"The Darling Buds of May"

Oh, how I love the fact that I'm embarking on something new in my life. Call me silly, yeah....SUE ME!!! But I'm really head over heels in love. Ssssssssshhhh (talking to the person on the phone), I'm not just excited for nothing oh. Whoever thought of the fact that learning new stylish British phrases every day could be so much fun??? Woah.....Talk abt these new inventions in the world of literature (okkk, they are not really new but whatever)...catch these:

"So sue me" (a defiant challenge to escalate a dispute"
"I just heard it through the grapevine." (I heard it thru informal means)
"The darling buds of May" (appreciating whats new and fresh)
"Pass the buck" (pass the responsibility to someone else."
"up the duff" (euphemism for pregnant)
"As pleased as punch" (very pleased)
"At one fell swoop" (suddenly)
"From sea to shining sea" (from one coast to another)
"as keen as mustard" (very enthusiastic)
"btw the devil and the deep blue sea" (between two alternative options)
"push the envelope" (to go beyond commonly accepted boundaries...lollll..I like this one)
"High, Wide, and Handsome" (in a carefree stylish manner)
"If u can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." (don't persist with a task if its too much for u)

Anyways....let me get off this blog and cook some stew...


Anonymous said...

First time caller. Nice post. I have heard most of the phrases apart from "up the duff" & "From sea to shining sea"

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm...not sure about them being "british"...well not all of them anyway
From Sea to Shining Sea is from America The Beautiful song/hymn...
see my oversabi...

anyways just blinging thru. Hav fun blogging :-)

NaijaBloke said...

Heard most of the phrases before.

Nice post and blog ..will be back and thx for stoppping by my blog

bimbola said...

nice blog page.Like the colors and all the art work...looks good. Also like that u r open about ur christianity.