Oh, Can I just Praise Him?

Oh, can I just praise Him?
Because He's been so good to me
Because He has done the undoable
Because He has done the unthinkable
Because He has done the unfathomable

Oh, Can I just praise His Name?
Because He has increased my eye sight
To know that I am bigger than what I can see now
To know that "now" does not define my "future"
There's nothing that feels better than a man who God has shown mysteries

Oh, can I just bless His Name?
Just give me one second
Just give me five minutes
Just give me one hour
Just give me 24 hours...
Oh, please just give me infinity

Oh can I just magnify Him?
The Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
The I am that I am
The Ancient of days

Oh Can I just talk to Him?
The Uncreated Creator
The Magnificent One
The All Sufficient One
The Omnipotent God
The Almighty God
The Rock of Ages

Oh Can I just rub some ointment on His feet?
My Rose of Sharon
My Bright Morning Star
My Lily in the Valley
My Eternal Beautification

Oh Can I just show Him some Love?
My Very Present Help
My Strong Tower
My Stronghold in the day of trouble
My Rainmaker
The Lifter of my head

The One Who makes me smile
even when the devil tries his best
Oh, Can I just love you tonight?


Anonymous said...

Amen....Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Wow!!!!! I am in awe of our God.
God bless u girl and may he continue to give you utterance.

Anonymous said...

hi Jaycee!
this friday I hope I will be able to make it for Terc, I've set my alarm clock and I'm going to keep on thinking TERC this week.Love the music on your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, amen oh yes I will praise Him for He has been good to me. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I love this poetry ... so heartfelt , so pure, so refreshing...

Ayomipo Matthew Edinger said...

i can imagine the Father doing a dance. He delights in the praises of his kids. keep the praise soldier.

Unknown said...

Nice poem. When the praises go up, Blessings come down. God bless you

Jennifer A. said...

thank God...

Jennifer A. said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Lollll...I'm excited...(sowwie)...lol.

Kafo said...

you are right oooooo

Omojesu said...

hmmmmn hmmmmmmn hmmmmmn love this. He is awesome and he alone can he called all these names and more.

Dolly said...

He is a mighty GOD

Ejura said...

hi Jaycee! Registration for blogville idol competition going on.Links on my blog.
Have fun. Lovely blog. I love the pic of the lady with the butterfly on her shoulder. Kul!

Unknown said...

praise him forever...
thanks jaycee for another wonderful writeup...
i am about to take step 2..
i need to get the praise on...lol
have a blessed weekend

Naija Vixen said...

Babes,hope you okay?just checking on you.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I was not very happy with God because He had opened too many doors, or even better doors that I refused to walk through, is it by force, why cant he open doors at home.

Yet I had forgotten to praise Him for His favour, faithfulness, for opening doors, yet there were people out there that needed doors opened.

I had refused to praise Him becasue I felt he had given me forexample a 100pounds voucher to buy things in selfridges but I wanted 100 pounds to buy wherever I wanted.. I mean in selfridges I could still find whatever I wanted..but i wanted to go to house of fraiser, debenhams..u know foolshness.

But I thank God that He will not allow our ingratitude affect how much He loves us and prevent Him from being faithful to us.

So I will priase Him For He alone is worthy of allllllllllllll of myyyyyyyyyyyyy praise... and He alone is wonderful and good, and gracious and too much, and faithful and awsome, and provides and protects..and do countless things that we will never farthom. So I will praise Him, because He did not treat me as my sin deserves.

I will praise Him for He has refused to leave me or let me die, even though the enemy has aksed Him to sift me as wheat. I will praise Him forever for He is indeed the lover of my life.

Jennifer A. said...

I will praise Him
even when the going gets tough...
I will praise Him
for creating me beautifully well...
I will praise Him
for opportunities that I have received...
I will praise Him...ALWAYS

1 Thessalonians 5:16 says, "Rejoice Always" and I intend to do just that...

lol...naijavixen, I'm doing pretty good...just have a lot of book work to do lately...u know I'm a book-worm now, some more things came up that I have to handle...:) (thanks darl).

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