me see if that's possible....

God is my HUSBAND....gotta see what I can do! Anything for the Lover of my soul... try Him menn...He's the best lover you can ever have. And it's even funny because I learnt that for anyone to be in an excellent relationship, you first have to be in love with God, then because He loves you too, He will send the Holy Spirit as a guide to help you find the right relationship, and then when you're in it, He will keep giving you tips on how to keep ur relationship alive...He's the best! Have you tried Him first?


Proverbs 14: 1 "The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands."

With..her...hands!!! With her hands...with her own hands. Most things that happen to us are as a result of the seeds we've sown in a previous time and place, except they are things that God wants us to go through before we manifest our destinies. A seed can be defined as anything that we do in life, it could be being a lender to someone in need, it could be giving money for a good cause, it could be being a friend in need, and it could also be being a very wicked person. I used to think seeds were defined only in good terms, but I slowly learnt that bad seeds can also be sown. And the word of God says that "God is not deceived, whatsoever a man sows, he shall reap." So if you sow a good seed, you will reap a good seed and if you sow a bad seed, you will definitely reap a bad seed. The word REAP means that those things will come back to you in more ways than when you sowed them. Think about a farmer planting just one seed, of course when the seed grows into a mighty tree, it will produce a lot of you don't "reap" seeds but you "reap" fruits, and every individual fruit contains several seeds. So it's definitely gonna come back to you in more ways than you know it...

If you've been mean to someone...someone is going to be terribly horrible to you one day...

If you've been a great help to someone in your past...then when you're in need, God will send help your way...

If you've destroyed someone else's body, yours is already on its way to destruction...

and the list goes on...

The only thing that can bring a good change to a bad seed is when you cry out to God for forgiveness, because there is no VERDICT that cannot be changed by God's mighty hands.

As per how this is related to the opening scripture, building a house is not necessarily physical, the little seeds we sow here and there can either build us either great houses or poor houses...

Therefore, sow your seeds careful of what you do in this life...


I don't know about you, but it feels so good when you hear God's voice telling you something, in the intimacy of prayer, in broad daylight, or when you're just staring into space or a thick black cloud of emptiness at night, and then you go to worship and fellowship on a sunday or on any other day of the week, and all of a sudden the shepherd of the house takes you unawares by saying the same exact thing ("verbatim") that God told you a while back. This is "confirmation." These types of happenings increase my knowledge that He is real, and if I had doubts before, it quenches it completely. It is again, the 'invisible hand phenomenon.' The feeling you get when you know there's something out there in the invisible that controls the visible...

I've experienced that feeling before...and it happened today again..."and His Name shall be called Emmanuel..."God with us."

Here's to TEAM WORK!!!!!!

***It can't be better than this***
(a funny picture someone sent to me today)
when it boils down to food, we've all got to work together men!

Thought for the day

Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones."
That's what keeps my cheerful spirit each single day...have you ever thought abt it? Give ur heart a merry. I was having another of my conversations again with a sweet-heart, and we concluded that in this life, "you really cannot please everybody." No matter how much you try, some razz people still won't live up to ur expectations. Don't please men, let your life be all about pleasing God. When you're trying not to please everybody and u're just being yourself, u'll find out that you'll be so much happier. Give time to yourself, your body and your soul. Take time out to do little things like getting a massage, reading a good novel, visiting an art museum, talking to ur close friends on the phone and having a very good laugh. Not to forget fellowshipping with people who believe in what you believe in...("don't abandon the fellowship with the saints")
And guess what? You'll be just good to bread and butter...
Love ya! *muah*
Signed: Me

***The DOMINO Effect***

I was very inspired (as always) first it was just "pun" (we were just playing with words), then it became transformed into a discussion I will never forget. The little things in life do matter...little things like having a little chat with ur friend, in the comfort of a little cubicle with clothes and girls' stuff strewn all over the floor (lol). We talked about different things...we talked about school, then about life, then about life after life, then about the power of God. I can leave you with a part of the discussion that stuck in my brain the whole of last night though. She said God's power is like the "DOMINO EFFECT." Dominoes are small tiles traditionally carved from ivory or bone with small, round pips of inset ebony. The 'domino effect' is when a line of domino tiles fall one after the other because of the little push of the first one. But there is only ONE domino effect where the last tile does not fall, instead it gives an opposite reaction and hits the other tiles back up in the opposite direction. It is the game where God is a player. Think about chemistry, there's always an equal and opposite reaction for every action. It's kinda like waves rippling through a stormy ocean. In this game, although your situation may be a rippling domino effect (i.e. things in your life may be getting out of order one after the other), when God's playing the game with you, He becomes the last TILE. No matter how much you push the last tile, it's not going to fall down. In this game the last tile in the domino effect is a STRONG TOWER. No matter how rough life may seem, it's going to stand tall. It's going to stop the second-to-last tile from falling down...He's always there to raise you back up from the ground...where you've fallen...
Think about it...and when you're done, put a big smile on your face...

~O Little Town~

“When he had called together all the people's chief priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Christ was to be born. "In Bethlehem in Judea," they replied, "for this is what the prophet has written: " 'But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will be the shepherd of my people Israel.”- Matthew 2:4-6

Merry Christmas everyone...remember there's a very significant reason for the season...never forget that!

Ye, iz a CHICKEN!!!

