*A Love to Remember*

With affectionate hands He shaped me
He shaped my eyes, mouth, nose, and ears
then He selected my family
and there I was swimming in my mother's womb
with a new sense of warmth and belonging

With the push of a loving mother
I was slowly drafted into this world
My eyes were still closed
but I still felt His love
for His eyes followed me wherever I went

As I grew up I saw the world
I even dared to taste of its pleasures
daring even to taste the fruit I was told not to touch
but I still felt His love
for His eyes followed me wherever I went

Then one day I heard His voice
asking me to remember His love
telling me no other love can compare
and I listened in tears
and I ran straight into His arms again

He told me I'd never experience true love
unless I first understood His love
Then when I finally understood
He gave me someone to love
He gave me someone to share His love

There I was again
still in this world
but no longer of this world
No longer will I forget
that He loved me first
and it's the way He loved me
that I will never forget
On this beautiful Valentine's day
I choose to remember God's love for me
I choose to remember the way He loved me first...

Happy valentine's day everyone

Loving my heart-shaped gift from mr. S
U made me jump with glee & excitement...

Thanks boo...(lol)


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

awww. Isn't God just wonderful.

"Then when I finally understood
He gave me someone to love"

so so true.

Happy vals my darling.

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Amen.God is love!

Happy Vals day...

Im trying to guess what the heart shaped gift is, lol.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

beautiful jaycee... I love the way you're able to capture part of the essence of God and who He is with your words..

and heart shaped what? I will query you in the morning tomorrow...

Happy Valentine's day sweetie

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Happy valentines day
Beautiful post as always

Daddy's Girl said...

Aww... that's really sweet.

Simi Speaks said...

Lovely! just is.

Happy vals day.

"U made me jump with glee & excitement..." awwwwwwwwwww. how awesome!

Rinsola said...

Nyce one. Happy vals day missy

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Happy valentine in arreas.

Was it a heart shaped cake? ring? wat??????????

darkelcee said...


Thanks Jaycee's boo for giving her that "gift".

ShadeCrown said...

Happy belated vals day gurlie..
so what wuz d gift? :-D

Jennifer A. said...

the life of a stranger...I know u had a good one, I was smelling the romance on ur blog, even tho u won't tell. U were missing on TERC today.

Omosewa...ha ha, I'm just enjoying being mysterious...(lol)

Diamond...u didn't get to query me again...yippee!

Remi...ur valentine's day post just made my day...beaurriful!

Daddy's girl...lol

Simi Speaks...u have one of the best hubbys available o...(hope u enjoyed ur romantic night)

Rinsola...as 4 u, ur "married woman's valentine" is kinda stuck on my brain now...

a kel called wonder...it's a mys-TE-ry...think of a highly romantic thing...he he...

darkelcee...I'm sure he's saying 'u're welcome...' somewhere out there, outside blogville (*wink*)

Jennifer A. said...

@ Sha...I'm d mystery lady for today...(lol)..just saw ur comment. Happy vals day in arrears. I already know u enjoyed the day, I'm not even gonna ask!

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

Girlfriend you do know how to put pen to papet (abi it's put fingers to key board? ;-) Good job girl...you should think of publishing some of your stuff o!

Anu boy said...

yo yo yo.... oh my, i have a head ache, will be back to comment....

happy valentine mehnnn

Prettylyf said...

I know you had a happy vals, Jaycee :)

p.s. please see my blog for a tag?

Kuan Gung said...

Great song....

Edirin said...



Jayn Sean said...


Jayn Sean said...


Jayn Sean said...


Jayn Sean said...


Jayn Sean said...


Jennifer A. said...

@ Nyemoni...thanks...I know God has somn in stock for d future (*wink*)

@ anu boy, pls don't have a headache o....hope its gone now...

@ prettylyf...yes I did, i just checked it out...lol

@ Kuan...I love it too...I'm wondering when I'll have the power to take it off.

@ Fresh...ahhhhhhh...hope u had a great one too...*wink*

@ Jaybabe...u just succeeded in cracking-me-up!!!! LOLLLL...

Unknown said...