I Raise My Voice!!!

Today, I cry out with them.

Echoes lost in the wind. Candles long stopped from burning. Volcanoes compressed from erupting. Voices lost in the woes of the media. Prisoners behind the bars of molestation. Long forgotten stories. Songs that have stopped singing. Children who have stopped crying. The women of tomorrow.

Today, I raise my voice with those of multi-nationalities, crying out for the elimination of the violence of women. Recognizing November 25th as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women. Worldwide.

(PLEASE Click on the picture of those three girls above to resurrect a post called "Breaking the Silence Forever"). It is a very touching post, and etches well into the memories of the women who have encountered such violence). May God bless you, increase you, and heal your pain...from the inside out. Post your comments on that post instead.
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