***A Highway Unaccompanied***

Her sweaty hands were steady on the steering wheel. Her eyes were focused on the road like a flint...very unyielding to any slight change in course. Her forehead was turned in a forward vertical direction. Her whole body moved according to the direction of the soft cadence of the wind. It was as though a musical beat in the far distance some miles in front was calling her name...yet she couldn't quite hear any audible sound. But behind her it felt as though an *onigangan had been hired to beat his *"dun dun" which was loudly warning her of ignorance and calamity in front...warning her that she knew not where she was going and that she knew not the disasters of a lonely highway. She was on a highway to no-where, yes...but let it be so! Not even the sound of the loudest talking drums with descending pitches could talk her out of this.

She had tried to do this forty-one times. Alas, the 42nd was a success. "I will run away...far far away...where no one will ever be able to find me. I have had so many daggers come through my clothes." She smiled tiredly, but with confidence. "I am tired of people and their plots. But most of all...I am sorry I was ever born, for my story is a hopeless plight." The sun heard her speak, yet it kept shining like nothing was happening...it got neither darker nor brighter. No, not a tear was shed. She had shed all the tears from her soul already, and she had nothing left to shed.

"No, now what? Who's chasing me?" She peered into her left side-view mirror. "No mama, no! I'm not going back home!" Her mother was chasing her and catching up now. There were some more cars behind her mother's. Then she saw their faces. Her husband, her brother, her father...and Wunmi, her best friend. They were beside her now. She started crying. "I'm not alone."

They were seated on the grassy meadow now, all exhausted from the long chase. *"Omo mi atata," her mother whispered into her ears. "We will never let you go. We're all in this together. But you see child, there may be a time when you are really physically alone...but you will not be alone, for even in the valley of the shadow of death, God will be with you. His mighty rod and His staff, they will be your comfort." That's when she understood the message...that there will never really be an unaccompanied highway. There will always be someone there with her.
* Onigangan: skilled drummer
* Dun dun: Talking drum
* Omo mi atata:
My darling daughter

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This story illustrates a self-explanatory truth. Whether we know it or not, there will always be someone with us.

So let us dance to the revelation that we are not alone. Whatever your plight is, place it in the hands of the One who created the sun. God never left you, not even once. In Genesis 16 when Hagar, the Egyptian slave, was running away from her mistress Sarai, an angel of God met her and said, "Hagar, servant of Sarai, where have you come from and where are you going? Go back to your mistress and submit to her." Thats when she gav
e God this name, "You-Are-The-One-Who-Sees-Me" (El Roi).

*Master Potter, You are the One who sees us*

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Nigeria in Peril:

Nigeria is in an utterly ludicrous state. A lot of bloggers have often spoken high and low about current situations and circumstances. A lot of minds have written poetry for a brighter future. A lot of hearts have cried out in pain. A lot of people have sat back and laughed. A lot of advocacy groups have discussed in lengths.

But is anyone ready for CHANGE? I believe it is time to rise up and declare change. I believe it is time for minds to come together to not just "talk" but to also discuss "solutions" and "implementations." As crazy as it may sound, change is coming. The whole earth has been waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. If you have a solution for change, feel free to join the new facebook group on the rise: N4C (Nigerians for Change).

PS: If you know of a condition you want to see changed in Nigeria, please indicate this as a comment here on this blog, and also feel free to participate in the ongoing discussion on N4C right now.

Yesterday...the bottom vs. the top.

Have you ever been to the top of the mountain? Have you seen the view of the lakes, lush valleys, green forests, and architectural designs of human intelligence?
Being on top of a mountain is synonymous with being "high" as a result of the unmistakable presence of God surrounding you. But imagine what happens when a mountain climber comes back down from the top of the mountain. He would feel devastated because all of his 'highs' would come crashing down as 'lows.' I had this low feeling yesterday. I suddenly felt low all of a sudden after a period of highs. The devil started reminding me of things of old, things that succeeded in making me sad in the past.
But you know what? Remember my philosophy of the early morning sun and revelation? With the early morning sun, my lows of yesterday are gone. I can boldly tell myself that JOY COMETH WITH THE MORNING! Yes, I may have been flung down the mountain for a day, but I have got my mountain climbing gear and I'm rising up again to see the top of the mountain.

I am smiling as I am climbing back up. I remember the beautiful view from the top of the mountain. Oh, it was so beautiful! To be on top and to see the world below with the eyes of God! To be on top and to know that nothing can take you back down. To be on top and KNOW that you're an overcomer. To be on top and know that He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. Oh, to be on top and know that all your fears, worries, and anxieties are safely in God's hands. It is this view from the top of the mountain that keeps the mountain climber going. He is determined to keep climbing higher and higher because he knows how he would feel once he gets to his destination. So is it with us Christians, we must keep climbing because our destination is indescribable.