Yeahhhh....there goes my chicken. Do u realize how yummy, scrumptious, and delicately seasoned my chicken was? No, I don't think so. I mean this chicken was spiced up till the very core. It wasn't ordinary was cooked inside its roots. It was sooo good to the extent that if the chicken was given the opportunity to taste itself before it died, it willingly would have given up its life (knowing it tasted that good), seriously. The story began like this, I came back from anatomy lab today excited that I had fried rice and chicken in my fridge. I changed from lab clothes to comfortable home clothes and was smiling to myself just dreaming about that chicken in the fridge. So I warmed the rice and chicken and served it on a platter of gold, then I started munching and munching. Ok, so I usually save the best for last right? So when I was done with the fried rice, I looked at the chicken and said, "now, behold it is time to eat you." So I picked it up with my delicate fingers and proceeded to take the first bite.......


...and all of a sudden, before my very eyes, the chicken landed at my foot. Arrrrggghh! Not my chicken...I'm not gonna complete the story cos I will get mad...but this inspired me to carry out a chicken review:

**What kind of chicken lover are you?**

A) You love live chickens so much that you are a vegetarian

B) You love chickens, but you don't mind killing them. If they fall down on your carpet, you will wash them with water and continue eating them...
C) You love chickens so much that anytime you eat them you're such in a haste to down them in. So if they fall on the floor, dang the bacteria, you carry them and continue eating without washing...(at least there are other bacteria living in your body anyways, the theme will be survival for the fittest, and at least the chicken just hit the end of your sneakers, the bacteria won't be up to 10% of it's usual population)

D) You love chicken, but common, life is not can't risk eating bacteria and losing your life, so you throw the chicken right down the THRASH!!!!!

Which one are YOU? Are you crazy about chicken?

How is a Man saved?

Found an article that can answer some of your that you can begin your journey in finding God and in finding the TRUTH. Let it be that someone showed you where to start from:

The Deja Vu (have we met before?)

I had my yahoo music on, and I apparently had tagged this song before because the first time I heard it (being the romantic I am), I was in awe.

It's funny that you can meet someone and know that you're going to be with that person forever (or if you just met.
* You look at their finger and u know they'll be wearing ur ring
* You look at their tummy and you know they'll be bearing your children.
* My best line, "I thank you in advance for when you said "I do" next month and for those beautiful children of ours"
* Marriage is a beautiful seals up friendship, and it seals up love...forever...a fairytale that never comes true for some...a perfect story for those whose stories have already been written about in the volumes of the Book of God...a bashed phenomenon in the faithless generation in the midst of which we live in today, where divorce has a very high rate.

Going back to the books...this was just an opportunity in the middle of a saturday study break to be mushy for a second!

~Greater than my imagination~

I learnt a very important concept during the concert tonight. It was when he started describing how heaven looks it was described in the book of revelation: the streets of gold (not the usual gold, but a gold that is transparent), the gates made with pearls, and the light that is not provided by either the sun or the moon, but by the radiance of God Himself. After all these descriptions, he quoted ephesians as saying that even though we have great imaginations, everything that concerns God goes beyond our wildest imaginations (He goes above and beyond all that we can ever think or imagine). This means that no matter how much I dream, and no matter how wild my imagination runs...I can only imagine...but when push comes to shove, I cannot really start to comprehend the depths and heights and width...

LADIEEEEEEEESSSSSSS....this one is for you!

Are you this person??? Don't say, just laugh it off...cos I know some of you are...

Thinking about "kindness"!!!

It is in galatians 5, listed as one of the components of the 'fruit' of the Holy Spirit. I decided to read these things one by one again today (private time study), judging myself to see if I was trying to practice them. And then I stopped at 'kindness.' What exactly is kindness for goodness sakes? Is it letting people do what they wanna do, or letting people have what they wanna have from you? Is it allowing people to take advantage of you or somn? Is it always putting up a facade of happiness? Is it saying "yes" when you really mean "no"? Is it stripping yourself off everything you have and sacrificing it for other people? Considering all the above questions, after doing my research the answer was a big 'NO' to all of the above! You can make sacrifices, but kindness is also a "thinking phenomenon." It is not irrational at all.

There were certain things that stood out to me in the definitions of kindness I came across, and I picked the important ones to dwell on:

kind #1/kaɪnd/
–adjective, -er, -est.
indulgent, considerate, or helpful; humane (to be humane is to be tender, compassionate and to be sympathetic towards other people)

(from the american heritage dictionary)
Of a friendly, generous, or warm-hearted nature; forbearing (enduring, refraining, being patient and having self-control, tolerant); generous (liberal-kind words); Agreeable; beneficial

So one thing that stood out to me was "indulgent"...interesting word...and its funny that I hear a lot of people using this word, hope they know what it means...

in·dul·gent /ɪnˈdʌldʒənt/
characterized by or showing indulgence (a catering to someone's mood or whim; humoring; Commerce-an extension, through favor, of time for payment or performance; Something granted as a favor or privilege; Patient attention; a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone) in·dul·gent·ly, adverb
—Synonyms forbearing, easygoing, tolerant

BUT...I also found out that indulgence could mean "foolish or senseless behavior," and that is not what the Bible means when it says be "kind"...

It's really good to try and understand what these things actually mean before we try to practice makes one look at the inner what this basically tells me is that sometimes:

1) I need to learn how to humor people ("indulgence"). It is not necessarily every single thing one needs to point out to a friend, there's a way you can tell people things that they will appreciate you more for it, and they will probably thank you for letting them know sometime in the future...but what was that word again? Kindness is being liberal (kind with words)...the way you speak says much about you, and even the bible says, "let your words be seasoned with salt, so that it may impart grace on anyone who hears you speak." Do your words carry grace? Or are they rash, impotent, and non-beneficial?

