**Eyes in a Different World**

They looked across the street and saw her laughing like a lunatic. Who was this wretched woman? She laughed when those around her cried. She jumped high when those around her fell flat to dodge the stray bullets. She said "Yes" when others said "No," and then said "No" when they were in the affirmative. She was an unusual woman. Yes, it was a different world to her. There could not be any sensible earthly explanation for the way she viewed the world. She saw alien forms and unfamiliar expressions. She saw lights at the end of several dark tunnels, and she saw destruction in places where people saw pleasure. How could these things be?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
But there are three kinds of eyes...

The Eyes That Can't See:
They are not physically blind. They sparkle like the stars, brightly seen even in far distances. They are the first ones to get on a crime scene, and the last ones to leave. They can see everything under the sun, both those that are open and those that are secret. But they lack one thing, they cannot see the things of God. They cannot fathom anything beyond the human imagination. They are eyes that can see, but yet cannot really see. They fulfill scripture which says, "they have eyes but cannot see."

The Lustful Eyes:

These are eyes that have been given spiritual understanding, but yet lust after those things that are opposing to God's nature. I was reading 1 John 2:15-16 today, and it said, "Do not love the world or the things in the world...for all that is in the world-the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life-is not of the Father but is of the world." But immediately, my mind did not go to things we lust after, like lusting after another woman or man other than your spouse...instead my mind took me to eyes that lust after things that have no spiritual background. See, we were born to overcome all limitations. We were born to take the kingdom of God by force. Before mankind, the earth was without form or void, destroyed by the forces of darkness. But then, God in His infinite wisdom created man in His own image to have dominion over the whole earth. But if we're not careful, our eyes may start lusting after those things that we're supposed to have dominion over. Rather, if our eyes are focused on the kingdom of God, then those things will run after us.

Eyes That See Differently: Eyes of Understanding
We all need eyes of understanding. For this very reason, Paul prayed for the people that the "eyes of their understanding be enlightened," (Ephesians 1:18). Our eyes are not merely for physical sight, but they are for spiritual sight. Have you ever wondered why when you close your eyes to pray, you can still see...but then you see the things of God and not physical things? It is because at that moment your eyes of spiritual understanding are being enlightened.

Eyes that see differently can see calmness in a storm. They can see a king in a pauper, food in a famine, shelter in the storm, and peace in the time of war. Eyes that see differently can never accept fate, given by human discretion. They can never accept the economy of present situations. Rather these eyes look back at the valley of dry bones, and immediately they know any valley can be restored back to life. Oh, if you have eyes that see differently you will know what I mean. You can only see differently if you truly KNOW who you are. A prince who has not yet been crowned will only act like a slave child. But when that crown is on his head, he begins to see things differently. If you don't know that you are the child of a king, you will never be a storm stopper or a wind-breaker! You cannot know the extent of your power until you begin to see things differently from how the world sees things.
Today, may your eyes of understanding be enlightened. May you begin to comprehend what others don't understand. May you see your present situation as nothing compared to the good plans God has for you. May your eyes be open to see how God enlarged the territory of Jabez, how He raised the dry bones in the valley, how He provided manna for food, and milk and honey for drink.

I'm delighted to be done with final exams and be back on the Lamp. I personally want my eyes of understanding, of every aspect of God's word, to be enlightened more and more each day, from now henceforth. I don't want a mediocre visualization of the Word. There's LIFE awaiting those who need it. I need LIFE, I need understanding, and so do you...let the film start rolling now...are you ready?


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Glad to have you back. Let me go read and come back.

uNWrItten* said...

yay!yay!!!..jaycee is back!!! awesomeness! :)
i have missed u o! :)
nice one too..i think we have a combination of the 3 eyes though..just depends on which one we choose to use. hugs!
oh and happy belated...:)

Jay said...

Beautiful words...i too want my eyes of understanding to be more enlightened.

You just lifted my spirits...mwah mwah xxx

Parakeet said...

This is beautiful, I pray God gives me the right set of eyes...to see and to discern.

O'Dee said...

This is like bible study 4 me.
May my eyes always be enlightened. Amen.

Its good 2 have u back. hope u exams went well?

Unknown said...

I agree with Unwritten*. ... Combo of the three eyes and our choice which one we use. We are ultimately responsible for that decision.

Good to have you back. Hope all went well.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back hun.

I was thinking just about two days ago on where the "eyes of understading scripture was.

Amen to the prayers


Anonymous said...

We need God to give us, and open our eyes of understanding. To see spritually and live supernaturally in a physical world. The things we see spiritually doesn't always make sense in the physical, but the foolishness of God is wiser than man.
Thanks Baby for such profound writing.

Jennifer A. said...

The life...ooooohhh, glad to see u hale and hearty...:)

Unwritten...ooooh sweeerieeeee.....(hope u saw my comment on poison ivy, lol). Abt having a combination of three eyes, u may just be right...in fact we may have more than three in the combo...but I pray God helps us to make the right selection of eyes, eyes that can see WHAT God wants us to see...and nothing else.

Jarrai...one more spirit lifted makes the world a better place. I'm so glad...mwahhhh!!! We're in this race together...u're not alone...I'm pushing for increased knowledge, wisdom, and understanding too. *wink*

Parakeet...Amen to that prayer. Amen!

