u-biq-ui-ty [yoo-bik-wi-tee]
the state or capacity of being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresence.

Deep down inside I was groaning with a word that I knew not its meaning. I was trying so hard to kick the thoughts away of looking any where else other than my DNA-analysis of my lecture notes. I tried to concentrate, I abhored the thoughts of doing anything else other than what I was doing at that particular moment! But somewhere and somehow, the thought never seemed to go away. I cringed and then I checked my present 'book of life,' the book that has been my guide in times when I have been lost in the past. A book that has guided not just me, but all my forefathers that have gone ahead of me in the past. A book that guided Wole Soyinka in his moments of greatest defense. A book that also guided Queen Elizabeth in her time of royalty. A book that guides both the wise and the foolish. Ha, yeah, I'm actually talking about the dictionary. The Bible has a greater description that I wouldn't visit tonight.

But you know what's funny? This book made me marvel tonight as it unconsciously linked the word "Ubiquity"to the omnipresence of God. So, I may have been right to call it a type of 'book of life."

Ubiquity. Ubiquity. Ubiquity.

Just seeing this 8-letter word just makes a person want to know more about it. I'm glad I did though. To me, it has increased my description of God. It makes me feel like there is no limit to defining God. I keep coming up with new things every day, like duh, He already said that, "He makes all things NEW every morning." I should have known that "God is not man that He should lie." He is a creator, but was UN-created--->in other words, let me just call Him the "Uncreated Creator." Just to make my night go sweeter, maybe I should go on a little tangent of what I know about Him (for now)...

(His sacrifice is incomparable)
Lily in the Valley
(still makes my dry deserted times beautiful)
Rock of Ages
(He's been there, done that)
(seriously, we are friends, He calls me 'friend')
My Chief Corner Stone
(when no one else supports me, scshew, at least He does)
My Shephard
(He always puts me back on the right track)
The Lifter up of my head
(downcast? I don't think so)
Jehovah Saboath
(mighty Warrior in battle)
I am that I am
(I can be whatever you make Me to be in ur life, think about it)
The One who sits upon the circle of the earth
Lion of the tribe of Judah
Prince of Peace
The One with the key of David
(can shut a door that no one can open)
Omnipresent God
I can't get enough of this!


Olawunmi said...

i loved reading this. i never thought of God like that before - Ubiquitous - i know what the word means and all, but never connected the two like that.

on point.

Jennifer A. said...

ha ha...me neither...