***Starting Over Again***

Starting over again means relinquishing one's past and putting all energies towards a brand new strategy. As the new year is approaching, I can't help but reflect on what Revelation 21:5 says, "He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said, "Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." In the twinkle of an eye, God can make everything brand new. He can make you forget the past and dwell on the future. I want my new year to give me a brand new feeling. I want the bad things of 2006 to stop exactly at 12 midnight on december 31st, and the good things of 2006 to pour into january 1st 2007. It's simple to talk about, but only God's power can accomplish it. But I have a very strong feeling that you and I will accomplish a lot in this new year. In 2007, I pray that God will go beyond and above all that you can ever ask or imagine, and that all your dreams will come true (yes, you reading this right now). People think dreams don't come true, but little do they know that every dreamer has a reward...they have a passion that once ignited cannot be put out...so don't be scared to dream great dreams (Joel 2:28, 'your young men shall see visions'!)

That being said, I'm not making any new year's resolutions for 2007 per se, because any time I make them in a very determined tone, I end up not accomplishing any of them. Why, you may ask? Because anything we try to do by our own power and might never works out the way we want it to. The human flesh is so weak that we cannot accomplish hard tasks by ourselves. So if I say I want to accomplish a task in 2007, I'm going to do it differently this time...God help me...not by my own determination, not by my own power or by any other human defined characteristic.
What am I trying to say? You can call it a new year's resolution, because there may be no other way to say it, but make sure you know somewhere in you that you cannot accomplish it all by urself...tell God ur dream and ur passion...and let God do the rest!


Anonymous said...

We are walking into a New Season, a New Year, a New Time....A heart that hungers will be feed.

The song that the Lord has given me which I will continue to sing till He decided to give me another is....For me to expand my boundaries and take the limits off!! ...That is my pray for all, that we dont let anything or anyone limit us...for the Christ in us is the hope and expectation of our possibilities.

May we all make our step into destiny ...and truly rely on God and every word He has said to us about us...hold on to that!!!

Have a blessed New Year!!!

Nilla said...

Amen to all your prayers..

Anonymous said...

It's a new year!


A really new year!

What really makes it new?

I cant find anything.

I am open to suggestion.

@ Light Her Lamp,

I love your blog its very cool; I wonder why I haven't seen it all this while; it's really cool. I would definetely bookmark it.

Keep on blogging!

Jennifer A. said...

There are just some things that can't really be explained fully, for instance 'times & seasons.' I just feel the excitement of a brand new beginning inside my spirit...it may be stemmed from the excitement in the atmosphere, the prophesies that have gone forth already concerning 2007 (and yeah, I believe in some prophesies, not all...but after I have guaged the prophet, Jesus said 'by their fruits I shall know them,' so I can choose which prophesies I want to believe, depending on guidance from God)...but still each one of us has to decide what makes our own year NEW. Loll thanks Dipo...