He calls me "Friend"

there will never be a Friend,
As dear to me as You,
There will never be another
closer than a brother
Always worth the wait
Faithful as the day
To say we are "friends."

You know all about me
the good and the bad..
you know when I rise...
and fall...
You see my beginning
You stand at the end
And yet you remain
faithful to say I'm your friend"

Today, I sang this song again and again (it's by Isreal and New Breed). And then the meaning slowly crept into the depths of my heart. I had been singing this song without feeling it in the past. It means that God, knowing my beginning and standing at the end of my life, still...in spite of all the things I was going to do wrong, in spite of me nailing Him to the cross over and over and over again, He still remained faithful, and called me "friend." Another epistle on passion and its true meaning...I'm seriously touched...


Anonymous said...

I love this song. Very nice blog....What;s your email address so i can send the kenny thomas song to you?

Jennifer A. said...

Thanks Uzo (Jennifererere@hotmail.com)