A Modern Tale of being Left Behind: The Emphasis

I love art. I've always loved art. I don't know when my love for art began. As I glanced through several featured works on one of my favorite sites, I saw this one. Eyes piercing and sharp, but a little sorrowful. Colorful but dark at the same time. Plain, but intriguing. More than a little bit of sadness.

And then I thought of the last post I wrote. In these times, passion has begun to fade. Those things that once made people jump with glee and run the good race have diminished. So I post this picture here for emphasis, don't be left behind. It is not a one-day 'lightning' experience. It starts with your thoughts, it starts with your emotions...it comes in a subtle way.

PS: feel free to read and comment on the last post, if you haven't already :)

Photo by redbubble