2) I need to learn how to put people first before myself ("considerate"). Have you ever fought for the best positions? Have you ever fought to be number 1 all the time? Have you ever fought to always be the winner? It is good to be the winner, but do you carry the notion that is "me, myself, and I?" It's definitely time to start being considerate.

3) "Warm-hearted": I love warm-hearted people, you just want to be around them all the time because they make you feel better about everything. No one wants to be around a whiny, grudgy, non-talented person. Or do you? Kindness goes with warm-heartedness.

4) "Agreeable": I checked again for this word and it said, "willing or ready to agree or consent; conformable." I laughed...wait a second, do people always agree with you or disagree with you? Why don't they always agree with you? Have you ever really thought about that? Maybe there's something you're not doing or something you're not trying to be vulnerable to. Woah, this is telling me kindness is something that alludes us to VULNERABILITY...yikes...vulnerability is not such a bad thing after all...

5) Indulgence: what stood out to me was the fact that sometimes we have to give people an extension of favor, an extension of the time for people to repay you back, a second chance. This goes out to people who go around ridiculously threatening lives who haven't returned favors. That's something to think about. We may all have to start changing attitudes to make the world a friendlier place. When you show kindness, I notice that it is then that people would even want to repay you don't have to chase them all around the whole city, just take a chill pill and give them more time...they will willingly come....or they would apologise and may do other favors for you. All in all, it just pays to have a little bit of indulgence.

Pleasure, Power, & Pain

While sipping on my extra-hot extra-whipped cream chocolate @ starbucks a few days ago, and while listening to some jazzy songs in the background, I felt a sudden jolt of exhilarating inspiration. I felt like I was in one of those movies, or one of those TV shows--take "heroes" for instance, if you watch it u'll know how Isaac Mendez gets a sudden inspiration to paint, his eyes get pure white and he starts painting to infinity. Well, in my case, I was suddenly inspired to write poetry:

Pleasure, Power, and Pain:

Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
The first takes you to oblivion
The second takes you to great heights
And the third makes you cry
Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
Three different directions,
yet just one target-the human mind
Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
You feel like you're soaring high
but yet you also feel like you're sinking low
Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
Lord, if you weren't in my life
I wonder what I would have become
You've become my dignity, my passion, and my ultimate emotion
You've taught me how to
use Your Power to give me pleasure and erase all my pain,
and thats something to treasure for as long as I live.

Daddy, give me the keys to the Rolls-Royce!

I read galatians today and I loved one particular paragraph I read. It talked about how there are certain things we tend to do as babies, things that we do when we don't have any good knowledge-->things that we do in our innocence and in our prime. The very foolish things of life. Apart from that, there is also a stage in our lives when we know the right things to do, but we just don't do them because we think they are irrelevant (does that scream "immaturity?")!

Well, guess what? The bible tells us that there will come a day in everyone's life (you, me, and every on-looker) where we have to make a choice to either be "mature" or to go on in "immaturity." The choice will be yours to make, and you will have to pick one (there would be nothng like "none of the above," because your conscience will judge you without any room for mercy. A day when we will have to answer the question of why we do the things we do, and why we do the things we do the way we do them. When we start to think this way, we can welcome ourselves to the club of the "mature sons of God." Now, after this stage in life, we can then begin to claim our inheritance as "sons." It is at this stage in our lives that our Daddy can give us the keys to his rolls-royce (because we know no daddy in his right mind will give his immature 4-yr old son the car keys right?). Its exactly the same analogy with God. Take a look at galatians 4 and see if u'll grasp the concept the exact way I did:

" 1 Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child,
does not differ at all from a slave,
though he is master of all,
2 but is under guardians and stewards
until the time appointed by the father.
3 Even so we, when we were children,
were in bondage under the elements of the world.
4 But when the fullness of the time had come,
God sent forth His Son, born of a woman,
born under the law,
5 to redeem those who were under the law,
that we might receive the adoption as sons.
6 And because you are sons,
God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts,
crying out, “Abba, Father!”
7 Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son,
and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ."


Let's do it CHONGA style!!!

STARBUCKS is the King! Yeah, repeat after me..."STARBUCKS is the King." Lolll....I know some of you starbucks addicts already know about the "CHONGA BAGEL." But seriously, I'll have to admit to myself that even though I'm an addict, I just found out about the "CHONGA STYLE" only this morning after slipping out of class for the 30 min break. First and foremost, I think the name is really hilarious and it just makes me wanna have a bagel for breakfast. It sounds like a song, a lullaby maybe...something that can take you to ecstasy. I'm not kidding, go ahead, pronounce the word urself...."chon-ga." See??? It sounds like a Hawaaian dance. It sounds like a group of crazy people dancing around a camp fire.

That's even besides the point! You can order it and tell them to make it piping HOT!!!. Combine this platter with a venti hot chocolate (which was the combination I got for breakfast this morning) and u're good to go. Crispy, delicious, and will meet ur every expectation! BTW I just found out I could also get them to make my venti hot chocolate at one hundred and ninety degrees. I'm crazy. God is good!

Warning (Side effects): you may sleep in class after that. I was drowzy...

