"I do..." (case of a song)

I was just reminiscing abt how I was telling Diamond yesterday (last night) that my top wedding song was "I do," by BoysIIMen (no one can beat how romantic it sounds), and then all of a sudden they start playing this very song on my radio...errrrrmmmm.....what KIND of cliche is this? I definitely have to keep my word and use this song oh..cos coincidences don't just occur like that in my life! This is so absolutely insane/crazy/delusional...

actually...I'm realizing that there's so much power in my tongue now...

lol...I keep saying I'm not insane...but I know I'm different sha...hmmm...(*sigh*)...someone listen to the song oh...many have approved, so I'm not just ranting for fun...

Have a blessed day guys! Speak things into existence and see what will happen if u believe...(actually this was just a very simplified example...)

Moving Car = Sleep Stimulus...

As soon as you say,"one...two...three...go"...I'm gone! I refuse to call it a sleeping disorder, like some mean friend swore I had. I reject it! No be me and u...in naija we don't have those kinds of thingies! Anyhoo...it's still baffling my mind...its a minor concern, or train of thoughts. Why is it that each time the car is moving, my left eye closes first, and then the second eye joins the first one and then they become synchronized together in beautiful oblivion. Anyhow sha, I've been told to commonize every occurence under the sun, so I believe in all confidence, that "it is not only me." I am not mad, neither am I crazy or psychotic.

Moving on...

I found this touching interview with God that increased my burning desire and passion for a God called "Yahweh," which I recently found as being defined as "the INEFFABLE name of God"...a name that cannot be described or comprehended in all its fullness. A name wherein the people of old had to replace whenever they read it in their Holy books, because no one dared to call it out LOUD...check it out now...if u dare to, that is! Errr...make sure u click on, "view presentation..." Ok??? Ok!!!

"Mother and Child"


...I saw this work of photographic art and something in my womb seemed to 'leap for joy." Yeah right...well theres nothing in my womb right now, but you know...every woman has a sorta connection to her innermost being!

Anyhoo...it just reminded me of all those times I argued with my mum, all those times she sent me up the stairs to go get her purple hand-bag for her (meanwhile, she had lots of purple hand-bags and if I didn't find the right one, na wahala be dat)...of all those times when she instructed me to get her the remote control and she was sitting down right next to it...of all those times when she sent me to get groceries from a walking distance in the silhouette of the night...of all those late nights when I served her some good pounded yam and spicy vegetable soup (efo)...of all those times when I had to take a message to the next door neighbor for her (in the presence of the next door neighbor's son, well...its a long story) ...of all those times when I had to be the one to make long-distance calls abroad to all the extended family in London, Germany, and the likes...of all those times when she cautioned me about my 'lofers,' (& I'm only now realizing why)... he he...well, then 'love was really blind...' especially high school love...

...all in all sha it made me realize how MUCH I love my mamma and all the reasons why I will never ever take her for granted EVER....hmmm....'sweet mother, I no go forget u, for the suffer wen u suffer for me ye ye...sweet mother, I no go forget u...for the suffer wen u suffer for me..."

Ooops...I think I have class in three minutes...

(actually this was not the original picture that made me fluster and my heart beat at twice its speed...if I get the original picture I'll post it...but u get the point sha! Right???)

"What We Become"

I am like you. No, you're like me. No, we're all like each other. I'm swaying down the pathway to my building like an ANTM model (lolll,just kidding).Yeah, but really I'm swaying, and I'm smiling, and crazy thoughts are coming into my brain again (as usual). I just came back from a long day at "you-don't-wanna-know-where" mind-ur-business kinda place (ok, whatever the library----yes, just say it---I'm a nerdo), and I sit down on my bed eating a piece of McDonald's oatmeal cookies, and I start reflecting. I think the excitement came when I put on my yahoo music player and heard a song by Jaci Valesquez...

"Speak for me,
This is my plea
Say the words I can't express
Sing for me,
a heavenly,
that the people will be blessed...
speak for meeee..."

...and for a second I froze because the song was reflecting my exact thoughts at that very moment.


Isn't it so surreal when u're thinking something and then all of a sudden someone comes in and says EXACTLY what you were thinking? Thats totally...........COOL! Anyways, as I was saying...so I began to sing along...and I began to ask God to give me the right words to speak tomorrow...because I'm supposed to be speaking on a topic (which I do not know right now, but I will find out tomorrow...)

