Who is this reflection in my MIRROR?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
Do you see someone who is the real you?
Do you see someone trying to be the real you?
Do you see someone who can't be the real you?

Is that your reflection in the mirror?
Are you really made in the image of God?
Or do you think you were not made in His image?
What about the life you're living
Does it reflect this image you see when you look in the mirror?

Does this person have the same name as yours?
Does this person have the same mind as yours?
Are you trying to be the person in the mirror?
Or is the person trying to be you?

What is this reflection I see?
Am I real or am I fake?
Do I want to be real, I think so
But can I be real with myself, maybe not.
Is it about what I want or what my mirror image wants?

Gosh, I want to be the reflection of God.
I don't want to be the reflection of this flesh I live in.
My flesh is waring with my spirit
But my spirit must overcome
The me I see is a reflection of the image of God.

Is it possible to reflect God in my mirror?
It seems so possible but yet so far-fetched
That smile should reflect God's smile
But is He smiling at me first?
That heart beat should reflect God's heart beat
But does my heart cry out for God first?
Does my heart beat when God's heart is beating?
Or does my heart bleed when God's heart is bleeding?
My voice should be the voice of God
But can I hear Him when He is speaking?
Do I even know what His voice sounds like?
But I can't hear His voice if I don't try to.
Can I be His reflection?
Yes, I know I can
and I know you can
Do I have to take the first step?
No, I don't
God already took the first step
So I can take the second step

Lord, I want to hear your voice
Lord, I want to be a reflection of You
Lord, when I look in the mirror, I want to see You.


Anonymous said...

I am not done reading....but the begin-in is like WHOA! ... okay going back to complete the reading.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay I am back again....deep and so really. "Are you trying to be the person in the mirror or is the person in the mirror trying to be like you." That statement right there as me so so confused...and I'm asking myself who am I .. the person in the mirror or the person I can touch. Who it be the mirror image...because I can't touch my flesh? It's like the battle with the flesh and the spirit....who do you chose...God...or man. This is really deep sistah, really.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Neo-soul...the concept blew my mind too...trust me. Are we the reflection of God's image, or are we the reflection of our flesh? What does the reflection staring back at u in the mirror mean? Some people don't think abt their reflections, but looking at ur reflection can tell you who you are...

Are those your eyes or God's eyes? It's not really about the physical details, the meaning of your reflection is more intricate than you know it...

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

I'm sure u massacred that exam, by God's grace. Will be back to read ur post.

Anonymous said...

Amen my dear, I've realized that I when I look in the mirror, I see a reflection of the flesh, but I so long to be a reflection of God, and it's not easy! Esp. when you have naysayers laughing all around and at you.
I'm taking steps sha to be a reflection of God, I'm not there but I know I'll get there someday.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.. deep.... hmmmm.. deep

enough said.. lol

I hope your exams are going well.

Anonymous said...

You know I am still thinking about this. This is something I'm gonna ask my Pastor about. It's great and I am so happy you wrote about this

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh.. this was such a fantastic writeup... you are such a beautiful person cos you write words that i need sometimes... thanks for this angel.. have a great week

Jennifer A. said...

@ Cherub...my exam is pot-poned till tomorrow...lol, I'll gist u what happened...

@ anonymous...we can do it...we can be it...in Jesus Name, Amen

@ Niyi, yes they are...thanks...(*wink*)...no analogy today??? Lolll...

@ Neo...ask ask ask!!! Yayyy...God will give u a better revelation of this. Matthew 5... "blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be FILLED..." May God fill u with the revelation of His reflection...

@ONB...gosh, I've missed uuuuuu...I pray God keeps filling ur heart with His word...u're an angel in disguise as well...can't wait for the big things God is gonna use u for...MUAH!!!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

it can be conflicting... some days u look in the mirror and smile... other days... but this is so onpoint... so i repeat what you've written

Lord, I want to hear your voice... be a reflection of You and when I look in the mirror...when I look within... I want to see You...

Uzo said...

When people marvel at me and pour compliments on me, i look in the mirror and i dont see it. Sometimes i look in the mirror and i smile, satisfied with my reflection. Other times, i can barely stand to look in the mirror. I love this piece. I think i will print it out. Add it to my phenomenal woman piece....

Excellent as usual

Biodun said...

Great post girl n I have missed o!

chidi said...

this post made me think alot....great post