Oluwadee...yes, they went well. Thank God. Moving on to better things now (phew!)

Naijalines...if only we can understand the responsibility we have in making a choice...the bible said that Joshua (a leader) told his people "Choose this day whom you will serve...but as for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord." So yeah, we have a choice to choose what pair of eyes we want to see from...

30+...thanks munchkin!!! Glad u found the scripture...:)

boo..."to see spiritually and live supernaturally in a physical world"...seems like a daunting and impossible task, but we are more than able. Luv! :)

Flourishing Florida said...

welcome back, love. hope d exams went fine.

yeap, d eyes of understanding dat seen beyond d obvious is something i desire u. reminds me of d quote, 'he had dwells n d secret place of the most high, shall abide on the shadows of the almight'. wen u r on d shadows of d almighty who is omni-potent & omni-science (not too sure of d spelling), den ur eyes see like d almighty.

u see u r reading redeeming love. how is dat going? i ddnt like it much, but d cover is very attractive. i tot there were way too much telling n d novel dan showing, & we writers r sensitive 2 dat

Unknown said...

You inspire me greatly every time I surf my way to your blog. I pray God give me the eyes of understanding of the things of the Spirit. There is more to life than we can explain. Things that happens in the physical are manifestations of spiritual events that we may never understand until "the eyes of our understanding is elightened".

Thanks for this post!

P.S: Thanks for your beautiful comment on my blog and wishing you "good success" in your exams!

Smaragd said...

ah! *sigh of relief*

glad to have u back darling! u were missed.

i pray for the eyes of understanding as well.

how are u?

have u got the letter u were expecting?

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always
hope u aced your exams

today's my bday
send me a prayer or something

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always
hope u aced your exams

today's my bday
send me a prayer or something

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Amen, very encouraging, thanks!

This came to mind- "when others say there is a casting down, i will say there is a lifting up"

Have a blessed day babe.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Jay to the cee, how ou doing babe. Just wanted to come by and say howdy..lol..

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Welcome back... I did say God gave u something in the exam hall! lol.
Amen to the prayers. Yes Lord, give us eyes that see the things of the Holy Spirit, Eyes that see the meaning and understanding of what your words say, eyes that see and embrace the GIFT GIVER and not the gift, eyes that embrace the EARTH MAKER and not the things of the earth. Thanks girl and welcome back xx

Ayomipo Matthew Edinger said...

welcome back J. you was missed much!

naijaleta said...

Lovely post, now I know where to come when I want to read something inspirational on blogville. May the Lord continue to inspire you by the Holy Spirit to write this way. Amen

Afronuts said...

Powerful write up! Very deep and well spoken.
I must say that it takes the eye of understanding to even see these and do a write up on it.

Sadly, there are many who will read this article and see it through the each of these eyes...


Jennifer A. said...

Free-flowing Florida...I loved it when u said "when you are on the shadows of the Almighty, then your eyes are like the Almighty's." Poetic line, but very true. God created us in His image, so we should see like him. Sadly, many have deviated from His eyes...

Abt Redeeming Love...I thoroughly enjoyed that book. I've been recommending it to everyone ever since I read the last page. So what do you mean by they were doing too much telling than showing? Do you mean the story was too long? :)

Dammy...I thank God for that. Amen...Dammy mennn, understanding things in the Spirit will give you such a wonderful indescribable feeling, such that you won't be able to explain. Having that kind of understanding makes you communicate with your Creator...the One Who fashioned you for great exploits, even while you were yet in your mother's womb. Yes, you're right...there's more to this life than our physical eyes can see. Hope you keep reading, God isn't done yet!

Smaragd...awwwww. Thanks for asking. The letter hasn't come yet, hopefully it will come soon o. If I lost that opportunity, it probably means a bigger one is coming my way ...this is the part where I need the eyes of God...lolll. MWAHHHH!!!! (Thanks, u're a darling). I've been holding up quite well sha...

Olamild Is it just me? On your birthday I tried to click on ur blog to leave you a note but ur page couldn't be displayed. I want u to know that the minute I read ur comment I said a word of prayer for you......shweet-hart, u are blessed. I've noticed that you sow seeds of encouragement here and there, whenever u can. Surely, God is seeing all the little things you do for other people, and they cannot go unrewarded...hope u had a wonderful birthday o. Abeg, where's my own cake (and fried rice?) Lol.

Omosewa...ooooooohhhhh...I lurveee that verse....:)

Life of a stranger..howdyyyyyyy mademoiselle! The one who is in love. I dey come ur side now o...(I noticed u've updated). Loll.

Remi...ha ha ha @ God giving me something in the exam hall. "Eyes that see and embrace the GIFT GIVER and not the gift, eyes that embrace the EARTH MAKER and not the things of the earth..." You just have a beautiful way with words...woahhhh! I love that...permit me to write that in my journal! :)

Disgodkidd...hey, the only apple of God's eye. Thanks dear! I'm winking at u o...and ur latest developments...lolll.

Naijaleta...wow, Amen to ur prayer!!! Please feel at home...:)

Afronuts...I know exactly what u mean...I really pray that for everyone who reads, their eyes of understanding will be opened to see deeper than what is on the surface...