The Birth Pangs of Zion....

This post is part of the Friday verse series. May you come to the realization that your birth pangs will cause you to produce something great.

Zion is a woman - strong, mighty, and tall. She is a woman of character. She is strong in every way. She is intelligent and she is wise in all her ways. She has been to the depths of the earth and back again. She has overcome what her peers cannot even comprehend. But for nine months now, Zion has been in pain. She cannot take two steps without the pain thrusting through her spinal cord. Every cell in her abdomen is in pain. She may have the freedom of joy for some seconds, but then she would feel a sharp, localized pain on her abdomen. Sometimes she sinks to the floor and begins to weep, sometimes she sinks on the soft bed and sleeps off only to find herself in another world, the world of her dreams. But Zion is in serious excruciating pain, and no one can do anything about it...

In Micah 4:10-13, Micah describes Zion (or the daughter of Zion) as a woman who has labor pains. These labor pains are what she has to go through in order to be delivered by God.

10 Be in pain, and labor to bring forth,
O daughter of Zion,
Like a woman in birth pangs.
For now you shall go forth from the city,
You shall dwell in the field,
And to Babylon you shall go.
There you shall be delivered;
There the LORD will redeem you
From the hand of your enemies

Also Isaiah 66: 8-9 talks about the delivery of Zion, saying, "For as soon as Zion was in labor, she gave birth to her children, shall I bring to the time of birth, and not cause delivery? Says the Lord."

So it is an ordained process. If there are no labor pains, then the miracle cannot be seen afterwards. How can God deliver if there is nothing to deliver? The bible says, "Your creations speak of Your glory." If there were no mountains, oceans, forests, and would nature glorify God? But these things were put in place to tell us that God is the ultimate architect. In the same way, the deliverance of Zion from child birth can only be through the power of God. During child birth, a woman usually feels like it's the end of the world, and some feel like they are going to die. So also, when we go through certain hardships in our life, we feel like the world is coming to an end and we can't make it through. But today, God is saying He can deliver you. But it won't be a testimony if He shows up when things are easy (although sometimes He will). But in this case, your final delivery will be the talk of the Nations. When you come out of this particular hardship, you won't be able to stop telling people to come and see what the Lord has done.

Psalm 30:7 says, "by Your favor, You have made my mountain strong." I think of mountains as obstructions to our destinies, but if God Himself makes your mountain strong, it means that He wants you to give birth to something, and it means that He will have to come to your deliverance on the day of child-birth. If your mountain has been made strong by God, it means that your story will be told in this generation and in generations to come...

***Blessed are you, Zion***

There have always been God chasers:

Something in my heart leaped as I read the intro...and so I decided to share the intro, hoping that some of your hearts would leap as well...

As long as there has been God, there have been God chasers. History is filled with their stories. Mine is just another. Stories of this type can be read as road maps to the Holy of Holies, or to places of access to the heavenly.

God chasers transcend time and culture. They come from every background imaginable. They come from every era of time that has existed...from Abraham the wandering herdsman, to Moses the adopted stutterer, to David the shepherd boy. As the parade of time continues, the names keep popping up: Madame Jeanne Guyon, Evan Roberts, William Seymour of Azusa Street fame- until we reach today. Really, only history can tell us the names of God chasers, but they're there. Are you one? God is just waiting to be caught by someone whose hunger exceeds His grasp.

God chasers have a lot in common. Primarily, they are not interested in camping out on some dusty truth known to everyone. They are after the fresh presence of the Almighty. Sometimes their pursuit raises the eyebrows of the existing church, but usually they lead the church from a place of dryness back into the place of His presence. If you're a God chaser, you won't be happy to simpy follow God's tracks. You will follow them until you apprehend His presence.

The difference between the truth of God and revelation is very simple. Truth is where God's been. Revelation is where God is. Truth is God's tracks. It's His trail, His path, but it leads to what? It leads to Him. Perhaps the masses of people are happy to know where God's been, but true God chasers are not content just to study God's trail, His truths; they want to know Him. They want to know where He is and what He's doing right now.

