Daddy, give me the keys to the Rolls-Royce!

I read galatians today and I loved one particular paragraph I read. It talked about how there are certain things we tend to do as babies, things that we do when we don't have any good knowledge-->things that we do in our innocence and in our prime. The very foolish things of life. Apart from that, there is also a stage in our lives when we know the right things to do, but we just don't do them because we think they are irrelevant (does that scream "immaturity?")!

Well, guess what? The bible tells us that there will come a day in everyone's life (you, me, and every on-looker) where we have to make a choice to either be "mature" or to go on in "immaturity." The choice will be yours to make, and you will have to pick one (there would be nothng like "none of the above," because your conscience will judge you without any room for mercy. A day when we will have to answer the question of why we do the things we do, and why we do the things we do the way we do them. When we start to think this way, we can welcome ourselves to the club of the "mature sons of God." Now, after this stage in life, we can then begin to claim our inheritance as "sons." It is at this stage in our lives that our Daddy can give us the keys to his rolls-royce (because we know no daddy in his right mind will give his immature 4-yr old son the car keys right?). Its exactly the same analogy with God. Take a look at galatians 4 and see if u'll grasp the concept the exact way I did:

" 1 Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child,
does not differ at all from a slave,
though he is master of all,
2 but is under guardians and stewards
until the time appointed by the father.
3 Even so we, when we were children,
were in bondage under the elements of the world.
4 But when the fullness of the time had come,
God sent forth His Son, born of a woman,
born under the law,
5 to redeem those who were under the law,
that we might receive the adoption as sons.
6 And because you are sons,
God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts,
crying out, “Abba, Father!”
7 Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son,
and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ."


Let's do it CHONGA style!!!

STARBUCKS is the King! Yeah, repeat after me..."STARBUCKS is the King." Lolll....I know some of you starbucks addicts already know about the "CHONGA BAGEL." But seriously, I'll have to admit to myself that even though I'm an addict, I just found out about the "CHONGA STYLE" only this morning after slipping out of class for the 30 min break. First and foremost, I think the name is really hilarious and it just makes me wanna have a bagel for breakfast. It sounds like a song, a lullaby maybe...something that can take you to ecstasy. I'm not kidding, go ahead, pronounce the word urself...."chon-ga." See??? It sounds like a Hawaaian dance. It sounds like a group of crazy people dancing around a camp fire.

That's even besides the point! You can order it and tell them to make it piping HOT!!!. Combine this platter with a venti hot chocolate (which was the combination I got for breakfast this morning) and u're good to go. Crispy, delicious, and will meet ur every expectation! BTW I just found out I could also get them to make my venti hot chocolate at one hundred and ninety degrees. I'm crazy. God is good!

Warning (Side effects): you may sleep in class after that. I was drowzy...

Thank God for STARBUCKS!!! I will love you even until the very end! Not forgetting how I fell in love with frappucino, but you never seem to stop enticing me, do you?
I'm looking forward to blogging about 'Master of the Game,' by Sidney Sheldon. He makes me feel.....superb! Like, what kind of writer makes you fly and then come back down to earth. The book is too good...I encourage everyone who hasn't read it, to read it......TTYL.

~It's innately human~

Now I understand the feeling when she says she's uncomfortable because she doesn't trust them completely. Why? Because I feel the exact same way right about now. I heard the news, and its not that I'm not happy for the other half, but I just don't trust the other half's half, as much as she trusts her other half. It's kinda complicated, but I know things will play out exactly the way it was written in the volumes of His book. It's okay to feel "fear" sometimes, but we have to constantly try not to let fear over-take our lives. It's an innate human feeling, but as it is written, "we shall overcome." With time, the morale of this true-life story shall emerge. Can't give out full details now, gotta wait for the revelation. BTW, Happy thanksgiving to fellow bloggers (Onada, diamond, naijabloke, uzo, anthony, Dilichi, just to mention a few). Kinda new on the spot but its actually fun to read some experiences and learn from them. It pays a lot to be learned, i.e to see things from so many perspectives and not just be caught up in ur own fancy little fairy tale world, which I tend to believe I'm in sometimes. People go through a lot and instead of more people going through the same things again, it helps that those people share their experiences. And then, there are others that are just born to make others "laugh." I find those types of people rare and special. Moreso, it's amazing when a conglomeration of people in separate times and places believe one thing in common, that there is something out there greater than all of us put together that controls the entire universe...