Thank God for STARBUCKS!!! I will love you even until the very end! Not forgetting how I fell in love with frappucino, but you never seem to stop enticing me, do you?
I'm looking forward to blogging about 'Master of the Game,' by Sidney Sheldon. He makes me feel.....superb! Like, what kind of writer makes you fly and then come back down to earth. The book is too good...I encourage everyone who hasn't read it, to read it......TTYL.

~It's innately human~

Now I understand the feeling when she says she's uncomfortable because she doesn't trust them completely. Why? Because I feel the exact same way right about now. I heard the news, and its not that I'm not happy for the other half, but I just don't trust the other half's half, as much as she trusts her other half. It's kinda complicated, but I know things will play out exactly the way it was written in the volumes of His book. It's okay to feel "fear" sometimes, but we have to constantly try not to let fear over-take our lives. It's an innate human feeling, but as it is written, "we shall overcome." With time, the morale of this true-life story shall emerge. Can't give out full details now, gotta wait for the revelation. BTW, Happy thanksgiving to fellow bloggers (Onada, diamond, naijabloke, uzo, anthony, Dilichi, just to mention a few). Kinda new on the spot but its actually fun to read some experiences and learn from them. It pays a lot to be learned, i.e to see things from so many perspectives and not just be caught up in ur own fancy little fairy tale world, which I tend to believe I'm in sometimes. People go through a lot and instead of more people going through the same things again, it helps that those people share their experiences. And then, there are others that are just born to make others "laugh." I find those types of people rare and special. Moreso, it's amazing when a conglomeration of people in separate times and places believe one thing in common, that there is something out there greater than all of us put together that controls the entire universe...

My thanksgiving prayer: I thank God for immediate family (and not just those related to me by blood, but those who God has placed by my side through thick and thin), I thank God for joy, laughter, sunshine, happiness, endurance when things are rough, journey mercies, career choices, and for inspiration everywhere I turn to, be it my sweet pastor, my dad, mom, siblings, friends, or even bloggers. It's like I was born to be special...I was born to be re-born...I feel refreshed with each turning moment...

Move Your Body..its a NEW day...

IMAGINE THAT....ehn...just imagine...a fi gba to se lo mo pe ko she mo...pelu gbo gbo ife ti lo ti fin fin, ki lo'n fe ko se le simi to ba lo...imagine that...
lol...excuse my yoruba...gotta have fun with this song! I actually wrote the lyrics myself (after playing it many times)...he he he...for a non-yoruba delta chic like moi, thats real sleek! Fashi my skills.
God, I just BLESS you for a fabulous day. Can u imagine that? The devil was about to spoil my thanksgiving weekend oh. I heard some news today that made me a little bit troubled. But trust God, after praying against a potential threat, after several peeps prayed as well...God is now giving me a sound mind, and I'm back to my excited self again. Seriously, I have an extra confidence that it SHALL BE WELL! The devil is a big time MUGU...I've told him several times to get a real JOB! Big time loser. Pls allow...I must dance to healing...I must dance to a brand new day...I must dance to good success..." ba lo imagine that...tomorrow is a good day!!!!"

*Your Strength?*

1 Samuel 2: 9 "It is not by strength that one prevails..."

So the next time you see yourself pushing too strong or fighting so much that you have no strength left or until you're short of breath, ask yourself if you're supposed to be pushing that strong, or if it would feel so much better if you had an external source of strength. If you lean more towards the last option then you're on the right track. In times of adversity, you can use God's strength to elevate yourself because your strength is weak compared to God's. But just imagine the total strength you'll get when you incorporate His strength into urs. You'll be able to reach heights no man has ever been to before, and you'll be surprised it was you who reached those heights. Then you'll remember the day that you committed everything to Him...

He calls me "Friend"

there will never be a Friend,
As dear to me as You,
There will never be another
closer than a brother
Always worth the wait
Faithful as the day
To say we are "friends."

You know all about me
the good and the bad..
you know when I rise...
and fall...
You see my beginning
You stand at the end
And yet you remain
faithful to say I'm your friend"

Today, I sang this song again and again (it's by Isreal and New Breed). And then the meaning slowly crept into the depths of my heart. I had been singing this song without feeling it in the past. It means that God, knowing my beginning and standing at the end of my life, spite of all the things I was going to do wrong, in spite of me nailing Him to the cross over and over and over again, He still remained faithful, and called me "friend." Another epistle on passion and its true meaning...I'm seriously touched...

Can We?

Written by Eric Harris...

Can we hold hands in the park, or watch a fire flicker as the kindling sparks, and listen to the tunes and melodies of Bach and Mozart, then quiet ourselves and match the beats of our hearts?Can we dance in the summer's rain, or laugh long and hard to keep away the pain, then have lengthy conversations with no strain, and just smile when the thought of the other hits the brain?Can we find that romance, that real spiritual rejuvenation not physical stance, and use our dreams and passions to enhance; what others wish, we have without chance?Can we allow God to be our true source, live our lives for Him with no remorse, let Him be the guiding light on our course, and be renewed within these corpse? Can we contain that inward feeling, no push or tug toward sexual healing, just pure and simple intermingling, allowing our souls to collide, a future unveiling? Can this be that I met you, somewhere, sometime its like de-ja-vu, and the reality of such no one knew, but what brings us here is simple and true? So can I please take your hand, you are a woman and I, a man, and together we walk and strong we stand, may this love remain forever true until the end?
The picture I posted above quotes a scripture which was taken directly from the book of the Songs of Solomon chapter 2:16..."My beloved is mine, and I am His." God created romance, don't do it ur it God's style!