Anyways, so the long and short summary of the story would be that the song threw me into RETROSPECT. You know how random questions pop into ur brain at different hours during the day? Yeah, so my own random question was "how come the more people say you have a certain kind of characteristic, suddenly you start noticing it in yourself and you start unconciously becoming what you did not know you were before?" Hmmm......................I just thank God for the wonderful people in my life who have spoken great things that I never even saw in myself before.......and I also thank God for those who spoke about those 'not-so-nice' things so that I could change them--->true, deep friendship...molding me into the person God created me to be, a destiny change.........it is the RIGHT time now, and ecclesiastes 3 says that,"He makes all things BEAUTIFUL in its time..."

It is my time...
It IS my time...
and I'm loving every moment of this time and this season...

The Mysteries of the heart...

Mysteries that cannot be unraveled through natural sight. The revelation of the mysteries of the heart of men can only be unveiled with the help of God. It is so hard to think we are all caught up in the mix of these mysteries, instead we would rather deny that we are involved than humble ourselves and accept it.
The more I heard the word, the more I pleaded for mercy. The more I heard the word, the more I heard the truth, and the more I realized the reality. Judges 4:1..."and the children of Isreal AGAIN did evil in the sight of the Lord..." We know Him, we know the circumstances that involve us knowing Him---the death of His only begotten son. Yet, we still do the unthinkable and the unspeakable. Why? Because there is something each of us was born with, something that can be changed, but which many do not have the power or determination to change. Thats why the word says, "he shall become a new man, old things shall pass away and behold all things shall become new." There's a mystery of the heart that we have to take the time to think about, because we may be running out of time...you don't want it to be too late. All you will ever have or be sure about is "NOW."

To accept the truth that even though we say certain things up front, in our hearts we're thinking the exact opposite of what we just said. To accept the truth that to be happy when someone else is attaining the goals you want to achieve is a very hard emotion to portray. To accept the fact that while correcting someone else, you may have larger issues to correct within your heart, but it's just that 'their' issues are more obvious. Accepting these things is the first step towards your change.
"Let not man acknowledge you for anything, be preoccupied instead ONLY on what God thinks about the issues in your heart, in the innermost parts of your being." Pastor Anselm Maduboko. The minute you stop caring about what A, B, and C will say about you, the minute you will be free to make a heart-change.

When Jesus comes back, He won't be coming back to look at our outward appearances or what we've portrayed to the whole world since the day we were born, or to what He thinks people SAY about us (our characters and our deeds)---the fakeness and the mouthed words that have no anchor. No, He won't! But He would be coming for those who truly express the emotions of their hearts, those who give no place to pretense, and those for whom 'yes' means 'yes,' and 'no' means 'no.'

"Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life."
written by moi

A Day to Remember...September 11th, 2001.

I was a recent high school graduate at the time. I was in Victoria Island, Lagos, and I heard footsteps walk thru the front-door of the house. It was my dad, screaming "tune the channel to CNN immediately," and we figured out that yeah, as usual, we were gonna go upstairs and watch a movie and let our dad kiss CNN and hug it like he usually does anyways. Not until we saw the ugly monstrosity of what was going on! At first, the impact of what was really happening did not register on my brain. Not until minutes later when the second tower came crashing down and I saw people jumping out of windows commiting self-suicide rather than letting something else kill them. It was a rather intense moment. Tears rolled out of my eyes, and I will never be the same person ever again. NEVER. I remember I said a prayer for the families affected. I thank God every day for the more appreciative person I have become. The stories of survivors brings tears to my eyes, even this very day. On the Oprah show some days ago,I know I definitely cried.

But I know a God who can give a type of "Peace" that passes all human understanding...thats Who one can turn to in times like this...

I truly, deeply, and madly remember that day...the unforgettable...

If u read this, share with us where u were on that day and how u felt...and as u read this, please say a short prayer for the families affected. Pray that today will not be filled with sadness, but instead will be filled with a certainty that God's eyes were watching... and He knew why...


u-biq-ui-ty [yoo-bik-wi-tee]
the state or capacity of being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresence.

Deep down inside I was groaning with a word that I knew not its meaning. I was trying so hard to kick the thoughts away of looking any where else other than my DNA-analysis of my lecture notes. I tried to concentrate, I abhored the thoughts of doing anything else other than what I was doing at that particular moment! But somewhere and somehow, the thought never seemed to go away. I cringed and then I checked my present 'book of life,' the book that has been my guide in times when I have been lost in the past. A book that has guided not just me, but all my forefathers that have gone ahead of me in the past. A book that guided Wole Soyinka in his moments of greatest defense. A book that also guided Queen Elizabeth in her time of royalty. A book that guides both the wise and the foolish. Ha, yeah, I'm actually talking about the dictionary. The Bible has a greater description that I wouldn't visit tonight.

