30 Days of Thankfulness 2: Day 9

Oh Lord...there's so MUCH to be thankful for...
As I am typing right now my heart is beating loudly...
If I can count on the tips of my fingers how much He's done for me...
I'm remembering how God told Abraham to look at the stars of the sky
and the sand grains of the sea shore...
that was the number of his blessings,
but he couldn't even count them...
he couldn't even begin to comprehend them...

I am thankful for the VISION...
for the vision God has given me,
A vision that can never die,
I realize that if my eyes are filled with good things,
then my whole body will be filled with good things as well,
because I have a vision,
I know where I am going to,
and I know it will be different from where I am coming from,
my vision has calmed my storms,
even when my boat was shaking,
my vision said, "peace be still,"
my vision tells me time and time again,
that the enemy may come towards me like a flood,
but God will lift up a mighty standard against him;
my vision cheers me on and on, towards the prize...
forwards ever and backwards never,
this secret vision God has caused my eyes to see,
will never die
but will yet manifest,
at it's appointed time.

I am thankful for FAMILY,
a word that means so much more to me than blood,
yes, blood is thicker than water,
but love came and rescued me,
first God orchestrated my steps to be born into such a beautiful family,
then He also caused me to meet people who I have come to incorporate into my family,
He has caused me to know an unusual kind of love I never thought I'd ever find,
love that knows no boundaries,
I'm thankful for family,
a word that means much more to me than blood.

I am thankful for LIFE,
so many have come and gone this year,
but God has kept me,
none of us has done anything extraordinary to deserve this,
but God is saying to me, "you have to first accomplish what I placed you on earth to do,"
your time is not NOW,
so I am thankful for life,
I'm thankful for joy, laughter, sunshine, and worn-faded jeans...
and I am thankful for the lives of those who passed, who accomplished their purpose on earth,
time is really precious,
we must live each day for God alone,
there is no time for false living,
the time to choose Jesus is NOW,
you may not have tomorrow,
but your soul has the whole of eternity.

You have one life to live...and you have those who have gone on before you, the Hebrews 11 guys cheering you on. Don't stop living. Take a hold of the life God has given you. Dream BIG. Then achieve your dreams...you are called to be different. You are called to a higher place. Don't take your life. Don't stop living.

If I could count on my finger-tips how much He has done for me,
I would be like the man who counted the stars of the sky,
and the sand grains of the sea shore...
too inumerable to count...
Oh Lord, I thank You...for everything...
Thanks Kafo, for tagging me...
For Day 10, I tag Ms. Opeke...
thanking God is a life-changing experience...


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Isn't HE just simply awsome. Father you have been Indeed a gooooood GOD. It would take me to the end of time to count your blessings, and still would not have counted 1/10 of it all. Thank You Lord.

Allied said...


He is worthy of all our thanks.

Sele Akobo(curvyice) said...

i am thankful for family, life, peace, the word, u name it......lol and im thankful for jaycee n all she has inside of her that inspires me. i am just thankful for GOD.


Thank you Lord for the incredible blessings we all have been afforded with. And for no reason at all! Thank you, so very much!

As usual, a wonderful post!

Ayomipo Matthew Edinger said...

hey! am so loving Alicia's "No one". that song has been on repeat on my laptop and mp3 player for days, and nights...lol...ok, now to read

Unknown said...

Oh wonderful

ShadeCrown said...

oooooh me likes!
I'm foreva thankful.

Have a nice wkend chica :)

Jennifer A. said...

@ the Life...God is GOOD!!!

@ Allied...Amen. Amen. And Amen...

@ curvy...thank God!!!! YAYYYY!!!

@ Solomonsydelle...thank GOD!!!

@ disgodkidd...me too...lol

@ Olamild...infact, these thanks have been summarized. What He's really done for me is so much more than just one post (more like more than a thousand posts...)

@ Sha...have a beaurriful weekend too dearie...

Kafo said...

i'm thankful for your blog

seriously on days when the clouds are grey it is the sunshine that illuminates my day

David said...

Lovely post again. I would be forever grateful to God.

In all things give thanks.

Keep up the great wuk!


Mimi said...

awwww sweet!! :)

i lovedd that Hebrews 11 guys are cheering you on...when i look around and i say, Lord I need company!!!! He says, look at those before you, they are as good as you can get!!!!
sometimes you just want to say, Hey can you please send me Jeremiah, we need to have a chat!lol

Uzo said...

I knew you would come correct with this tag. I love the way the words flowed and the format you used. I love the glass and flower on you page..i want something like that on mine..How can i get that?

You asked about India - i have put some pics up....

Jennifer A. said...

@ Kafo...I'd be lying if I don't thank God for yours too...I remember the day I found urs...the babe in my womb leapt for joy (lol).

@ Freelance...in ALL things...YESSSS!!!

@ mimi...lol. U want to chat with Jeremiah? The dude is deep o...he doesn't play with his prophecies...

@ Uzo...I'm transporting myself there now...woohooo...India pics!!! As for the class, I got tips from blogger...google "blogger background images...." I like it too...lol.

Jennifer A. said...

Uzo...I meant "glass"...:)

DiAmOnD hawk said...

totally feel you on the family... and Im thankful for that as well... thankful for you Jaycee... everytime i think about you... your blog... just you in general im just like wow... cant believe you exist... so Thank God for your life... Thank God for the inspiration that you are to others... Thank you God for all that you are and all that you are becoming! :-)

Sam Oracle said...

I can see this thankfulness chain is really pulling bloggers.
I'm glad it has pulled me too.
Here's mine, just wrote it today.