My thanksgiving prayer: I thank God for immediate family (and not just those related to me by blood, but those who God has placed by my side through thick and thin), I thank God for joy, laughter, sunshine, happiness, endurance when things are rough, journey mercies, career choices, and for inspiration everywhere I turn to, be it my sweet pastor, my dad, mom, siblings, friends, or even bloggers. It's like I was born to be special...I was born to be re-born...I feel refreshed with each turning moment...

Move Your Body..its a NEW day...

IMAGINE THAT....ehn...just imagine...a fi gba to se lo mo pe ko she mo...pelu gbo gbo ife ti lo ti fin fin, ki lo'n fe ko se le simi to ba lo...imagine that...
lol...excuse my yoruba...gotta have fun with this song! I actually wrote the lyrics myself (after playing it many times)...he he he...for a non-yoruba delta chic like moi, thats real sleek! Fashi my skills.
God, I just BLESS you for a fabulous day. Can u imagine that? The devil was about to spoil my thanksgiving weekend oh. I heard some news today that made me a little bit troubled. But trust God, after praying against a potential threat, after several peeps prayed as well...God is now giving me a sound mind, and I'm back to my excited self again. Seriously, I have an extra confidence that it SHALL BE WELL! The devil is a big time MUGU...I've told him several times to get a real JOB! Big time loser. Pls allow...I must dance to healing...I must dance to a brand new day...I must dance to good success..." ba lo imagine that...tomorrow is a good day!!!!"

*Your Strength?*

1 Samuel 2: 9 "It is not by strength that one prevails..."

So the next time you see yourself pushing too strong or fighting so much that you have no strength left or until you're short of breath, ask yourself if you're supposed to be pushing that strong, or if it would feel so much better if you had an external source of strength. If you lean more towards the last option then you're on the right track. In times of adversity, you can use God's strength to elevate yourself because your strength is weak compared to God's. But just imagine the total strength you'll get when you incorporate His strength into urs. You'll be able to reach heights no man has ever been to before, and you'll be surprised it was you who reached those heights. Then you'll remember the day that you committed everything to Him...

He calls me "Friend"

there will never be a Friend,
As dear to me as You,
There will never be another
closer than a brother
Always worth the wait
Faithful as the day
To say we are "friends."

You know all about me
the good and the bad..
you know when I rise...
and fall...
You see my beginning
You stand at the end
And yet you remain
faithful to say I'm your friend"

Today, I sang this song again and again (it's by Isreal and New Breed). And then the meaning slowly crept into the depths of my heart. I had been singing this song without feeling it in the past. It means that God, knowing my beginning and standing at the end of my life, spite of all the things I was going to do wrong, in spite of me nailing Him to the cross over and over and over again, He still remained faithful, and called me "friend." Another epistle on passion and its true meaning...I'm seriously touched...

Can We?

Written by Eric Harris...

