***Finally, FREE from emotions***

You are gold
You are gold that has been polished
But to be polished you had to pass through the refiner’s fire
The refiner’s fire burnt up all your impurities,
Now you can be called, ‘pure gold.’

You are a lily
You are a lily in the valley
But you had to be in the valley before your buds could sprout to life.

It was in the valley of dead bones that God brought fullness of life
That’s why He is called the “Lily in the Valley.”

You are light
But you were first darkness
But you had to be darkness first, so there could be light
Because of you God said “let there be light,”
For without darkness there can’t be light

You are fertile
But you were first barren
But God knew He could work wonders on a barren womb

So you became barren only to become fertile
Now you are unstoppable

You are a meticulous craftsman
But you first made a lot of mistakes
But your mistakes produced perseverance
And perseverance brought forth your new character
Now mistakes are a thing of your past

You’re a mountain climber
But in training you had to first pass through the valley
You had to face thorns, hard rocks, and the scorching heat
But you became ‘resistant’ so you can reach the top of the mountain
You only passed through the valley to get to the top.

You are free
But you were first in bondage
You were first in bondage so you can appreciate freedom
Now you are free to fly like a bird…
Free to soar as high as an eagle.
No more limitations, they’re all gone now.

My friend "R" inspired me to write it...

I was listening to this song tonight, listen intensely to the words...you're not merely a man lost in a sea of faces, because He traded His life for you...His body became the bread, and His blood is the wine...that's why you should now be free from your emotions...

kutless- sea of faces

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Naija Vixen said...

Beautiful...just really beautiful...and dare i say it,but i believe im first...YAY!!!hope you are havn a great wknd?

Jennifer A. said...

ha ha...I'm having the best weekend ever...(lol)...I know u are as well, cos I can sense ur excitement from here...lol...~muah~

Nilla said...

Tis Lovely!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. A remind of why I had to go through what Im going through as I become pure gold, Lilly, light, fertile...all those wonderful wonderful things. Im really loving this post. Hope your weekend has been fab.

laspapi said...

write the vision upon tables... (or on paper as we do in the 21st Century).

I've seen this work for me. It enables the writer run towards the fulfillment of the goal. Spiritual principles applicable to day-to-day living.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

thanks for sharing the song...

sometimes i want to leave a comment and words fail me...so im simply going to say that you're amazing Jaycee...dont stop doing what you're doing. God will exceed even ur own expectations...


Naijadude said...

Arent you the best? Nice post once again! Exceedingly , abundantly God will supply your needs!!

**I am still waiting on my one on one soul-inspiring convo eh.*** heheh

LondonBuki said...

Love this! Thanks, I will listen tot the song when I get home.

Take care and have a fantastic week!

Kafo said...

i love this song
i mean Kutless and mii r like Fam. ever since their Sea of Faces album
and then they brought out Strong Tower and i was in love.

i really really really needed this poem
esp. today

Jennifer A. said...

@ nilla...thank God...

@ Life...loved the way u said, "all these wonderful things." Its funny how other things tend to blind our eyes from seeing these wonderful things in ourselves, abi?

@ laspapi...I know, theres just somn abt writing the vision down...thats why the bible commands us to do it...

@ diamond hawk...*speechless o* (p.s ur 'daily sword' copy will be on its way to u tomorrow...muah)

@ naijadude...its ON tonight o...I say I'm ready...IM me when u're ready o...(hopefully my internet will come back soon, my wireless temporarily stopped working, so I'm expecting to be back on later tonight...of course after I watch my HEROES and SMALLVILLE).

@ Londonbuki...yayyy...do listen...its really intense. (First time I heard it TEARS were threatening to fall).

@ Kafo...he he...talk abt LOVE...last year I used to play " Strong Tower every SINGLE DAY...& don't we all just need that poem? Funny how blinded we can get, until God tells us "NO," we're like GOLD to Him.

God...thank You for a JOYOUS DAY so far...I can feel everyone's excitement...

...just got done with my exam. I'm so excited I can't sleep...found a new album by Deitrick Haddon...geezzzz...can't wait to do one of his songs...dude is on FIRE!

Biodun said...

The words to this song are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Uzo said...

Absolutely fabulous. I so love this

zaiprincesa said...

Wonderful Post, J...Have a blessed week.

Mak said...

very insiring. I get that fuzzy feeling when you tll me I'm all that.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, it deserves a copyright - may I ask for copyright permission from you please?

Jennifer A. said...

@ Biodun, uzo, zaiprincessa, and Mack...thank God for inspiring us...

@ tman...Copyright permission granted.