A million years spent in climbing a mountain to meet God is worth it when we consider even one day spent in His presence.

~~In The Shadows of Unfamiliar Territory~~

It was a very rare Stradivarious violin, crafted in 1737 by Antonios Stradivari himself. Unlike Antonios who was Italian, Asia was born in a Country that enjoys autonomy and a capitalist economic system. A place where women did the least important jobs and men held all the power. A place where orphans were considered to be insignificant species. Yet, she held the violin in her soft hands and fit her fingers in the space between the wood and the hair. In her little world of music she was a master of the violin. She had managed to learn the art in the confines of secrecy, away from the disapproving eyes of her father.

In approximately five seconds she heard a knock on the door. A man with highlighted European features came into the room. "Asia, are you ready?"

"Yes," she whispered...almost afraid to shout. Maybe in the nearest distance her father could still hear her voice. But she stood up tall and followed the man to the stage. She began to play her violin. She played with so much skill, excellence, passion and intensity, such that no one could take their eyes off her. When she eventually looked up, she could not help but gasp. There were thousands of people standing up to give her an honorary applause. In the midst of voices cheering she heard a voice say, "Trust in God, for He has the power to bring you through the shadows of unfamiliar territory to fulfill your purpose." And then she woke up from the dream.

She had been dreaming about playing the violin for years, but she had no instructor, neither did she have the instrument. But today her decision was made, she was going to trust God to take her through this unfamiliar territory...whether she thought it was possible or not...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When last did you trust God to take you through the shadows of the unfamiliar? The unfamiliar zone is a place where you know your destiny lies but yet you have no skills to get there. A place that causes your creative juices to flow freely, but yet you have no connections. A profession where you know you belong, but yet you have no education. A rare art where people of your culture are not recognized...where you could be the first one, but you have not yet mastered it. A war you were designed to fight, but where you have no weapons.

You used to believe so much in your dream. Why did you stop believing? Why did you stop thinking that God can do the impossible with your life? That He can take you away from the familiar zone into the unfamiliar, and still use you for His glory? There is nothing new under the sun...years ago, Abram went through the same dilemma.

Now the LORD had said to Abram:

“Get out of your country,
From your family
And from your father’s house,
To a land that I will show you.
I will make you a great nation;
I will bless you
And make your name great;
And you shall be a blessing..."
(Genesis 12:1-2)

Abraham did not know what land God was taking him to, but he took his family and left for the unknown. If you continue reading his story, there was a time when he unknowingly walked back to the place where he began his journey. Can you imagine? But his relentless spirit kept him going. At that point he didn't give up, instead he built an altar to worship God. So in your walk with God, even if you are taken back to where you started from, still trust in Him. Trust in the One who has the power to take you through the shadows of the unknown and use you for His glory, to shine as a Light.

Image copyright: woodboard/corbis.

ps: I had an indescribable experience at the conference. Sometimes words can't truly express how a person feels. But I plan to upload some of my mobile videos soon...:)

**YOU are the Light the world has been waiting for**

There's something wonderful about the connection between early mornings and revelation. Noon, evening and night, I promise I have nothing against you. Yes, I love the sweet smell of the evening breeeze in summer. But there's something beautiful about rising up early in the morning...to new joys, new freedom, new lyrics, new warmth, new air, and new feelings. Nothing beats the early morning sun.

So yesterday, it was not sheer coincidence when I rose up to the first rays of light, opened the timeless book of all time, and read about the true light. The first time God said "Let there be light," did you know He wasn't referring to the sun, moon, or stars? I found out later that He commanded these other lights into existence at a later verse. Therefore, the revelation I got about the first time God spoke light into existence was that He commanded His being into the earth. God Himself is LIGHT, and no darkness can overcome Him. Even if the sun, moon, and stars were to fade away, God's light will still remain. Oh, what manner of God is this?
But people, we have a task on this earth. More than 2000 years ago, Jesus came again to command God's light into existence. On one of the days when He spoke to the crowds He said, "Ye are the light of the world." He was referring to all of us...the heirs to the throne. He was talking about me and you. Yes, even you. Why? Because if God made us in His own image, and if He is Light and the giver of Light, then there must be light inside you as well.