A God chaser may be excited about some dusty truth, and may even be thrilled somewhat over determining the weight of the kabod, or glory, that passed in the path, and how long ago it was. But thats just the problem. How long ago was it? A true God chaser is not happy with just past truth; he must have present truth. God chasers don't want to just study from the moldy pages of what God has done; they're anxious to see what God is doing.

If you want to recognize a real God chaser, think of a whooping, barking, tail-pounding dog trembling with excitement. Just give God chasers the scent that God is nearby and see what happens. As the bible says, the scent of water causes many things to happen. Like bloodhounds on a trail, they'll get most excited when they reach their prey. In this instance, their prey is His presence.

All I can say is, I'm a God chaser. And so are a lot of those who have God encounters. Why don't you join the company of God chasers?

We just want to be with Him...

100 miles an hour...

You can be running one hundred miles an hour, but in the WRONG direction. Are you letting the Holy Spirit lead you?

Have a beautiful day a hundred miles an hour, in the right direction...
Pls Read the message, me.

***Wheeling Her Spirit Forward***

Think "cartwheels." Wheeling herself forward each day.

She could not be stopped. She just kept moving forward, just like a car without brakes, or like a ship without a rudder, her wheels kept moving. Her spirit was in her wheels. As long as her wheels were moving, her spirit was moving, and hence her flesh had no choice but to obey her spirit. As long as her spirit was in motion, her flesh was also in motion. She did not give her flesh any chance to make her weak. Have you ever seen someone who cannot be killed? Have you ever experienced the power of someone who cannot die? Their power is in their SPIRIT, and their spirit is in their wheels. You can kill their flesh, but you cannot kill their spirit. Think about it!

This morning, I studied the book of Ezekiel chapter 1 where he described a vision he had. He spoke about four living creatures, with each face having four different sides: a lion, an ox, an eagle, and a man. These four living creatures had wings, but their wings were all joined together. Made me conclude that they had a unifying force.

As these four creatures flew in the sky, Ezekiel saw in his vision that there were 'wheels' that followed them everywhere they went (verse 19). If the creatures flew in a vertical direction, the wheels followed them in a vertical direction. And if the creatures flew in a horizontal direction, the wheels followed them in a horizontal direction as well. But there was one very important thing I noticed in verse 20: it states that these living creatures went wherever the SPIRIT of God went, and it also said that the wheels followed them wherever they went. Then interestingly, it said that the SPIRIT of the living creatures were in their wheels.

I paused after I read this, and immediately I began to think that our spirits are not part of our flesh. Our spirits can be likened to a wheel that is in constant motion. Even if our flesh gets weak, our spirit does not get keeps moving on and on, turning in a motion just as a cartwheel turns. That's how our spirits should be, especially as children of God. Nothing should be able to take us down. Wherever the spirit of God goes, our own spirits must follow. And wherever our spirits go, our flesh must follow because our spirit must control our flesh.

Our strength comes from our spirit and not our flesh. We are spirits first before flesh, and hence we must know how to command our flesh to obey our spirits. Our spirits can place us in constant motion, and through our spirits we can 'wheel ourselves forward.'

***Can you let your spirit wheel you forward today?***

Oh, Can I just Praise Him?

Oh, can I just praise Him?
Because He's been so good to me
Because He has done the undoable
Because He has done the unthinkable
Because He has done the unfathomable

Oh, Can I just praise His Name?
Because He has increased my eye sight
To know that I am bigger than what I can see now
To know that "now" does not define my "future"
There's nothing that feels better than a man who God has shown mysteries

Oh, can I just bless His Name?
Just give me one second
Just give me five minutes
Just give me one hour
Just give me 24 hours...
Oh, please just give me infinity

Oh can I just magnify Him?
The Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
The I am that I am
The Ancient of days

Oh Can I just talk to Him?
The Uncreated Creator
The Magnificent One
The All Sufficient One
The Omnipotent God
The Almighty God
The Rock of Ages

Oh Can I just rub some ointment on His feet?
My Rose of Sharon
My Bright Morning Star
My Lily in the Valley
My Eternal Beautification

Oh Can I just show Him some Love?
My Very Present Help
My Strong Tower
My Stronghold in the day of trouble
My Rainmaker
The Lifter of my head

The One Who makes me smile
even when the devil tries his best
Oh, Can I just love you tonight?