The world is waiting...

The world is waiting for you
You, with your nappy hair
You, with your brown eyes
You, with only some college coursework
You, with no work experience
You, a child of God.

The world is watching you
You, with your average sense of fashion
You, the poetry writer
You, with the one-bedroom apartment
You, living in the ghetto
You, a child of God

The world is side-lining you
You, a line-backer
You, a football player
You, a soccer addict
You, an internet nerd
You, a child of God

The world is waiting for you
You, with your lyrical words
You, with your whimsical twists
You, with your funny edge
You, a daddy's baby
You, a child of God

The world is looking at you
You, with your artsy self
You, with your creative jokes
You, with your imaginative eyes
You, with your fashionable make-up
You, a child of God

Today, I was just thinking that if all of us could realize that the world was watching us, then we will know who we were created to be. The world is not sleeping, the world is awake. The world is not bored of talents, infact the world is anxious for new talents. The world already understands the power of God, maybe it is just waiting for the sons of God to show it. The world already understands the intensity of the beauty of creation, maybe it's just waiting for the sons of God to rise up and speak about it. The world can already see what's inside you, but can you see it yourself? It really doesn't matter what classification you belong to: the tailor's son or the king's daughter. What matters is that there's something about you that's meant to SHINE. You, yes YOU, were NOT created to be ordinary. Whoever has been telling you that has been lying to you. You stare and day-dream all day in front of your television set, asking yourself if you can ever be like "them." You are much more than you think, and your Maker will agree with my words. There's a LIGHT inside you that cannot be hidden, but is only good to be placed on a mountain-top. The first step is of course to know your Creator...the One Who placed you in your mother's womb, and He'll teach you a few secrets about yourself which you never knew before...

You need to find that light...because it's in you...if indeed you're a child of may be a star still lurking in the shadows. Reveal yourself in a child of God.

"For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God...because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God." Romans 8:19 & 21


For London Buki: If you ever read this, may your strength never cease to exist. I read a quote today that said "tough times don't last, but tough people do." The world is watching you for more manifestations of the strength God has given you. May you be hidden in a secret place by God. May your sweet mother rest in perfect peace.


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Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

I love it!

darkelcee said...


thank you dearie

omohemi Benson said...

As usual your posts touch me,
please where do you get your pictures for posts from?

Thirty + said...

Thanks indeed my light has come.

Anya Posh said...

This has nothing to do with the written content of your blog but I've notice you like silhouette pictures alot. Hmm...interesting.

La Reine said...

Have I been here before? I should have come back sooner.

Anonymous said...

Fanastic piece. Wondering why i hadn't bumped into you in Blogsphere.
I think i'd really like you.

laspapi said...

This was inspired. Thank you for sharing it.

ps. Just reading of london buki's mum.

Unknown said...

OH lord

THis was just what I needed today
A push
A boost
something that'll make me
leap like a frog.

The world is truly awake
Just because we are sleeping
does not mean everyone around us is
FOr this, I am coming out
I am stepping out

I am fighting every hinderances that's not letting my light shine.


oh no...London Buki lost her mom? Oh no.....

Thanks for this post. Let me go offer condolences to London Buki and her family.


Jennifer A. said...

Omosewa...Glad u loved it! :)

Darkelcee...u're welcome...*wink.* I was almost changing ur name to "lightelcee" cos I felt weird calling u "dark" (u know...dark as in 'evil'), until I realized that ur name is prob as a result of ur beautiful dark chocolate colored skin! Lol. Am I right?

Omohemi...been getting them from photobucket. I'm pretty sure I must have stolen that idea from the blogger "Remi."

30+...I'm rejoicing with u that ur light has come...yes o...

AnyaPosh...I was CRACKING up big time when I read ur comment...u're soooooooo RIGHT!!!! Lollll. Silhouettes and black & white frames...I dunno...there's just somn unique abt them, they project more emotions than color...hmm.

Honeywell...I cannot dare to agree with u any less...thanks...right on point!

La come back soon again!!! Insert *wide Grin* chest is having side-effects from ur recent "bump" (I know that line was whack...but yeah,

Laspapi...yeah. Abt Londonbuki's mum...I was shocked to hear the news, but I know God is sovereign and everything will be fine.

Olamild...wassup fighter? I love ur spirit girl...


Chris Ogunlowo said...

This post got me thinking. It's inspiring.


... and thanks for stopping by.

Isn't it amazing how words agree and disagree with one another ;)

Zayzee said...


O'Dee said...

Spring, in snowed in london 2day.

Indeed we were not made 2 b ordinary.

10ks 4 the tip on my blog deariee.
Av a lvli week.

NikkiSab said...

dis is so lovely!! how r u dear?

Ayomipo Matthew Edinger said...

thank you jaycee.

uNWrItten* said...

jaycee!..i really liked this..very true stuff, someone is always we have to be on our best behavior..:)
have a great week!
p.s you with ur fashionable did u know???

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

It's been too long...thanks for the time is now! The world is my oyster indeed!

guerreiranigeriana said...

i absolutely love this post!!!! it, love it, love it!!...i think i want to send it to my sis...she needs you mind?...

Jennifer A. said...

Aloofar...I know what u

Guerreira...of course not. I'm even excited that u even thought abt that...anything to spread it around the world. *smile*

Uzezi, Oluwadee, Nikki, DisGodkidd, Unwritten and Nyemoni...have a beautiful weekend...let nothing steal ur joy (thanks for dropping by the Lamp!) :)

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

You are such an INSPIRATION!!!!

seye said...

Thank you so much for the add! ...feel honored. Like your poems...and like your inspiration