*Passion Saga Part II-----Called to OB/GYN???*

Obstetrics and gynecology. Geez, never had I imagined. I stepped into the first patient's room (#62) today and watched Dr W's interaction with her. She did it so skillfully and almost perfectly that I just wanted to be in her spot almost immediately. Wish I could, in the words of Hiro Nakamura (Heroes, NBC), "teleport" myself into her skin. At least, all it takes is shaking my head so vigorously and squeezing my face until blood ooozes out and my glasses (which I do not wear by the way) get shattered all over the marble floor of HUH, and VALOIR, lo and behold, I'm holding an Md degree in a plate of sphagetti and meat balls. How I wish! Ha!

Anyways, the issue at hand is that I'm feeling really passionate towards Ob/Gyn right now, and I'm entertaining the fact (for once) that maybe I'm drawn to it because I'm called to that area. Nah, just kidding...I'm not gonna be like people who say, "I'm called to ___" when they know they're still contemplating. I mean, why lie about it? I have only shadowed in four different units at the hospital, so I would be lying if I told you I was called to this, when as far as medicine is concerned, there are about two billion other things a physician can be skilled in. But today was lovely though. I learnt about the diameter a woman's cervix has to be before child-birth occurs, and you best believe that something's that is usually about 1cm in normal cases can expand or "dilate" to about 10 cm shortly before the baby comes out (are u grossed out yet?). God was so skillful in creating man that after seven days, He had to look at what He created and give Himself a pat on the back ("and He looked at what He made and saw that it was good..."). That phrase gets to me all the time, for someone to look at a project he has designed and not see any flaw in it, the project would have to be out of this world. Man was delicately fashioned in a very beautiful way that sometimes cannot be described to the full potential of what man is really capable of.

Back to Ob/ the second patient, patient #60 was aiight! But guess what? She couldn't speak English, but she could only speak Spanish (she was from El Salvador)...woah, but again, my ever inspiring Dr W could drop the basic things in Spanish. I learnt how to say pain in Spanish today sha. I definitely had a good time was a wonderful experience. The only sad thing was the first patient I saw was in a completely helpless state: basically she had a pregnancy that was achieved via in-vitro fertilization. She was forty-somn, and it was obvious that if she didn't have a baby now, she may never be able to have one again for the rest of her life, so I guess she decided to give it a shot. But why would her membrane break at just 24 weeks when the normal term is 37-40 weeks? Whats sad about it is that the lungs of the fetus are not yet fully developed, so even if they were to admit him/her into the pre-mie department, he/she would have "respiratory distress syndrome" and most likely would die. How can a chance like that be gone FOREVER?

That was the only emotional trauma for the day, apart from that....hmm...lets just say I still feel PASSION from last night. Especially since I bonded with a third year medical student who took the time out to teach me even more things about this field (not like he's planning on going into it sha, but it was some passionate detailed description---and we had a good laugh too, he's funny). Passion, love, desire, and satisfaction. Passion, Passion, Passion. If I live my life by the rules of passion, I'd be a mountain shaker. Ditto!


What is passion?

I feel like I'm feeling passion. Its funny how you think you feel something but you really can't pin-point the particular substance you are feeling. It may have stemmed from one thing, but now it has spread into so many areas, and now everything is so jumbled up. The passion is slowly mixing with faith, patience, virtue, strength, maturity, wisdom, and laws. For all you know I really can't tell how and where and why. It may have stemmed from eye contact or from laughter. It may have stemmed from me reading a book or a magazine. It may have stemmed from me watching a movie. It may have stemmed from me thinking of possibilities. It could be based on anything, this passion that I feel inside. So don't get it twisted though, passion is not necessarily something shared between two people. It can be shared between a human being and their job, or it could even be shared between a human being and a pattern of life. It could be between a human being and their Creator. But obviously, the most popular notion is that between a man and a woman.

Is passion accepting a fact or denying the existence of a fact? Is passion making abrupt decisions in the blink of an eye, or waiting for wisdom to help you make a decision? Is passion being honest or being dishonest for the good of the general situation at hand? Is passion bending one's rules or sticking to the law one has obeyed from time? Is passion waiting in patience until it hurts? Is passion seeing something you want but slowing down because you know now is not the right time? Does passion make sense or is it just for the foolish? Maybe when I define it, I'll become sane again. Its my 5 minutes analysis on passion...

There's one thing I'm sure of though...passion is what Jesus did when He gave His life on a cross, after being spat on, kicked, whipped, nailed, and shamed...just for you and me...

Looking forward to developing my thesis later on, urs sincerely.

***Spice up ur LYFE with PRAISE***

Life is one crazy roller coaster. You have to be tough to toughen ur tougheners....(he he...yeah...that doesn't make sense...I know)...

REWINDDDDDDD....(sound of rewinding tape...)