Where's your light? Your light is that thing that you do that makes everything else fade away. Your light is in your smile and your beauty. Your light is what overcomes the darkness threatening every inch of your life. Your light is powerful, bringing damage to hell. Your light is what shines even when you feel all is lost. Your light is in your relentless spirit, that you will never stop pushing until your very last drop of sweat. Your light is the very thing that makes you different from everybody else.

Your light is not dependent on the sun, moon, and stars. It is dependent on the revelation of who you are. When you find out who you really are, you must walk in this new revelation. You were not created to be like your friends or family. You were created in another dimension of God's image. You are the multiplication of the diverse image of God.

I am excited that I am created in His image, yet in a diverse form of His image that makes me different from everyone else. I'm excited at the new things He's done in my life (last post). I know He did it for a specific purpose...so that I will shine in the midst of darkness. Yes, so that the world will stop groaning for the manifestations of the sons of God, and start seeing those manifestations. Don't be part of those groaning and waiting, the manifestations are already here. YOU are a manifestation. Don't look in front of you or behind you. Look at yourself. Look at your light

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it..." Genesis 1:27

PS: I'll be attending the Forward 08 conference in Atlanta on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I look forward to meeting inspiring worshippers such as Chris Tomlin, Delirious, and Jeremy Camp...people who worship God with all of their might. I look forward to recording wonderful things that God will do in my journal and possibly relating these details on the Lamp. Until then...love u guys! Mwah!

A Starry night...and an engagement...

I thought it was just another get-away
I thought it was just another instant thrill
I thought it was just another fabulous weekend
I thought it was just another fourth of July

So I didn't see it coming
So I didn't even prepare
and I wore my raggedy jeans
and my black rubber slippers...

And you popped the question
And I said "Yes"
And fireworks exploded later that night...

I pray to be all that God created me to be, for you...forever...

~DeCiMus...& Percentages~

Sometimes I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping to their favorite songs outside my window. Other times I wake up trying desperately to remember the left-over fragments of a very sweet dream. Once in a blue moon, I may wake up drenched in artificial sweat, while finishing up a hot prayer that I already started in my dream...a bad dream...such as the one I had eons ago, where I and a friend opened up a trunk containing some dead white chickens whose feathers had been plucked (story for another day). Note that I had a slight and abnormal fear of birds while growing up! Such is life...

This morning though, the second of the month of July, was unique and different. I woke up with the sound of "Decimus" on the soft edge of my lips. "Decimus, Decimus, Decimus..." This Greek sounding word was not in the context of anything I had done during my entire weekend. Although, I remember studying about the statue of this Roman Emperor in a classical mythology class...I do not think my class had anything to do with my mutterings of his name. Yes, I am currently reading a novel that has names of Greek warriors and their gods, yet none of them told me of the exploits of any man called Decimus. Lol. So, just as at other times, I chose to tap my Father on His shoulders and seek the meaning.

Decimus is a name that has a Latin origin, and it means "a tenth" of something (usually referring to the tenth child).

Human beings have always been fascinated by Mathematics. Earliest records indicate that the women of South Africa counted the frequency of their monthly biological cycles by scratching 28, 29, or 30 lines on a bone or stone (wiki). Likewise, a bone found in the Nile has the earliest known demonstration of ancient Egyptian multiplication.

But why are we so fascinated with math? Because we operate in a mathematical limited world. We count those things we can see with our eyes, and disregard those we cannot see. Even the Word of God has records of numbers because God knows it will help us in our understanding.

But today, I want to introduce to you a God that cannot be defined by the Latin name Decimus. A God who cannot be restricted by the boundaries of mathematics. The length and breadth of His existence cannot be calculated, neither can the measurements of His throne be truly known. He is the beginning and end...time exists in Him because He created it. Also when He gives, He does so in a way that we cannot count...He gives in a type of fullness that cannot even be compared to 100%. He gives in 'abundance.' So today, I choose to remind you about the "fullness" of God...

* In His presence is fullness of Joy (Ps 16:11)
* His voice is full of majesty (Ps 29:4)
* The earth is full of His goodness (Ps 33:5)
* His right hand is full of righteousness (Ps 48:10)
* He is full of compassion and He forgives (Ps 86:15; Ps 111:4)
* The whole earth is full of His glory (Isaiah 6:3)
* The earth is full of His praise (Habakkuk 3:3)
* He is full of grace and truth (John 1:14)
* When the fullness of time came, He sent His Son (Galatians 4:4)

Ask and receive from Him, that your joy may be full, and not limited by fractions, decimals, or percentages (John 16:24). No man can complete you, only God can make you full and whole. Run into the arms of Jesus and not Decimus today...

Image Copyright: Title: Encre L. Marquet, by Grasset Eugene (pariposters.com)