Counting for Something Larger...

By the river Piedra I sat down and wept.

Though I have never read this book by Paulo Coelho, nor will I claim right now to know what it entails, the title caught my eye and made my imagination wider. The title of the book kind of aligns exactly with my thoughts for the day, that our lives have to count for something more than what meets the eyes. I imagine a person sitting down beside a river and weeping for his life, a life that had so many high expectations but with none accomplished. A wasted and desolate life, filled with seeds sown on infertile ground. No, our lives are way more than we think. Each of us has a seed planted inside us by God, waiting to germinate at the set time. Don't ever think for one second that your life amounts to nothing, because it does not.

But what exactly does your life count for? Being alive is not the same thing as the essence of vitality. Vitality is having the "power" to live. I imagine that vitality is more than just waking up in the morning and letting the day happen. Instead, it is the power to have a determination to align one's life in a positive energetic direction, which to me can also be described as being led by the powerful hand of the Master Potter...God. Vitality is not just the power to live, but the power to live well. My life, your life, our lives have to be lived well. Our lives must count for something more.

So what does your life count for? The number of clothes you purchase or the number of jobs you get in a lifetime? The number of plaques of your achievements or the fantastic path of your footsteps climbing up the corporate ladder? What does your life count for? The number of friends you can command or the admirable stares you can gather up your sleeves? What does your life count for? The number of vacations you can take around the world, or the number of promos for first-class tickets you can get your fingers on? No, your life is not just a myopic representation of these great things, although they are very fanciful in definition. As honorable as they seem, your life must count for something greater than these. The only way to understand this enigma is to...
Commit your way to God, trust in Him, and He will bring "it" to pass...(Psalm 37:5)
To me, the "it" in this statement represents what my life will count for at the end of the day. To achieve "it," you cannot do it on your own, you need God. He was the one who delicately placed "it" on the inside of you, even before you were formed as a foetus in your mother's womb. He called you by your true name and you answered the call, even before the foundations of the world. He is also the one who will bring "it" to pass at the appointed time.
But if you don't know Him, how will you understand? If you don't know Him, how will He bring it to pass? If you don't know Him, how would you understand that your life counts for something more? But, yes...your life counts for something larger than you can see...something bigger than your imagination. Forget the empty routines of your days and find your "it." Find out what that major thing is that God is ready to bring to pass in your life. I believe that it has already been written about you in the volume of God's book (Psalm 40:7).

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PS: Forgive my previous inconsistent blogging. I, myself am in the works for something bigger than my imagination. I am planning to have more regular updates soon. May God's face continue to shine upon you as you read and learn more about Him...:)

One in a Billion Faces:

One day, the world will stand still. One day, it will be just you standing in a pile of your own ideas. You will be just one in a billion faces. There will be no story to tell, no fairy tale. There will be no epic, neither will there be any poetry. There will be no major hero, for at some point we will all become heroes of our own destinies. There will be no Science fiction, neither will there be a fantasy flick. It will not be merely an action movie or an adventure series. It will not be an animation either, because it will be as real as it gets. It will not be a drama, or a musical, or a thriller, or even romance. It will be you, as one face amongst a billion faces.

One day, you will choose your own path. One day, you will declare your choice. One day, you will choose your own destiny.

Being different is often a taboo. We often want to roll with the crowds and be seen amongst the the best, and it isn't such a bad thing either...sometimes anyway. But I tell you, you will be just one in a billion faces when you decide to do it God's way.

This year, you are going to make a lot of choices, really hard ones. I feel very strongly that this year is different. Not because a prophet told me so or a pastor said it, no. It is my very own feeling. A deep feeling I have had since the year began. I feel that a lot of us will have to make very difficult choices, and we will have to do it either God's way or the world's way. As it is, the world consists of six billion, seven hundred and six million, nine hundred and ninety-three thousand, and one hundred and fifty two people.

The world seems to have the majority vote on your life. The world seems to know what's best for you. The world and its lovely fashion; the world and its intercontinental exotic choices of foods, the world and its multicultural sense of feeling; the world and its seven wonders; the world and its kings, Queens, and Presidents...the world and its beautiful way of life.
Yet, although it may sound incredulous and insane, today I boldly present to you an even greater wonder: the Creator and Architect of this world of wonders. It is His way that is the majority, although in the facade of this world you may not see the direction of His hands. This year, you have to find it though. Take it upon yourself to find Him. Let Him give you the direction that you truly deserve for your life. You have been running around the SAME MOUNTAIN for too long now, there is actually a better way to do it. That idea or vision you have needs a touch from Him, this is the best time ever to get that touch. The woman with the issue of blood waited for twelve years, but when she realized that it was her moment, she touched the hem of the garment of Jesus. Could this be your time to touch the hem of His garment too? I don't know, but you do.

Don't be one who is lost in a sea of a billion faces. You can find God this year and be a unique face, even among a billion faces. Ask, and you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. You may feel like you are all alone when you make that decision, but I stand boldly to say that you are in the majority, first on earth and then in places of your wildest dreams.

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A Time to be Born:

It was the 11th week after fertilization. Ajike was formed, but not yet born. She was a fetus awaiting the sound of her calling. An instrument waiting to be used for her function. She was only about 31mm in length and weighed only 9 grams, yet her force of life was powerful, albeit small. Her heart, hands, feet, and brain were present, but only with the most minimal function. All she could do was just stay there, unmoved and unshaken, in her own little world of silence and beauty. After all, she was fragile and had no energy to move around like she really wanted to.

Time went by and the 9th month knocked on the doors of the womb. Ajike knew something big was about to happen, but she knew not what it was. She heard her own heartbeats, although she did not know the definition and function of her heart. She had an expected anxiety within her spirit. Once she fumbled with her hands and found the umbilical cord, twice she did a back flip in the womb, after all she didn't understand that back flips caused a little pain to her bearer; three times, she stamped her tiny feet in sheer joy, because her cochlea had been fully developed and she could hear the noise she made. It was the same sound men made when they surfed along turbulent powerful waves. She had more energy for movement now; iron, calcium, and phosphorous had suddenly become more abundant in supply. She had now gained so much energy that she felt compelled to break away from her 'fetal position.' Enough was enough, she wanted to see the world out there...she wanted to be born.

Soon enough, her time to be born came. With a magnanimous force, the water broke loose. She found herself gliding smoothly and easily out into a new dawn. It was her time now. Her time to be born. No one could stop her. She was unstoppable.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was compelled to write this as my first post in 2009 because I feel a renewal in my body. I feel a brand new energy, perhaps it is the joy of a brand new year.

At the same time, I know that somebody's time to be born is now. There's always a time to be born. Not just the physical manifestation of the birth of a child, but also the birth of new ideas and visions. The birth of a new realization. The birth of a new self-actualization. The birth of a new knowledge. The birth of new energy. The birth of a new challenge. The birth of a new task. The birth of a new feeling of being more intimate with God, than ever before. Whatever it is for you, if it is your time to be born, grasp it. Don't let the new feeling within you go to waste. Grasp it!

To everything, there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven. A Time to be born... (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2)

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