Okay, let me start from the beginning again. Life is sweet. But it is only sweet when you have the ability to make it sweet. But if you don't have the ability to make it sweet, at a particular point in time u'll get so fed up you won't know what to do. My cue: when u find urself working so hard to achieve a certain goal in life, a very useful principle is to know first hand that "it cannot be by your own power or by your own strength." The more you try, the more you fail. But when you leave it in the hands of the Master, you begin to notice some changes and things all of a sudden feel like they are easy.
Sometimes I notice that when I have no more strength left I still see myself flying. Thats evidence enough for me that there is a God. That I may feel tired, but I'm still running. That I may have been rejected, but I'm still on top. That I may have failed, but I am still a success. That I may have been deceived, but now I am even stronger. Theres always something in the atmosphere that tells me God is alive. Something happens every second that gives me evidence of the existence of something that is present but I cannot see. Its the "invisible hand phenomenon." The feeling that something is moving us to do the things we do, and the feeling that when we look up to that something (in my case, this Something is God), we feel an extra surge of hopefulness. I woke up this morning and my computer crashed over night, knowing I had an exam on monday. First knife in my day! Wow...but I didn't even let the knife take a slice off my skin, no, it didn't even come close. Immediately, before I began to feel drops of blood pouring down in fury, I began to sing praises. The funny thing is that I didn't feel like singing at first, but I remembered a scripture that talked about magnifying God in the midst of it all...and I quickly sprung up and began thing you know it, I was smiling all day, and the problem seemed like it was nothing at all. God gave me wisdom to use other avenues to study...and at mid-day, I put on my lap-top again, and all of a sudden, it comes back to life. Now, wait a second...I know the Master Potter placed His big hands and somehow re-structured some hard ware, cos it sure wasn't me (I'm not technologically inclined at all, ask them)!!! So what if I wasted my time BOILING IN ANGER the whole day. I would have wasted my time scrunching up my beaurrrriffful face, not forgeting that the more you frown, the older you get! Nah, precious waste of time. The best thing to do when u're caught up in so-called helpless situations is just 'lean on the Everlasting Arm,' and He'll come through one way or the other (even if its in a way you didn't expect). Just CHILL! You might think its a coincidence, but like Job I'm gonna end this one-way conversation by saying..."I know my Redeemer Lives..."

The proverb for my soul today...

I was just reading the book of proverbs chapter 10...anytime I read it, I feel like I should hold a pole by the road side and hold on to my breath for my dear life. I feel the need to pause at every two lines just to keep up with the flow of understanding. Its really that deep. I just grasped the ultimate meaning of a few verses (thought I'd share)...lets take a look at verse 14 and verse 20 for a split second...and think about it.
Verse 14 "The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to turn one away from the snares of death."
This makes me reflect on why so many are in pain, depression, and despair. I was just telling someone the other day that some things really depend on how u handle the situation, do you seek His face or do you just dwell on ur useless emotions. One path brings joy even in the midst of pain, and the other brings serious pain. Those who have a solid foundation never despair because they are confident that no matter what they go through, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, a.k.a the slogan, 'too blessed to be depressed.'
Verse 20 "He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed."
Now this is pretty self-explanatory, if you need some good examples, observe certain companions/friends/associates and see how they interact with each other...then you can now set your own standard--->which would u like to belong to? The companion of the wise or the companion of fools? You decide!!!

Moving on...

"I do..." (case of a song)

I was just reminiscing abt how I was telling Diamond yesterday (last night) that my top wedding song was "I do," by BoysIIMen (no one can beat how romantic it sounds), and then all of a sudden they start playing this very song on my radio...errrrrmmmm.....what KIND of cliche is this? I definitely have to keep my word and use this song oh..cos coincidences don't just occur like that in my life! This is so absolutely insane/crazy/delusional...

actually...I'm realizing that there's so much power in my tongue now...

lol...I keep saying I'm not insane...but I know I'm different sha...hmmm...(*sigh*)...someone listen to the song oh...many have approved, so I'm not just ranting for fun...

Have a blessed day guys! Speak things into existence and see what will happen if u believe...(actually this was just a very simplified example...)

Moving Car = Sleep Stimulus...

As soon as you say,"one...two...three...go"...I'm gone! I refuse to call it a sleeping disorder, like some mean friend swore I had. I reject it! No be me and naija we don't have those kinds of thingies!'s still baffling my mind...its a minor concern, or train of thoughts. Why is it that each time the car is moving, my left eye closes first, and then the second eye joins the first one and then they become synchronized together in beautiful oblivion. Anyhow sha, I've been told to commonize every occurence under the sun, so I believe in all confidence, that "it is not only me." I am not mad, neither am I crazy or psychotic.

Moving on...

I found this touching interview with God that increased my burning desire and passion for a God called "Yahweh," which I recently found as being defined as "the INEFFABLE name of God"...a name that cannot be described or comprehended in all its fullness. A name wherein the people of old had to replace whenever they read it in their Holy books, because no one dared to call it out LOUD...check it out now...if u dare to, that is! Errr...make sure u click on, "view presentation..." Ok??? Ok!!!

"Mother and Child"


...I saw this work of photographic art and something in my womb seemed to 'leap for joy." Yeah right...well theres nothing in my womb right now, but you know...every woman has a sorta connection to her innermost being! just reminded me of all those times I argued with my mum, all those times she sent me up the stairs to go get her purple hand-bag for her (meanwhile, she had lots of purple hand-bags and if I didn't find the right one, na wahala be dat)...of all those times when she instructed me to get her the remote control and she was sitting down right next to it...of all those times when she sent me to get groceries from a walking distance in the silhouette of the night...of all those late nights when I served her some good pounded yam and spicy vegetable soup (efo)...of all those times when I had to take a message to the next door neighbor for her (in the presence of the next door neighbor's son, well...its a long story) ...of all those times when I had to be the one to make long-distance calls abroad to all the extended family in London, Germany, and the likes...of all those times when she cautioned me about my 'lofers,' (& I'm only now realizing why)... he he...well, then 'love was really blind...' especially high school love...

