*Passion Saga Part II-----Called to OB/GYN???*

Obstetrics and gynecology. Geez, never had I imagined. I stepped into the first patient's room (#62) today and watched Dr W's interaction with her. She did it so skillfully and almost perfectly that I just wanted to be in her spot almost immediately. Wish I could, in the words of Hiro Nakamura (Heroes, NBC), "teleport" myself into her skin. At least, all it takes is shaking my head so vigorously and squeezing my face until blood ooozes out and my glasses (which I do not wear by the way) get shattered all over the marble floor of HUH, and VALOIR, lo and behold, I'm holding an Md degree in a plate of sphagetti and meat balls. How I wish! Ha!

Anyways, the issue at hand is that I'm feeling really passionate towards Ob/Gyn right now, and I'm entertaining the fact (for once) that maybe I'm drawn to it because I'm called to that area. Nah, just kidding...I'm not gonna be like people who say, "I'm called to ___" when they know they're still contemplating. I mean, why lie about it? I have only shadowed in four different units at the hospital, so I would be lying if I told you I was called to this, when as far as medicine is concerned, there are about two billion other things a physician can be skilled in. But today was lovely though. I learnt about the diameter a woman's cervix has to be before child-birth occurs, and you best believe that something's that is usually about 1cm in normal cases can expand or "dilate" to about 10 cm shortly before the baby comes out (are u grossed out yet?). God was so skillful in creating man that after seven days, He had to look at what He created and give Himself a pat on the back ("and He looked at what He made and saw that it was good..."). That phrase gets to me all the time, for someone to look at a project he has designed and not see any flaw in it, the project would have to be out of this world. Man was delicately fashioned in a very beautiful way that sometimes cannot be described to the full potential of what man is really capable of.

Back to Ob/Gyn....ehen...so the second patient, patient #60 was aiight! But guess what? She couldn't speak English, but she could only speak Spanish (she was from El Salvador)...woah, but again, my ever inspiring Dr W could drop the basic things in Spanish. I learnt how to say pain in Spanish today sha. I definitely had a good time learning...it was a wonderful experience. The only sad thing was the first patient I saw was in a completely helpless state: basically she had a pregnancy that was achieved via in-vitro fertilization. She was forty-somn, and it was obvious that if she didn't have a baby now, she may never be able to have one again for the rest of her life, so I guess she decided to give it a shot. But why would her membrane break at just 24 weeks when the normal term is 37-40 weeks? Whats sad about it is that the lungs of the fetus are not yet fully developed, so even if they were to admit him/her into the pre-mie department, he/she would have "respiratory distress syndrome" and most likely would die. How can a chance like that be gone FOREVER?

That was the only emotional trauma for the day, apart from that....hmm...lets just say I still feel PASSION from last night. Especially since I bonded with a third year medical student who took the time out to teach me even more things about this field (not like he's planning on going into it sha, but it was some passionate detailed description---and we had a good laugh too, he's funny). Passion, love, desire, and satisfaction. Passion, Passion, Passion. If I live my life by the rules of passion, I'd be a mountain shaker. Ditto!

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