The Vulnerabilities of a Single Story:

On hearing the popular Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Adichie, speak about the dangers of a single story on TED, I was inspired to write about it.

A single story can change a posterity or a younger generation forever, either for the better or worse. A story embedded in the minds of the youth is what will cause them to want to become something great, or maybe something minuscule. A single story will dare us to dream mighty BIG, or will do the exact opposite-- drowning our thoughts of irrefutable success in an ocean that we cannot be rescued from.

What stories are we telling? What stories do we use to speak to our own destinies, or even the destinies of those around us? What stories are we publishing? Which ones do we deem as our representation here on earth?

My story is NOT a single story, but rather multiple stories wrapped into one, about the richness and intelligence of God's creations. My story tells of a series or combinations of how God originally intended for the world to be. This story is inspired by the Holy Spirit to inspire Nations. It is for everyone, regardless of race, color, or status. There are no disparities in this one, because God don't make ugly. There are no sensitivities, because the truth must be told, and tell it we must. There are no lies here, only transparencies. There is no judgment, only a plea for you to see that God designed you for greatness, and that He is actually real and not just a figment of your imagination. There are no obscurities because the will of God is clear. In God's story, there are no CHOSEN or SELECTED readers...because when God created you, He did it with a purpose in everyone is included in the plan. We just have to find out what that specific plan is.

I am in support of what Chimamanda has said HERE, regarding the dangers of a single story. But what matters are the stories that we CONTINUE to tell.

CONTINUE to strengthen your own story.

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Kafo said...

first yes it has been a while

Kafo said...

i have been delinquent when it comes to reading because school is driving mii insane

i have been delinquent when it comes to writing because i have placed a moratorium on words.

i want to speak words of life
and words that encourage

what you say is beyond truth
it is our responsibility nay it should be a privilege to proclaim peace and truth and see past the present despair to a glorious future of hope.

but this is hard
and so yeah i listen more
and speak less
becuz my words are powerful and there is danger in a single story

DayDreamer said...

I have to say that Chimamanda has inspired to be willing to listen to others' stories and also to tell my story. There is power in words, whether oral or written.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Whether we like it or not, our lives are stories in motion..until the end. The question is - what is the nature, shape form and the lessons to be learnt from our stories. What part, if any at all, or all of it, will be useful and empowering to the next person and future generations to come?

I agree with Homie GFunk, "words are powerful". They are powerful in whatever shape or form they are delivered. Words create worlds. How are we shaping our current and future world with the words that represents our stories? Father Lord, please empower us.

Well done girl.. hope u good. have an awesome weekend :-) x

The poets voice ~~~ said...

I remember watching 'tales by moonlight' when growing up. The aim was always to get a lesson out of every story.

In life, we are ambassadors of Christ. Our lives- a living book telling stories to the people we come across...what lesson will others learn from your story? this is a question we need to ask ourselves daily...

Another thing is the words we speak.
I had a lecture recently on the placbo effect and It made me understand that what the Doctor says and how he says it has a psychological impact on the patient.

this change in the mental status alters something physiologically that cuases them to either get better or deteriorate.

The same applies Biblically, the power of life and death is in the tongue. May God strengthen us and give us wisdom to say the right words to give hope,peace and encouragement to others!

Have a fantastic weekend!
lots of

Admin said...

hey thank you for stopping by my blog,your words here inspire me,cheers

Perfectly Human said...

Hey Jaycee..i just realized you go to TOP. Apostle Nike is ministering @ my church this weekend! I was blessed by her message today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's.
I liked what Chimamanda said about the dangers of a single story, and i like what you said here especially this part "What stories are we telling? What stories do we use to speak to our own destinies, or even the destinies of those around us?"

As always, your words speak to me on a different level. Stay blessed!

Jennifer A. said...

Perfectly Human...I can assure you that you'll be blessed beyond measure...infact I'm excited for

Kafo...there's something called a "hiatus" (I myself am partially on a writing hiatus right now because I am engaged in multiple tasks), but its only for a while...your voice will be heard because you've been anointed for this purpose (as can be seen from ur writings). :)

@ Everyone...thanks peeps...will be replying in a better format soon...:)

Myne said...

You're an inspiration always. May God continue to strengthen and bless you. I love the music on your playlist. He's such an Awesome God. Bless His name.

Rita said...

Very well expressed, Jaycee.

Cherylg said...

Hi Wow. This again was very nourishing along with the responses to your post and what Chimanda had to say. If we are silent how will other learn these other stories. We need to bare witness to the earth. Does not 2 Corinthians 3: 2 & 3 say in so many words that we are walking apistles read of all men. [(2) You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men; (3) clearly you are an epistle of Christ, ministered by us, written not with ink but by the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of flesh, that is, of the heart.]

Thank you again.

God Bless! cg

Writefreak said...

Great piece!
I like the story you have chosen to tell, i'm trying to tell mine in as many ways as i can too..

Thirty + said...

Thanks for sharing.

And keep telling your stories, different stories with a central theme that God is real and he made us for his pleasure.

Thirty + said...

How's Jaycee, hope you are good and the prep is going well.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I'd love to reprint this on my generation x blog. Would you be willing? I will provide a link back to your blog.

Jennifer A. said...

JenX...of course, please feel free...:)