...all in all sha it made me realize how MUCH I love my mamma and all the reasons why I will never ever take her for granted EVER....hmmm....'sweet mother, I no go forget u, for the suffer wen u suffer for me ye ye...sweet mother, I no go forget u...for the suffer wen u suffer for me..."

Ooops...I think I have class in three minutes...

(actually this was not the original picture that made me fluster and my heart beat at twice its speed...if I get the original picture I'll post it...but u get the point sha! Right???)

"What We Become"

I am like you. No, you're like me. No, we're all like each other. I'm swaying down the pathway to my building like an ANTM model (lolll,just kidding).Yeah, but really I'm swaying, and I'm smiling, and crazy thoughts are coming into my brain again (as usual). I just came back from a long day at "you-don't-wanna-know-where" mind-ur-business kinda place (ok, whatever the library----yes, just say it---I'm a nerdo), and I sit down on my bed eating a piece of McDonald's oatmeal cookies, and I start reflecting. I think the excitement came when I put on my yahoo music player and heard a song by Jaci Valesquez...

"Speak for me,
This is my plea
Say the words I can't express
Sing for me,
a heavenly,
that the people will be blessed...
speak for meeee..."

...and for a second I froze because the song was reflecting my exact thoughts at that very moment.


Isn't it so surreal when u're thinking something and then all of a sudden someone comes in and says EXACTLY what you were thinking? Thats totally...........COOL! Anyways, as I was I began to sing along...and I began to ask God to give me the right words to speak tomorrow...because I'm supposed to be speaking on a topic (which I do not know right now, but I will find out tomorrow...)

Anyways, so the long and short summary of the story would be that the song threw me into RETROSPECT. You know how random questions pop into ur brain at different hours during the day? Yeah, so my own random question was "how come the more people say you have a certain kind of characteristic, suddenly you start noticing it in yourself and you start unconciously becoming what you did not know you were before?" Hmmm......................I just thank God for the wonderful people in my life who have spoken great things that I never even saw in myself before.......and I also thank God for those who spoke about those 'not-so-nice' things so that I could change them--->true, deep friendship...molding me into the person God created me to be, a destiny is the RIGHT time now, and ecclesiastes 3 says that,"He makes all things BEAUTIFUL in its time..."

It is my time...
It IS my time...
and I'm loving every moment of this time and this season...

The Mysteries of the heart...

Mysteries that cannot be unraveled through natural sight. The revelation of the mysteries of the heart of men can only be unveiled with the help of God. It is so hard to think we are all caught up in the mix of these mysteries, instead we would rather deny that we are involved than humble ourselves and accept it.
The more I heard the word, the more I pleaded for mercy. The more I heard the word, the more I heard the truth, and the more I realized the reality. Judges 4:1..."and the children of Isreal AGAIN did evil in the sight of the Lord..." We know Him, we know the circumstances that involve us knowing Him---the death of His only begotten son. Yet, we still do the unthinkable and the unspeakable. Why? Because there is something each of us was born with, something that can be changed, but which many do not have the power or determination to change. Thats why the word says, "he shall become a new man, old things shall pass away and behold all things shall become new." There's a mystery of the heart that we have to take the time to think about, because we may be running out of don't want it to be too late. All you will ever have or be sure about is "NOW."

To accept the truth that even though we say certain things up front, in our hearts we're thinking the exact opposite of what we just said. To accept the truth that to be happy when someone else is attaining the goals you want to achieve is a very hard emotion to portray. To accept the fact that while correcting someone else, you may have larger issues to correct within your heart, but it's just that 'their' issues are more obvious. Accepting these things is the first step towards your change.
"Let not man acknowledge you for anything, be preoccupied instead ONLY on what God thinks about the issues in your heart, in the innermost parts of your being." Pastor Anselm Maduboko. The minute you stop caring about what A, B, and C will say about you, the minute you will be free to make a heart-change.

When Jesus comes back, He won't be coming back to look at our outward appearances or what we've portrayed to the whole world since the day we were born, or to what He thinks people SAY about us (our characters and our deeds)---the fakeness and the mouthed words that have no anchor. No, He won't! But He would be coming for those who truly express the emotions of their hearts, those who give no place to pretense, and those for whom 'yes' means 'yes,' and 'no' means 'no.'

"Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life."
written by moi

A Day to Remember...September 11th, 2001.

I was a recent high school graduate at the time. I was in Victoria Island, Lagos, and I heard footsteps walk thru the front-door of the house. It was my dad, screaming "tune the channel to CNN immediately," and we figured out that yeah, as usual, we were gonna go upstairs and watch a movie and let our dad kiss CNN and hug it like he usually does anyways. Not until we saw the ugly monstrosity of what was going on! At first, the impact of what was really happening did not register on my brain. Not until minutes later when the second tower came crashing down and I saw people jumping out of windows commiting self-suicide rather than letting something else kill them. It was a rather intense moment. Tears rolled out of my eyes, and I will never be the same person ever again. NEVER. I remember I said a prayer for the families affected. I thank God every day for the more appreciative person I have become. The stories of survivors brings tears to my eyes, even this very day. On the Oprah show some days ago,I know I definitely cried.

But I know a God who can give a type of "Peace" that passes all human understanding...thats Who one can turn to in times like this...

