***Spice up ur LYFE with PRAISE***

Life is one crazy roller coaster. You have to be tough to toughen ur tougheners....(he he...yeah...that doesn't make sense...I know)...

REWINDDDDDDD....(sound of rewinding tape...)

Okay, let me start from the beginning again. Life is sweet. But it is only sweet when you have the ability to make it sweet. But if you don't have the ability to make it sweet, at a particular point in time u'll get so fed up you won't know what to do. My cue: when u find urself working so hard to achieve a certain goal in life, a very useful principle is to know first hand that "it cannot be by your own power or by your own strength." The more you try, the more you fail. But when you leave it in the hands of the Master, you begin to notice some changes and things all of a sudden feel like they are easy.
Sometimes I notice that when I have no more strength left I still see myself flying. Thats evidence enough for me that there is a God. That I may feel tired, but I'm still running. That I may have been rejected, but I'm still on top. That I may have failed, but I am still a success. That I may have been deceived, but now I am even stronger. Theres always something in the atmosphere that tells me God is alive. Something happens every second that gives me evidence of the existence of something that is present but I cannot see. Its the "invisible hand phenomenon." The feeling that something is moving us to do the things we do, and the feeling that when we look up to that something (in my case, this Something is God), we feel an extra surge of hopefulness.

CONTINUED.........................so I woke up this morning and my computer crashed over night, knowing I had an exam on monday. First knife in my day! Wow...but I didn't even let the knife take a slice off my skin, no, it didn't even come close. Immediately, before I began to feel drops of blood pouring down in fury, I began to sing praises. The funny thing is that I didn't feel like singing at first, but I remembered a scripture that talked about magnifying God in the midst of it all...and I quickly sprung up and began singing......next thing you know it, I was smiling all day, and the problem seemed like it was nothing at all. God gave me wisdom to use other avenues to study...and at mid-day, I put on my lap-top again, and all of a sudden, it comes back to life. Now, wait a second...I know the Master Potter placed His big hands and somehow re-structured some hard ware, cos it sure wasn't me (I'm not technologically inclined at all, ask them)!!! So what if I wasted my time BOILING IN ANGER the whole day. I would have wasted my time scrunching up my beaurrrriffful face, not forgeting that the more you frown, the older you get! Nah, precious waste of time. The best thing to do when u're caught up in so-called helpless situations is just 'lean on the Everlasting Arm,' and He'll come through one way or the other (even if its in a way you didn't expect). Just CHILL! You might think its a coincidence, but like Job I'm gonna end this one-way conversation by saying..."I know my Redeemer Lives..."


Olubern said...
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Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

Praise the Lord! That was a wondeful testimony. When things don't go the way i expect them, i'm tempted to start casting blame and pouting, but when i get caught up in that, i snap out of it and just start singing praises to God. Trust me, sometimes i really don't feel like singing or praising God.