Can we hold hands in the park, or watch a fire flicker as the kindling sparks, and listen to the tunes and melodies of Bach and Mozart, then quiet ourselves and match the beats of our hearts?Can we dance in the summer's rain, or laugh long and hard to keep away the pain, then have lengthy conversations with no strain, and just smile when the thought of the other hits the brain?Can we find that romance, that real spiritual rejuvenation not physical stance, and use our dreams and passions to enhance; what others wish, we have without chance?Can we allow God to be our true source, live our lives for Him with no remorse, let Him be the guiding light on our course, and be renewed within these corpse? Can we contain that inward feeling, no push or tug toward sexual healing, just pure and simple intermingling, allowing our souls to collide, a future unveiling? Can this be that I met you, somewhere, sometime its like de-ja-vu, and the reality of such no one knew, but what brings us here is simple and true? So can I please take your hand, you are a woman and I, a man, and together we walk and strong we stand, may this love remain forever true until the end?
The picture I posted above quotes a scripture which was taken directly from the book of the Songs of Solomon chapter 2:16..."My beloved is mine, and I am His." God created romance, don't do it ur it God's style!

*Passion Saga Part II-----Called to OB/GYN???*

Obstetrics and gynecology. Geez, never had I imagined. I stepped into the first patient's room (#62) today and watched Dr W's interaction with her. She did it so skillfully and almost perfectly that I just wanted to be in her spot almost immediately. Wish I could, in the words of Hiro Nakamura (Heroes, NBC), "teleport" myself into her skin. At least, all it takes is shaking my head so vigorously and squeezing my face until blood ooozes out and my glasses (which I do not wear by the way) get shattered all over the marble floor of HUH, and VALOIR, lo and behold, I'm holding an Md degree in a plate of sphagetti and meat balls. How I wish! Ha!

Anyways, the issue at hand is that I'm feeling really passionate towards Ob/Gyn right now, and I'm entertaining the fact (for once) that maybe I'm drawn to it because I'm called to that area. Nah, just kidding...I'm not gonna be like people who say, "I'm called to ___" when they know they're still contemplating. I mean, why lie about it? I have only shadowed in four different units at the hospital, so I would be lying if I told you I was called to this, when as far as medicine is concerned, there are about two billion other things a physician can be skilled in. But today was lovely though. I learnt about the diameter a woman's cervix has to be before child-birth occurs, and you best believe that something's that is usually about 1cm in normal cases can expand or "dilate" to about 10 cm shortly before the baby comes out (are u grossed out yet?). God was so skillful in creating man that after seven days, He had to look at what He created and give Himself a pat on the back ("and He looked at what He made and saw that it was good..."). That phrase gets to me all the time, for someone to look at a project he has designed and not see any flaw in it, the project would have to be out of this world. Man was delicately fashioned in a very beautiful way that sometimes cannot be described to the full potential of what man is really capable of.

Back to Ob/ the second patient, patient #60 was aiight! But guess what? She couldn't speak English, but she could only speak Spanish (she was from El Salvador)...woah, but again, my ever inspiring Dr W could drop the basic things in Spanish. I learnt how to say pain in Spanish today sha. I definitely had a good time was a wonderful experience. The only sad thing was the first patient I saw was in a completely helpless state: basically she had a pregnancy that was achieved via in-vitro fertilization. She was forty-somn, and it was obvious that if she didn't have a baby now, she may never be able to have one again for the rest of her life, so I guess she decided to give it a shot. But why would her membrane break at just 24 weeks when the normal term is 37-40 weeks? Whats sad about it is that the lungs of the fetus are not yet fully developed, so even if they were to admit him/her into the pre-mie department, he/she would have "respiratory distress syndrome" and most likely would die. How can a chance like that be gone FOREVER?

That was the only emotional trauma for the day, apart from that....hmm...lets just say I still feel PASSION from last night. Especially since I bonded with a third year medical student who took the time out to teach me even more things about this field (not like he's planning on going into it sha, but it was some passionate detailed description---and we had a good laugh too, he's funny). Passion, love, desire, and satisfaction. Passion, Passion, Passion. If I live my life by the rules of passion, I'd be a mountain shaker. Ditto!


What is passion?

