The ultimate LET-DOWN:


Admittedly, you are one of those people who are very trusting of people in dignified positions. You have a lot of respect for authority. You are not notorious for being off and disjointed at sanctified meetings, or even for being aloof. You respect order. You adore hierarchy, and you believe that the world would be in utter chaos without lineages, patriarchy, matriarchy, monarchy, primogeniture, and kingdoms-- whichever one a society deemed good enough to use. In your head, everyone has their place, and rightly so. There cannot be two masters or two contrasting authorities. You are a sucker for order and leadership, and you believe that you are the better for it! Your mind is stable and in place. You are not lost in a world where others are lost in their own instability.

This being said, the things that have been going on in today's world must come to you in sadness. The increasing lack of trust of authorities. The mis-use of power. The injustice of kings and the selfish magnetization of wealth. You are a Christian, but that does not help matters because the toxicity has crept into the confines of the church as well. There is the abhorring smell of apostles and those who are supposed to save the people, and you cannot stand it anymore. You read the word and you know deep inside you that something is drastically wrong somewhere. The body of Christ is ematiating and self-destructing in the muscles of the head, and of course the virus is leaking downwards to the other areas of the body like the flesh-eating Streptococcus pyogenes.

Do you step out? Or do you stay? Do you let go, or do you remember who God is to you?

A long time ago, God made one of the disciples, John, see this kind of chaos in a vision. John wrote his vision in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 2). He revealed that there are certain people who will be eaten up inside by so-called apostles of God. "I know your works, your labor, your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars; and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My Name's sake, and have not become weary (tired). Nevertheless, I have this against you-- that you have left your first love."

Today, I write to those who have continually offered respect to their leaders, especially in a Godly environment. I write to you who have been hurt in one way or another--by those leaders who promised to show you the right way, and yet they spat on your faces and led you down the path of hell. I write to you who have cried endlessly for the raping of minds and the deceit of words. I want you to know that God sees.

What God wants from you is your intimacy with Him. And if you are that intimate with Him, you will understand that you should never lose respect for authority. That you should keep laboring just the way you did when you first fell in love with God. Your leaders, as much as they preach perfection, may not practice what they preach. But what do you do when they don't? You hold them. Instead of judging them, or leaving them, you uphold them and lift their hands. In some cases, you need to begin to become that leader you're aching for. You were not called into God's love to be hidden in darkness. Rather, you were called to shine and be a beacon for all to see. So instead of running away from God, why don't you run towards Him and ask Him to save you (and them?). Many of these leaders could be in the wrong, but God is asking you to be right with Him. Are you right with God? Do you even remember your first love? Do you remember the day you fell in love with your Maker? Do you remember how passionate you used to be when you woke up each morning? Do you remember?

It will all boil down to "your FIRST love." It will all go back to the One who has all the power. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The One who created you, and the One who loves you. No one else matters. God wants you. The leaders will get their own consequences, but God wants you.

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Kafo said...

firsttttttt ooooooooooooooo
now i'm going to read it


Kafo said...

this is beyond true
at some point i think before i turned 22 i was the person described in the first section
and then the Great Delusion came and i struggled and screamed but kept up the routine cuz it was the zone i was comfortable in

but then sometime when i was just going thru the motions i threw a wrench in the wheel gave up the habitual and had a real encounter with God and i have to admit that there are still sometimes that i allow the trappings of the church to define my relationship with him but for the most part, each day leads to a deeper revelation of who he is.

thanks for this reminder
and i love the scripture u used, i have read it before but i never say it this way

take care

Kafo said...

oh yeah
i'm still here listening to this playlist

totally loving this first song from david crowder band

okay i will stop posting so someone else can post


Remi, United Kingdom said...

2nnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.... It's all about having a personal relationship with God. It's taken me quite an uphill journey to get there, but now I'm here, I wonder how I survived without it! Its all about the first love, the soon coming king. When we understand God's big idea for mankind.. everything else, no matter how painful is easy to deal with..

Well done oh.. kai, make I go post update sharpish..
Much Love xx

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@Kafo.. lol...

Kémi Penélopê said...

Third technically....!!!

My Quest said...

