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Why, why, why?

You're sitting on an ancient Chinese-style stool in your verandah, and tumultous waves of ruminations and multiple deductions are racing through your mind. Unlike a mathematical or scientific experiment, you end up on an obsolete empty mission...because this is a matter of faith and to you there are no real answers in the physical world.

And so you stand up and fling your hands up in the air in deep frustration, wondering why things are the way they are. Why did yesterday go by the way it did? Why didn't that man wake up in the morning? Why are you alive? What signs should you be looking for? When do you say "Yes," or "No," or even "Maybe"? When should you move or when should you just stay back and be still? Is there really a God? If he's there, why is He silent? How can you hear His voice? What does it mean that Jesus is returning a second time? Why are you so afraid? What is real and what is unreal?

So here I am also, sitting in front of my computer...knowing you may have questions and aching to show you some things that I've studied in God's word. I'll be hosting a free phone-conference this morning (Thursday, August 27th: 7.00am-12noon EST), and I'm inviting you to come and search the scriptures with me. Let's see what God has to say...let us teach ourselves.

In the bible, there were these group of people called the "Bereans." They were very knowledgeable. When they heard something, they did not just take it as their bread immediately. Instead, they went back home and searched the scriptures-- investigating every nook and corner and discussing it amongst themselves. To be wiser we need to investigate the Truth. And moreso, when two or more are gathered in God's Name, He's there in their midst.

Conference Details:
Thursday, August 27th: 7.00am - 12noon EST (United States)
Call-in number(s):
From 7:00-12noon: 1-309-946-5000 (code 37460)

SEE YOU THERE THIS MORNING!!! Don't forget to set up reminders/alarms on your cell phones for this morning's free conversation! It's short notice, but I know that at least one person needs this. Bring some bread and coffee if you :)

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"I See Men as Trees, Walking..."

The first time God opened his eyes to see the world, he was ecstatic. He was lost for words and his eye muscles were hyperactive. He had been detrimentally blind, but all of a sudden with a touch from the Messiah he began to see the things he had been desiring to see. Those things which had only been a part of his diffused imagination. The unbelievable objects in his wildest dreams.

But the first time God opened his eyes he didn't get it.

The first time God opened his eyes he could not see the clear picture...he saw men as trees walking...that's what he said...the men he saw were trees walking down the street. Jesus had to put His hand on the blind man's eyes again! (Mark 8:22-25)

This miracle was done in two parts. Oh, I know you thought all the miracles performed were just by one-time touches, right? Naaaaaahhhhh! This one was different. Jesus laid His hands twice so that the man could get the full picture. The second time around, he saw men as "real men" with two legs walking down the street. The deed was completed the second time around. (*See comments below to add to your understanding*)


The first time around you may not have understood what God was trying to tell you. The first time around, maybe you were still psychosomatic or still on your rampant rage. Maybe you got the message, but you didn't know how to apply it so you continued in your old life. Hmm...maybe you even cried for joy because God had touched you somewhere beyond your heart, but later on you felt like there was still something amiss? Yeah, you knew what God was trying to do (it's not like you didn't know)...but you just could not see the clear picture....YET.

The first time around really happened...

But you just didn't get it. Wanna know something? God can touch your eyes again...He wants you to get the clearer artistic picturesque vision! He's not up for halves or near-misses! He wants you to really really get it. He wants you to completely feel His touch. Not to feel the wave about your head, but to feel it actually moving through you. And you'll get it this second time around...right's right there with you, revealing things to you again.

The second time around is part of your miracle...this time you won't see men as trees, walking. You'll understand exactly what God has been trying to tell you for the longest time. Today, you'll feel His presence and you'll understand more of your purpose here on earth. You'll feel it as you read this'll just know. Nothing is impossible with God, but it's up to us to receive our miracles. We also have a role to play to see things the way God sees them.

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The ultimate LET-DOWN:


Admittedly, you are one of those people who are very trusting of people in dignified positions. You have a lot of respect for authority. You are not notorious for being off and disjointed at sanctified meetings, or even for being aloof. You respect order. You adore hierarchy, and you believe that the world would be in utter chaos without lineages, patriarchy, matriarchy, monarchy, primogeniture, and kingdoms-- whichever one a society deemed good enough to use. In your head, everyone has their place, and rightly so. There cannot be two masters or two contrasting authorities. You are a sucker for order and leadership, and you believe that you are the better for it! Your mind is stable and in place. You are not lost in a world where others are lost in their own instability.

This being said, the things that have been going on in today's world must come to you in sadness. The increasing lack of trust of authorities. The mis-use of power. The injustice of kings and the selfish magnetization of wealth. You are a Christian, but that does not help matters because the toxicity has crept into the confines of the church as well. There is the abhorring smell of apostles and those who are supposed to save the people, and you cannot stand it anymore. You read the word and you know deep inside you that something is drastically wrong somewhere. The body of Christ is ematiating and self-destructing in the muscles of the head, and of course the virus is leaking downwards to the other areas of the body like the flesh-eating Streptococcus pyogenes.

Do you step out? Or do you stay? Do you let go, or do you remember who God is to you?

A long time ago, God made one of the disciples, John, see this kind of chaos in a vision. John wrote his vision in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 2). He revealed that there are certain people who will be eaten up inside by so-called apostles of God. "I know your works, your labor, your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars; and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My Name's sake, and have not become weary (tired). Nevertheless, I have this against you-- that you have left your first love."

Today, I write to those who have continually offered respect to their leaders, especially in a Godly environment. I write to you who have been hurt in one way or another--by those leaders who promised to show you the right way, and yet they spat on your faces and led you down the path of hell. I write to you who have cried endlessly for the raping of minds and the deceit of words. I want you to know that God sees.

What God wants from you is your intimacy with Him. And if you are that intimate with Him, you will understand that you should never lose respect for authority. That you should keep laboring just the way you did when you first fell in love with God. Your leaders, as much as they preach perfection, may not practice what they preach. But what do you do when they don't? You hold them. Instead of judging them, or leaving them, you uphold them and lift their hands. In some cases, you need to begin to become that leader you're aching for. You were not called into God's love to be hidden in darkness. Rather, you were called to shine and be a beacon for all to see. So instead of running away from God, why don't you run towards Him and ask Him to save you (and them?). Many of these leaders could be in the wrong, but God is asking you to be right with Him. Are you right with God? Do you even remember your first love? Do you remember the day you fell in love with your Maker? Do you remember how passionate you used to be when you woke up each morning? Do you remember?

It will all boil down to "your FIRST love." It will all go back to the One who has all the power. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The One who created you, and the One who loves you. No one else matters. God wants you. The leaders will get their own consequences, but God wants you.

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