I feel like I'm feeling passion. Its funny how you think you feel something but you really can't pin-point the particular substance you are feeling. It may have stemmed from one thing, but now it has spread into so many areas, and now everything is so jumbled up. The passion is slowly mixing with faith, patience, virtue, strength, maturity, wisdom, and laws. For all you know I really can't tell how and where and why. It may have stemmed from eye contact or from laughter. It may have stemmed from me reading a book or a magazine. It may have stemmed from me watching a movie. It may have stemmed from me thinking of possibilities. It could be based on anything, this passion that I feel inside. So don't get it twisted though, passion is not necessarily something shared between two people. It can be shared between a human being and their job, or it could even be shared between a human being and a pattern of life. It could be between a human being and their Creator. But obviously, the most popular notion is that between a man and a woman.

Is passion accepting a fact or denying the existence of a fact? Is passion making abrupt decisions in the blink of an eye, or waiting for wisdom to help you make a decision? Is passion being honest or being dishonest for the good of the general situation at hand? Is passion bending one's rules or sticking to the law one has obeyed from time? Is passion waiting in patience until it hurts? Is passion seeing something you want but slowing down because you know now is not the right time? Does passion make sense or is it just for the foolish? Maybe when I define it, I'll become sane again. Its my 5 minutes analysis on passion...

There's one thing I'm sure of though...passion is what Jesus did when He gave His life on a cross, after being spat on, kicked, whipped, nailed, and shamed...just for you and me...

Looking forward to developing my thesis later on, urs sincerely.

***Spice up ur LYFE with PRAISE***

Life is one crazy roller coaster. You have to be tough to toughen ur tougheners....(he he...yeah...that doesn't make sense...I know)...

REWINDDDDDDD....(sound of rewinding tape...)

Okay, let me start from the beginning again. Life is sweet. But it is only sweet when you have the ability to make it sweet. But if you don't have the ability to make it sweet, at a particular point in time u'll get so fed up you won't know what to do. My cue: when u find urself working so hard to achieve a certain goal in life, a very useful principle is to know first hand that "it cannot be by your own power or by your own strength." The more you try, the more you fail. But when you leave it in the hands of the Master, you begin to notice some changes and things all of a sudden feel like they are easy.
Sometimes I notice that when I have no more strength left I still see myself flying. Thats evidence enough for me that there is a God. That I may feel tired, but I'm still running. That I may have been rejected, but I'm still on top. That I may have failed, but I am still a success. That I may have been deceived, but now I am even stronger. Theres always something in the atmosphere that tells me God is alive. Something happens every second that gives me evidence of the existence of something that is present but I cannot see. Its the "invisible hand phenomenon." The feeling that something is moving us to do the things we do, and the feeling that when we look up to that something (in my case, this Something is God), we feel an extra surge of hopefulness. I woke up this morning and my computer crashed over night, knowing I had an exam on monday. First knife in my day! Wow...but I didn't even let the knife take a slice off my skin, no, it didn't even come close. Immediately, before I began to feel drops of blood pouring down in fury, I began to sing praises. The funny thing is that I didn't feel like singing at first, but I remembered a scripture that talked about magnifying God in the midst of it all...and I quickly sprung up and began thing you know it, I was smiling all day, and the problem seemed like it was nothing at all. God gave me wisdom to use other avenues to study...and at mid-day, I put on my lap-top again, and all of a sudden, it comes back to life. Now, wait a second...I know the Master Potter placed His big hands and somehow re-structured some hard ware, cos it sure wasn't me (I'm not technologically inclined at all, ask them)!!! So what if I wasted my time BOILING IN ANGER the whole day. I would have wasted my time scrunching up my beaurrrriffful face, not forgeting that the more you frown, the older you get! Nah, precious waste of time. The best thing to do when u're caught up in so-called helpless situations is just 'lean on the Everlasting Arm,' and He'll come through one way or the other (even if its in a way you didn't expect). Just CHILL! You might think its a coincidence, but like Job I'm gonna end this one-way conversation by saying..."I know my Redeemer Lives..."