Why do YOU love Him?

***This post is part of the friday verse series. May you come to the place where you can define exactly WHY you love Him this friday***

"I don't even know why I'm in this place. I don't even know what I'm doing here. Neither can I explain why I am with this group of people. Why are they singing? Why are they dancing? Why are they so happy?"

She couldn't understand it. But she didn't want to be here because of anybody. She wanted to be here because something drew her here. But she kept coming back for more each time. Each time, she asked the same questions "why am I here?", and each time she got the same warm response, "because I love you." She didn't understand the mysterious voice telling her He loved her, but still the next day she came back for more of the WORD. She decided to make a list. There was something that kept pulling her here. Something extraordinary that kept making her want for more. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing of the Word of God." So the more she heard, the more she got motivated, the more she heard, the more she got LIFE. It wasn't about the people there...it was about the One who drew her here. She was here because she was learning about someone who could love her much more than anyone could ever love her. She was here because the first time she came she heard that this God "knew her even before she was born, while she was yet in her mother's womb." What kind of God is this? Why does He think I matter so much to Him? Why does He care? Each one of them dancing in His presence had their different stories to tell. How they found God, and why they now love Him.

Some stories were drastic and some were bleak, but they all had one thing in common. They loved God because HE LOVED THEM FIRST.

Why did they love God? Their reasons are soooo non-exhaustive:

* For allowing Jesus to die on the cross for their sins, for the blood of Jesus* (John 3:16)

* For the things He had done for them * (Joshua 4:6-8)

* For the things He was about to do for them * (1 corinthians 2:9)

* For calling them ROYAL (Isaiah 62:3)

* For rescuing them from diverse trials (James 1:2)

* For giving them joy that became their strength (Nehemiah 8;10)

* For turning their mourning into dancing (Psalm 30:11)

1 corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written: “ Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
I love Him for what He has done for me and for prooving that there is no other god like Him. For breathing into earth when it was void, for saying "let there be light," and there is still light till this very day. For making extraordinary plans for my life even while I was yet in my mother's womb.

***Do you know WHY you love God?
Do you even know whether you love Him at all?
Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you love God?***


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Jaycee, I totally concur with you.

- You know, to realize that nothing 'good' we do will make God love us more, and nothing 'bad' we do will make God love us less is liberating. Oh! What such great love is that?

Also, His sovereignty is unfathomable. He ordained our paths even before we were formed in our mothers' wombs. Wow! And he orchestrated/and he is still orchestrating every second of our lives.

And to think that he has already factored our weaknesses,strengths, shortcomings, successes, failures, past, present, future, ups, downs and every experience into what He Has ordained is mind-blowing.

Jerry Bridges (the author of 'Trusting God even when life hurts) put it this way - "God, in his INFINITE love WILLS what is best for us."

God help me - I need to rest in His love. What a great manner of love!

Jennifer A. said...

Niyi, it seems like u're very well-read. Thats very nice, keep it up. Heard you when u were leaving this morning (TERC)...lolll...cherub tried to wake me up twice, but I didn't hear my phone so I joined u guys late. Hope u had fun!!!

When I think of why God would place me so high in His books that He actually sent His ONLY son to die for me to be reconciled back to Him...it blows my mind...

That's why His Name is LOVE

Thanks for the synopsis dear...

Olubern said...

"Greater love has no man than this....that he laid down his life for me his friend"....He offered free his priceless blood for me. God is too marvelous for words. I just love him for who HE IS. "THE I AM THAT I AM"...He is Jehovah God. Besides all the great things he had done in my life. He was there before the heavens and the earth were created.

Thanks for the blessings Jayceeee:)

Anonymous said...

Jaycee.. Hmmm..

Couldn't decipher if you were joking or not- I wasn't at TERC o..hahahaha. Must have been someone else.

Jennifer A. said...

Are u serious Niyi? Hmmm...I thought I heard someone say u just left so I was excited u came...lolll...never mind, it's my ears again, hearing what they WANT to hear...

@ Bernard... Greater love has no man than this... That just sums it up. There's no LOVE that's greater than the kind of love God has given to us. Even the best of friends cannot love us like God does, because of that reason...I love God because He loved me FIRST!!! (thanks!!!)

LondonBuki said...


These past few years, I have been reassured over and over again that God loves me.

He really loves me, sometimes I feel like I am too special :-)

Jaycee... love your words, as always.

Unknown said...

Jaycee, don't mind Niyi. I've told him to go start a blog. Meanwhile, what's this TERC thing I keep hearing about?
@Your post, I feel this one as usual. I'll simply put it this way, God has no reason to love us, yet he loves us so much ... We have every reason to love him, yet we don't love him a fraction of how he loves us...
Even before we knew him (... while we were yet sinners... Rom 5:8), he loved us.
While we are doing wrong (...Father forgive them, for they know not what they do... Luke 23:30)
I personally pray that God will help me to love him more.So help me God.

Anonymous said...

Jaycee, what's your e-mail addy? (ok to use the one on the profile?)

Anonymous said...

great post as usual...

is that you in your profile pic?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

great post as usual, I don't just love Him for what He has done for me or about to do for me, but because of who He is. Words cannot describe just how great He really.

Have a blessed weekend. And by the way the niyi that was on TERC was a totally different niyi to the one you have in mind.

Kafo said...

i'm thinking
and still thinking
I would honestly say that if there was no heaven I wouldn't really love God.
I mean if there was no heaven and this life was it and after we die we just die and rot
y would i love him?
Forgiveness wouldn't exist
Eternity a myth
So yeah if it is not for what He did for mii, I wouldn't love him

without the blood would there be love?

racquelle-cutie said...

men after reading i feel very enlightened

Jennifer A. said...

@ Londonbuki...u're extra special dear...yup!

@ Tayo...TERC is "The Early Risers Call"...we get up early in the morning (5am eastern time) every FRIDAY to come together and pray and share God's Word...sharing the things God teaches us in secret out to like minds, or anyone who wants to know more about this God...(more details are on Cherub's blog)...I pray God helps me to love Him more as well...

@ Niyi...yes dear, u can use the addy on the top right corner (u're kinda making me expectant and excited here...lets see what u've got cooking)...hmm...

@anonymous...nope, thats not me o...even though azuka thinks its me for some reason! I just think its really artistic and serene!

@LifeofaStranger...don't mind me, couldn't distinguish them, that was naijablog...

@ Kafo...reflection is what will get you to the top...one day when all ur questions are answered, u'll be so flabbergasted!

@racquelle-cutie...thank God for that...hope u're having an awesome weekend!

Unknown said...

JayCee, thanks for the info on Terc. Niyi already gave me the low down via chat. It's a pity I won't be able to join you guys (It will be 12-1pm in Naija then!) Anyway, we might just start our own in Naija.
I'm surprised to learn you are not the one in the picture. So where is your picture?