I truly, deeply, and madly remember that day...the unforgettable...

If u read this, share with us where u were on that day and how u felt...and as u read this, please say a short prayer for the families affected. Pray that today will not be filled with sadness, but instead will be filled with a certainty that God's eyes were watching... and He knew why...


u-biq-ui-ty [yoo-bik-wi-tee]
the state or capacity of being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresence.

Deep down inside I was groaning with a word that I knew not its meaning. I was trying so hard to kick the thoughts away of looking any where else other than my DNA-analysis of my lecture notes. I tried to concentrate, I abhored the thoughts of doing anything else other than what I was doing at that particular moment! But somewhere and somehow, the thought never seemed to go away. I cringed and then I checked my present 'book of life,' the book that has been my guide in times when I have been lost in the past. A book that has guided not just me, but all my forefathers that have gone ahead of me in the past. A book that guided Wole Soyinka in his moments of greatest defense. A book that also guided Queen Elizabeth in her time of royalty. A book that guides both the wise and the foolish. Ha, yeah, I'm actually talking about the dictionary. The Bible has a greater description that I wouldn't visit tonight.

But you know what's funny? This book made me marvel tonight as it unconsciously linked the word "Ubiquity"to the omnipresence of God. So, I may have been right to call it a type of 'book of life."

Ubiquity. Ubiquity. Ubiquity.

Just seeing this 8-letter word just makes a person want to know more about it. I'm glad I did though. To me, it has increased my description of God. It makes me feel like there is no limit to defining God. I keep coming up with new things every day, like duh, He already said that, "He makes all things NEW every morning." I should have known that "God is not man that He should lie." He is a creator, but was UN-created--->in other words, let me just call Him the "Uncreated Creator." Just to make my night go sweeter, maybe I should go on a little tangent of what I know about Him (for now)...

(His sacrifice is incomparable)
Lily in the Valley
(still makes my dry deserted times beautiful)
Rock of Ages
(He's been there, done that)
(seriously, we are friends, He calls me 'friend')
My Chief Corner Stone
(when no one else supports me, scshew, at least He does)
My Shephard
(He always puts me back on the right track)
The Lifter up of my head
(downcast? I don't think so)
Jehovah Saboath
(mighty Warrior in battle)
I am that I am
(I can be whatever you make Me to be in ur life, think about it)
The One who sits upon the circle of the earth
Lion of the tribe of Judah
Prince of Peace
The One with the key of David
(can shut a door that no one can open)
Omnipresent God
I can't get enough of this!

"The Darling Buds of May"

Oh, how I love the fact that I'm embarking on something new in my life. Call me silly, yeah....SUE ME!!! But I'm really head over heels in love. Ssssssssshhhh (talking to the person on the phone), I'm not just excited for nothing oh. Whoever thought of the fact that learning new stylish British phrases every day could be so much fun??? Woah.....Talk abt these new inventions in the world of literature (okkk, they are not really new but whatever)...catch these:

"So sue me" (a defiant challenge to escalate a dispute"
"I just heard it through the grapevine." (I heard it thru informal means)
"The darling buds of May" (appreciating whats new and fresh)
"Pass the buck" (pass the responsibility to someone else."
"up the duff" (euphemism for pregnant)
"As pleased as punch" (very pleased)
"At one fell swoop" (suddenly)
"From sea to shining sea" (from one coast to another)
"as keen as mustard" (very enthusiastic)
"btw the devil and the deep blue sea" (between two alternative options)
"push the envelope" (to go beyond commonly accepted boundaries...lollll..I like this one)
"High, Wide, and Handsome" (in a carefree stylish manner)
"If u can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." (don't persist with a task if its too much for u)

Anyways....let me get off this blog and cook some stew...

"One day of dominion"

Have you ever felt a moment where everything in the world seems to stop and the only thing you can hear is your heart beating? Have you ever walked by a road-side and you see no one else but yourself? Have you ever felt such greatness steming from the deepest parts of your loins? Have you ever had a day were you felt like you had dominion over every living thing under your nostrils?

Just one day of dominion...

Yesterday I thought about the word "fortitude." For some reason, I used to think it meant a physical wall of protection of some sort. Well, not until I opened up my dictionary and sought the meaning for real. It meant "strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage." I concluded that when one has fortitude, theres nothing that can make you go down and under. Nothing on this earth could possibly reduce your standard to zero degrees. It's impossible. What can make you fear when you have an emotional barrier? Things can hurt you physically, but when they don't hurt your emotions they really do not matter. This goes along with the concept that says, "the unseen controls the seen," or to put it in another phrase, "the spirit man controls the carnal man." If only someone can grasp this moment of revelation...

Just one day of dominion...

It takes one day to realize that we have so much power. It takes just one day for us to finally grasp the magnanimity of the moment. I finally understood the concept after realizing that He was 100% man but still could do all that He did from Matthew 2 to matthew 12. He taught, He walked, He healed, He casted out, He sent, He called, He fed...

Just one day of dominion...

And then eventually, He said, "greater works shall ye do..." Was He talking about me? Because if He was, I am definitely ready to try out this power bestowed upon me. Something that so many people don't understand today. People have left this concept alone for a very long time, people have gotten tired of even trying to decipher or uncode the code. People have given up trying to understand how we came to be on this earth. But it takes just one day to grasp the secret. It takes just one day to tell Him to make you understand. It takes just one day to make that takes just one day to light ur lamp...

One day of dominion...