Pleasure, Power, & Pain

While sipping on my extra-hot extra-whipped cream chocolate @ starbucks a few days ago, and while listening to some jazzy songs in the background, I felt a sudden jolt of exhilarating inspiration. I felt like I was in one of those movies, or one of those TV shows--take "heroes" for instance, if you watch it u'll know how Isaac Mendez gets a sudden inspiration to paint, his eyes get pure white and he starts painting to infinity. Well, in my case, I was suddenly inspired to write poetry:

Pleasure, Power, and Pain:

Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
The first takes you to oblivion
The second takes you to great heights
And the third makes you cry
Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
Three different directions,
yet just one target-the human mind
Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
You feel like you're soaring high
but yet you also feel like you're sinking low
Pleasure, Power, & Pain
Three emotions in one
Lord, if you weren't in my life
I wonder what I would have become
You've become my dignity, my passion, and my ultimate emotion
You've taught me how to
use Your Power to give me pleasure and erase all my pain,
and thats something to treasure for as long as I live.


Anonymous said...

Thats really nice...

Jennifer A. said...


Daddy's Girl said...

Beautiful poetry, jaycee... I love the last 3 lines especially. I love your blog - the way you express yourself. Beautiful.

Nilla said...

Wow girl! I'm really feeling this poem. Nice one and its simple!