But you know what's funny? This book made me marvel tonight as it unconsciously linked the word "Ubiquity"to the omnipresence of God. So, I may have been right to call it a type of 'book of life."

Ubiquity. Ubiquity. Ubiquity.

Just seeing this 8-letter word just makes a person want to know more about it. I'm glad I did though. To me, it has increased my description of God. It makes me feel like there is no limit to defining God. I keep coming up with new things every day, like duh, He already said that, "He makes all things NEW every morning." I should have known that "God is not man that He should lie." He is a creator, but was UN-created--->in other words, let me just call Him the "Uncreated Creator." Just to make my night go sweeter, maybe I should go on a little tangent of what I know about Him (for now)...

(His sacrifice is incomparable)
Lily in the Valley
(still makes my dry deserted times beautiful)
Rock of Ages
(He's been there, done that)
(seriously, we are friends, He calls me 'friend')
My Chief Corner Stone
(when no one else supports me, scshew, at least He does)
My Shephard
(He always puts me back on the right track)
The Lifter up of my head
(downcast? I don't think so)
Jehovah Saboath
(mighty Warrior in battle)
I am that I am
(I can be whatever you make Me to be in ur life, think about it)
The One who sits upon the circle of the earth
Lion of the tribe of Judah
Prince of Peace
The One with the key of David
(can shut a door that no one can open)
Omnipresent God
I can't get enough of this!

"The Darling Buds of May"

Oh, how I love the fact that I'm embarking on something new in my life. Call me silly, yeah....SUE ME!!! But I'm really head over heels in love. Ssssssssshhhh (talking to the person on the phone), I'm not just excited for nothing oh. Whoever thought of the fact that learning new stylish British phrases every day could be so much fun??? Woah.....Talk abt these new inventions in the world of literature (okkk, they are not really new but whatever)...catch these:

"So sue me" (a defiant challenge to escalate a dispute"
"I just heard it through the grapevine." (I heard it thru informal means)
"The darling buds of May" (appreciating whats new and fresh)
"Pass the buck" (pass the responsibility to someone else."
"up the duff" (euphemism for pregnant)
"As pleased as punch" (very pleased)
"At one fell swoop" (suddenly)
"From sea to shining sea" (from one coast to another)
"as keen as mustard" (very enthusiastic)
"btw the devil and the deep blue sea" (between two alternative options)
"push the envelope" (to go beyond commonly accepted boundaries...lollll..I like this one)
"High, Wide, and Handsome" (in a carefree stylish manner)
"If u can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." (don't persist with a task if its too much for u)

Anyways....let me get off this blog and cook some stew...

"One day of dominion"

Have you ever felt a moment where everything in the world seems to stop and the only thing you can hear is your heart beating? Have you ever walked by a road-side and you see no one else but yourself? Have you ever felt such greatness steming from the deepest parts of your loins? Have you ever had a day were you felt like you had dominion over every living thing under your nostrils?

Just one day of dominion...

Yesterday I thought about the word "fortitude." For some reason, I used to think it meant a physical wall of protection of some sort. Well, not until I opened up my dictionary and sought the meaning for real. It meant "strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage." I concluded that when one has fortitude, theres nothing that can make you go down and under. Nothing on this earth could possibly reduce your standard to zero degrees. It's impossible. What can make you fear when you have an emotional barrier? Things can hurt you physically, but when they don't hurt your emotions they really do not matter. This goes along with the concept that says, "the unseen controls the seen," or to put it in another phrase, "the spirit man controls the carnal man." If only someone can grasp this moment of revelation...

Just one day of dominion...

It takes one day to realize that we have so much power. It takes just one day for us to finally grasp the magnanimity of the moment. I finally understood the concept after realizing that He was 100% man but still could do all that He did from Matthew 2 to matthew 12. He taught, He walked, He healed, He casted out, He sent, He called, He fed...

Just one day of dominion...

And then eventually, He said, "greater works shall ye do..." Was He talking about me? Because if He was, I am definitely ready to try out this power bestowed upon me. Something that so many people don't understand today. People have left this concept alone for a very long time, people have gotten tired of even trying to decipher or uncode the code. People have given up trying to understand how we came to be on this earth. But it takes just one day to grasp the secret. It takes just one day to tell Him to make you understand. It takes just one day to make that decision...it takes just one day to light ur lamp...

One day of dominion...