Be Clean!!!

This post is part of the friday series.
Today may you come to the knowledge that you can be FREE. You can be cleansed from everything that is holding you back, disease, sin, or even your own self. God is willing...
Sometimes you may wonder
Will I ever leave this place?

Will I ever be free from these chains?
Will I ever be released from this life that I live?

Will I ever get satisfaction and pleasure from this?

Will I ever see the sun rise again?

Sometimes you may ask yourself
Am I finished?

Am I a lost cause?

Am I a lost soul, never to be found?

Am I abandoned?

Am I in perpetual damnation already?

Sometimes you may look at yourself and ask
Can I ever be made whole?

Can these spots be removed from my skin?

Can my garments ever be made clean again?

Can I be released from my disease?

Can I ever be free from guilt and sin?

Can I ever be forgiven?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, you can.

Matthew 8:2-3 "And behold a leper came and worshipped [Jesus], saying, "Lord, if you are willing, You can make me clean." Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, "I am willing; BE CLEANSED." Immediately his leprosy was cleansed."

If this happened to a leper, who in his time was an outcast to the community, why can't it happen to you? Why can't you just let God's will apply to your life. His will has been stated, "I AM WILLING, BE CLEAN!" Listen to Him and give it up...

Give your disease up, and be clean.
Give your filthiness up, and be clean.

Give your hatred up, and be clean.
......Give your unhappiness up, and be clean.

Give your fornication up, and be clean.
Give your adultery up, and be clean.

Give your idolatry up, and be clean.
.Give your murders up, and be clean.

.....Give your drunkenness up, and be clean.

Really, God is not expecting too much from you other than to say, "Lord if You are willing, make me clean." If you take that move, then He will handle it from there....
that's all you need to do...

**Picture above is called "Soft-Cherry" by Lucias-tears...**


Anonymous said...

Amen sister :)
and congrats on your nomination :)

Allied said...

Halleluya - i am clean. Good one

Admin UD said...

So regreshing, this post is. I claim it..Amen!

Admin UD said...

*refreshing, i mean to say :)

Nilla said...

Love it as usual.

Lord, please make me CLEAN.

Have a wonderful weekend Missy.

Naija Vixen said...

Great post,each new one surpasses the previous...may God wash us clean and give us the grace to remain clean always and to stop making excuses....Lord you understand.

Have a great week Jaycee.

Anonymous said...

How nice

Unknown said...

God help ....
i want to be free
thanks jaycee...

Kafo said...

i needed this
it weird that when i need it I see it not the exact day u post it tho'

i wonder why that is
i've never heard of this Kari girl before. i like

Anonymous said...


Just caught up on your recent posts. Excellent, inspirational, motivational as usual. A reminder of God's purposes, desires and love as usual.

Congrats on grad school. I plan to be at TERC on Friday.

God bless.