Would I rather Live my life for a LIE???

***This post is part of the friday verse series. As you read this, I pray you ask yourself the very daring question too many people are scared to ask themselves. "Would I rather live my life for a lie?"***

Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or shouldn't I find the purpose for which I was created?
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or shouldn't I find out if what people say is true?
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or should I find out if there is really a God somewhere?

Who created LIGHT?
Who owns the treasury of SNOW?
Who caused the mountains to skip?
Who parted the red sea into two?
Who gave me breath so I can live?
Who has the power to stop my breath?
What's the thin line between life and death?
What does it profit a man if he gains his life and yet loses his soul?
Then vanity upon vanity, all will be vanity...

Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or should I really find out if I can talk to this God?
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or should I just give this thought a try?
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or are the testimonies I've heard really true?

My life wasn't perfect
At least not up till now
T'was God who repaired my family
Put us back together again
The enemy tried to separate us
But years ago, even while we weren't strong
God's eyes were watching us
Destinies were almost destroyed
But today I can't believe we're sane
Now I realize the fight wasn't physical
It was a fight between darkness and light
Who saved us from destruction?
Was it God?
Or did we fix up the mess ourselves?

Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or is it really true that God opened Hannah's barren womb
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or did God really free the Isrealites from their slavery in Egypt?
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or is the story of the valley of dry bones brought back to life really true?
Would I rather live my life for a lie?
Or is it true that the tomb was empty when they went back?

How come God speaks to me
I remember when I had a weird dream
One of my family members was narrating a story of death to me
I woke up and called her immediately
and I realized there were some dangerous things on her mind
things she had no concern even thinking about
we opened the bible and read it
and she started looking at things differently after that
So was it God that spoke to me in my dream?
causing such intervention to happen?
Or was it just a figment of my imagination
Does God exist?
Or was that night just a coincidence?
The thin line between death and life?
I haven't just read about this God
He was the one that woke me up from my sleep that night
To stop a major mishap from happening
Anything can happen
When the enemy takes a hold of your MIND.

Would I rather live my life for a lie?
And then on the judgement day
I find out that it was really true
that there was a man called JESUS
Who really died on the cross to set me free

God has diverse characteristics
Right now, He's an avid Lover and Savior
His heart cries out to have mercy on us daily
But when the last day comes
God will change from a "Savior" to a "Righteous Judge"
And His arm will no longer save anyone
He can only save you NOW, before the end comes
The LAMB of God is also the LION of the tribe of Judah.

Do you want to continue living a reckless life?
A life that has NO God and no boundaries?
Would you rather live your life for a lie?
Only to find out on the last day that all THESE THINGS ARE TRUE?

***I would rather live my life for the TRUTH
How about you?***


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. wow! powerful and inspirational.

Isn't it amazing how the sovereign God orchestrates the steps of our lives? (e.g the dream you had). It was not definitely not a coincidence!

Even when we are unfaithful, disobedient,uncertain and confused he is still orchestrating according to a sovereign purpose. That is just an amazing truth that blows my mind.

I hope you had a good week. God bless you

Anonymous said...

Correction- It was definitely not a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

God bless you girl for writing this blog. Truly, HE lives and it is good to have a constant reminder; because at times it is so easy to get carried away. There are NO coincidences..just GOD-incidences. Keep up the great work girl...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

God is definitely a faithful God... your dream...reminds me of so many others Ive had... the enemy will try to attack you in so many different ways... thank God for God... thank God for the people he Calls to intercede on our behalf...

hope you have a great week!!!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

UNCLE NIYI, why u dey tabon like this? Abi na night school u go? Please make u no kill pesin for here with these missiles o (lol).

Back to the post, i just have two things to support what u've so beautifully written. To thine own self be true regardless of what others may say.

There are no coincidences with God, everything he makes happen is for a reason.

Have a blessed week.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Niyi dearie...indeed there are no co-incidences o...I'm just giving these testimonies publicly so that all may see that I am not just pointing or directing them to a whole bunch of words without meaning, but these words have actually caused me to EXPERIENCE God for real...He is REAL...I repeat, He is very REAL!!! But if you haven't experienced Him yet, you can only believe by reading other people's stories...

@ Abi...true, we all need constant reminders in our lives...

@ Diamond Hawk...lol...so u must know how it feels when God gives u a dream that shows u stuff...when I woke up, I felt like a GRAIN OF SAND, cos I was like...as little as I am (compared to all the people of the world), as in...why did He choose me? Who am I?

@ Cherub...madam pls leave Niyi alone o...when u guys are together, pls u have to stop all these teasings...lol (oops...did I say somn?)

Unknown said...

for most people ...they have to experience God personally to believe in God ....

as a child ...u are force to go to church...lol... well i use to feel it was a duty to go to church...

until i experienced God in a personal way....i always saw God as a story/MOVIE...but now i have my own testimonies... and no one can tell me that my God is not real....

I am sane/happy today becos God saved me from self destruction....

Unknown said...

my duty to go to church...correction...lol

Jennifer A. said...

@ mytestimonies...that's just another testimony...lollll...(thanks for sharing)...

This is just getting better. May someone reading who's been asking this question for a very long time now realize that there is a GOD, and He is as real as the air we breathe...He made BREATH! He made LIFE!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Jaycee for removing those previous msgs by whoever that was.Actually went there only to see all that...take care dear

omohemi Benson said...

Life is beyond what our sense tell us,living our life for the truth is the only thing that can sustain us.
Thanks Jaycee.

Teva said...

aunty where do u get all these pictures, they are not only colourful but insightful

are u an artist?

Jennifer A. said...

@ Abi...immediately I saw the green mask, I took it off...

@ Omohemi...it would be so sad if anyone stressed to live their lives without God, and the only time when they find out the truth abt God is on the last day...when nothing can be done anymore.

@ Teva...loll...they're not my art pieces...lol, but I select them based on what I'm writing abt. I know right?