Fantastic word for a time such as this, I get the feeling from speaking to folks many are tired of their leaders, they see things going against God's will, some have left, others are just hanging in there.

If we only keep our eyes on the the author and finisher of our faith, we will keep on the good fight with the same tenacity and love we had when we first started.

Straight from the heart said...

A fitting word for the season we currently live in.
Whiles our leaders may have gone off track, we should pray for them and seek God's face for today's church.
Rather than going cold our reaction should be to work feverently in whatever we've been called to do.

Unknown said...

i fight me to obey authority an stay in line.
I love God with all of me and we are tight.

Myne said...

I love your blog especially how you're able to merge a story and the lessons. Thanks for sharing.

Check out my romance novel blog. Cheers

Jennifer A. said...

Kafo...just wanted to tell you first that you are an inspiration to myself and many others watching you...your brutal honesty teaches many of us about the reality of our world right now. I pray each day continues to lead into a deeper revelation of who God really is...I'm glad you stopped going through the motions (and I know that's one of your best songs too...the "instead of going thru the motions"

Remi...abt the uphill journey...tell me abourrit!!! I've been such a naughty/lazy blog reader...I'll hop to ur space soon I promise...

Kemiiiiii...I miss reading you. I must not let being busy get in my way now...:(

My Quest...I'M TELLING YOU...that's the SAME vibe I've been getting from people. But when I read the book of Revelation this morning it hit me that, you know what, this whole "getting tired" is a huge scheme to defeat the purpose of God's love. That's why we need to remember the "real reason" behind church. couldn't have said it better. In fact, another scripture in Revelation says that we can't be lukewarm...we must be HOT...or if some choose to be cold, then they must be! They just can't be lukewarm, because then they'll have no purpose.

Tisha...I like how you said "We are tight," lol...that's cool girl!

Myne...thank you so much. I will check soon :)

Unknown said...

I'm always blessed by your posts and I aspire to write stuff that always blesses people and energises myself as well.

The first love....thanks Jaycee.

Zayzee said...

this is right. good reminder of our responsibilities as children of God. when leaders take the wrong path, we shouldn't follow, the best we can do is pray earnestly for them and continue in the ways that pleases the Lord. man will always disappoint. as long as we know deep within us who our Lord is, we shouldn't let any other system or mentor determine the way we relate with God.

The poets voice ~~~ said...

There are many signs that we are living in the end-times and there is no doubt that Jesus is coming soon. Such a sign is the craze for power in the Church. There are a lot of men of God and a lot of preachers out there and they all seem anointed but who is really for God and who is doing it for the fame and power?

My pastor always says that he and his wife's weaknesses is somebody's ministry. We have to remember that they too are human and they are not exempt from making mistakes that's why we need to uphold their hands in prayer so that They can lead God's flock on the right path!

God bless you for's a timely post!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ The Poets Voice.. word! Jesus is really, really, REALLY coming soon oh... Father please do not let the oil in our lamps be out, when you come.. Amen... scarily exciting.. all this madness in the wold will finally come a full stop... *sigh*

Reverence said...

There is the awesome song by Kirk Franklin called first love. and it pretty much summarizes your whole post. its probably on youtube.

Help!! i have been going and going non stop.. i am soo exhausted :(

jhazmyn said...

This to me is like a word in due season.

Actually had this convo with my MIN on sat and she was going on an on about how pentecostal churches were a stain on christiandom with their massive edifices and private jets and all, and the when i asked her if she spent time praying for "them" she said she had better things to do with her prayers...

I fight the urge to generalise myself sometimes i actually point a finger or two, but really like you said, at the end of it all, it boils down to how we as individuals are with our God.

Tnxs for sharing

Buttercup said...

Thanks for this, Jaycee!

Anonymous said... is very informative. The article is very professionally written. I enjoy reading every day.

Rainyjoy said...

hi jaycee,
i don't know how long you've had this post for but i still thought i had to drop a comment, lol !
i totally agree with you, just because the leaders are not practicing what the preach doesn't mean we should do the same. at the end of the day, we all are answerable to one person, 'God'. He is the rewarder and not man. may we find strength to please Him and not man and also the grace to commit our leaders into His hands.
thanks for sharing this truth.
lots of love,