The Immortality of the KING!!!!!!!

As the good old wikipedia claims, "immortality" is the concept of living in the physical or spiritual form for an INFINITE length of time.

Wow, is that really possible? This is a question that many seem to toy with from time to time. Come on, I can see you...I know that when you say the word, "immortality," with your lips, there's a kind of sweetness that comes naturally with the mere pronunciation of the word. It exudes power and eternal reign. The historical Pharoahs of old have embodied this concept of "immortality" from generation to generation in the ancient kingdom of Egypt. Only a few days ago, the young pharoah, King Tut, became the subject of public speculation when his royal embalmed mask was taken off for all to see his real face, after having been "immortalized" for 3,000 years.

The kingdom of Egypt does not play when it comes to the burial of their Pharoahs; a Pharoah king is considered as such, even till eternity. So he is embalmed and kept in a royal tomb for Pharoahs. They got the concept of eternity, but the reality is this body or flesh of ours is not immortal, and one day will be no more.

That's why Jesus told us when He was very much around..."And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell," Matthew 10:28.

The only thing that is immortal is your soul. Your body may pass away, but your soul has a destination. I was reading Matthew 25 yesterday, and towards the end Jesus was talking about the seperation of two categories of people, those who will enter into the kingdom of heaven, and then those who will enter into a certain place that was originally prepared for the devil and his angels. At that particular point I shook, because hell was not intended for human beings. But because we all have our own "will" to either choose Jesus or reject Him, some will end up in the wrong kingdom.

I do not know where the souls of the ancient Pharoahs lie today, but as an NBC reporter said when the mask of King Tutankhamun was unveiled, it wasn't the pretty sight everyone was expecting. It makes me know that this body of ours is really not permanent. It also shows that we all should be very careful about how we live our lives.
What are you living for? Do you have a defined view of who you really are? Do you define yourself the way God defines you, or are you merely defining yourself based on your emotions? I was walking back home from class last week and I was thinking about how I need to become this person in my wildest dreams, someone who does not have the flaws I have now. But God began to tell me, "You are already that person, define yourself the way I already defined you before time even began." I may have flaws now, but a righteous man will fall seven times and get back on his feet again. I will not wallow in the fact that sometimes I fall. Each second is precious, I can spend the time used to wallow in self-pity to do something for God. God has given you and I a calling for this period while we are still on earth, we need to find it and grasp it. But most importantly, live your life with deep concern for your soul. You need to know where your eternity

I pray it's heaven,
because it DOES exists...
Will your SOUL say YES to God's call today?
All God wants is for you to say "YES"


Kafo said...

I can't believe I'm first

okay i hate this song.

i danced this song with my sister PJ last thanksgiving and since then i realized how much i really hated this song.

I really do, it is just like this sermon i heard last week it is sweet the words are cute and the harmony is on point but living it.
it isn't easy

each time i hear it I'm confronted with how much i'm still holding back.

so yeah i'm struggling

Kafo said...
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Kafo said...

the song I was venting about was the Yes song by Shekinah Glory M.

i forgot to comment on your post


okay so i don't think we will ever really reach a point where we are flawless.
yes Matt 5:48 says be Perfect like your Father in heaven is Perfect but I think we take that verse out of context. this verse sums up the previous 10 to 15 verses and is not the thesis statement itself.

Jennifer A. said...

@ @ ur venting. Don't'll be ok (U're reminding me a lil bit of Jonah...but u know what? He was fine at the end of the day, like u will be...very soon).

I like how u said Matt 5:48 is really not the thesis statement itself. I'm learning not be lil miss perfect, but to just let God do what He wants to do with me....

Ahhhhh...I feel His presence so strongly...

The Enigma said...

Nice post. We need 2 hear this from time to time and check ourselves. It added something new to my morning. Will definitely be here again. The music was ......... good! Good 2 know U like "Take U Back" by Jeremy Camp. Good taste I must say. Bless U.

Sele Akobo(curvyice) said...

I say yes, thats all i say. i made up in my mind to sya yes to the true immortality. thanks gurl ure always a blessing.

Kafo said...

@ Jaycee: I'm tagging you in Diamonds Thankfulness 2 Blog thingy check out my blog and her's for details

Unknown said...

'I may have flaws now, but a righteous man will fall seven times and get back on his feet again. I will not wallow in the fact that sometimes I fall. Each second is precious, I can spend the time used to wallow in self-pity to do something for God'.

thank u for this post...
u are blessed

Anonymous said...

I work within an industry where I see the vanity of the beauty and the illusion it creates on a daily basis, so thanks for putting this up.

Thanks also for the comments today. Love your blogs.. it's going up on my blog roll.