Hey, Mr. Stony:

Hey, Mr. Stony
Where are my seeds?
The little brown dusty seeds I gave you
The ones that look like white dots in the middle of a sliced water melon
Did you put them in your soil,
Or did you throw them away?
What happened to them, Mr. Stony?

I remember yesterday so clearly
No, my vision fails not...it really happened
It was only just yesterday, why would I forget?
My memory goes back for as long as I can remember
You were looking at me with your ever daunting eyes
I could sense the anticipation in your soul
A longing and an insatiable hunger in your spirit
A delectable humility to soak in every moment
A rare kodak moment of expectation bursting with exhilaration

Before I opened my hands,
Yours were already open
Before I spoke the Word
Your ears had already listened
Before I said "lift up your hands"
They were already all up in the air
And so it was that I buried my seeds in-between your palms
Inside the seat of your ability

Immediately you sprung from your seat
Like a mountainous volcanic eruption
Or fireworks that refuse to be restrained
You said you must go and plant those seeds
And maybe someday they would become trees
I smiled in knowing recognition of your willingness
I smiled, knowing you truly meant every word

Today has come and I thought I should visit
So where are the seeds, Mr. Stony?
The little brown dusty seeds I gave you
The ones that look like white dots in the middle of a sliced water melon
Did you put them in your soil,
Or did you throw them away?
What happened to them, Mr. Stony?

I wrote this because yesterday I read Mark Chapter 4 again...the parable of the man who went out to sow seeds in different grounds, and was reminded again of how sometimes we are like stony grounds receiving much seed with so much gladness but not having much soil to hold the seeds well, of how the seeds spring up immediately but have no depth and do not last long...of how we're so quick to say how these writings make sense to us, or how we're going to do something about them. How enough is enough and how there is work to do. Is the joy of reading these words only for a moment, or is it for the long haul? Is it just for the hour, or is it for a life-time?

The issue is...what do we do with the seeds when we wake up the next morning? Do we forget all about them?

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Remi, United Kingdom said...

I'm doing the 'sun walk' Let me go read and digest... :-) x

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Hmmm, so true. This reminds me of Psalm 1:3..
"And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper."

The key to this verse is "whatsoever he doeth" meaning the word we hear, we must work it to become flesh, we must do something with it so that it can become our reality.

This also reminds me of the story of the soul that always got excited when it heard the word. The soul yelped in the right places for Amen and God bless you's. When the soul was old, on reflection of its life, it realised that it had heard so many messages, had a good time hearing them too. However none of the words spoken ever got manifested. None of them ever became flesh. The soul realised that it was because he never purposefully worked them to make it a reality.

I had better work faster and harder and even more purposefully :-)))

God bless you for putting this post up. Much Love *hugs*

James said...

True that. Its sad that the high comes down often to fast. Beautifully written.

The poets voice ~~~ said...

Everything in life comes about by seeds..the seeds must have been planted though, or else there would be nothing for you to reap a harvest with. The soil must be good first and ready for planting, then there must be continuous work to ensure that the soil is moist,full of oxygen and receives enough sunlight.

So it's not enough to hear and be excited in that one moment, we must be willing to work constantly to ensure the seeds grow from day to day!

You may sometimes have to even go back to remind yourself of what excited you about that seed in the frist place, so you have a purpose for wanting it to grow.

Thanks for this.Have a splendid week!x

Straight from the heart said...

The seed is very important, because it is from the seed we have the tree which then produces the fruits. Hence if we do nothing with the seed, there will be no tree nor fruit. It is thus very important for us to recognise that every word of God spoken in truth is a seed to be planted, watered, cultured till it springs forth.
Thanks for such a timly word.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told,seeds abound everywhere. For me,I just realize that we sow more of the world's seeds than the word itself.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

Jaycee you're so right... in that we receive the seed with every intent to sow it and somewhere along the way... we lose them... sow them haphazardly... we have to be intentional in our doing...

Writefreak said...

I will be selahing to this one! No long comment!
How're you doing Jaycee?

Enkay said...

I think the way we receive the seed in the first place goes a long way in determining what we do with it eventually.

The Word is to be received in Faith and gladness of heart. i think that is what makes the soil of our hearts fertile.

Thanks for the message!

ElShederico said...

Thank you for this exhortation. To quote Goethe "knowing is not enough; we must do. . . and may the fruit I bear be such as will endure. . .

Sele Akobo(curvyice) said...

Okay maybe its just me but my eyes sting with tears as the true realisation of my flippant attitude with rgards to sustainability and continuity hit me. Its not about eagerly accepting the seeds,but its about making it spring forth as a tree with deep seated roots.

Vera Ezimora said...

There goes my planned response! "I love this post..."


Jaycee, I wanna say I would do something with these words, but I won't say anything until I have done something with them.

'Nuff said.

How r u, love?

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written again.... That is an ongoing question.. 'Cos I think we get seeds everyday... The Word, Opportunities, Blessings... Stuff....

Great stuff!

Giagerry said...

u dont fail to write beautifully..
hey jaycee!!!!
i just noticed im a top commenter on this blog..:)

Kafo said...

i have a headache
i will have to come back and read it

Ms. 'dufa said...

Lovely! I like! This is so true and sincere. This quote explains it all

"Three frogs were sitting on a log, one decided to jump. How many frogs are on the log?"

Answer:3 frogs! A decision to do something never amounts to actually doing it.

The excitement and drive that influences a decision is mostly temporary...a lot has to be done to make it a reality.