The Mysteries of the heart...

Mysteries that cannot be unraveled through natural sight. The revelation of the mysteries of the heart of men can only be unveiled with the help of God. It is so hard to think we are all caught up in the mix of these mysteries, instead we would rather deny that we are involved than humble ourselves and accept it.
The more I heard the word, the more I pleaded for mercy. The more I heard the word, the more I heard the truth, and the more I realized the reality. Judges 4:1..."and the children of Isreal AGAIN did evil in the sight of the Lord..." We know Him, we know the circumstances that involve us knowing Him---the death of His only begotten son. Yet, we still do the unthinkable and the unspeakable. Why? Because there is something each of us was born with, something that can be changed, but which many do not have the power or determination to change. Thats why the word says, "he shall become a new man, old things shall pass away and behold all things shall become new." There's a mystery of the heart that we have to take the time to think about, because we may be running out of don't want it to be too late. All you will ever have or be sure about is "NOW."

To accept the truth that even though we say certain things up front, in our hearts we're thinking the exact opposite of what we just said. To accept the truth that to be happy when someone else is attaining the goals you want to achieve is a very hard emotion to portray. To accept the fact that while correcting someone else, you may have larger issues to correct within your heart, but it's just that 'their' issues are more obvious. Accepting these things is the first step towards your change.
"Let not man acknowledge you for anything, be preoccupied instead ONLY on what God thinks about the issues in your heart, in the innermost parts of your being." Pastor Anselm Maduboko. The minute you stop caring about what A, B, and C will say about you, the minute you will be free to make a heart-change.

When Jesus comes back, He won't be coming back to look at our outward appearances or what we've portrayed to the whole world since the day we were born, or to what He thinks people SAY about us (our characters and our deeds)---the fakeness and the mouthed words that have no anchor. No, He won't! But He would be coming for those who truly express the emotions of their hearts, those who give no place to pretense, and those for whom 'yes' means 'yes,' and 'no' means 'no.'

"Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life."
written by moi


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