The Weirdo in Summary:

He was such a weirdo. A rich man who took over his father's property...but see the things he did. He ruled in a different way from kings that had gone before him. I may not be able to portray the full details of his life the way I really want to, but I can give you a few notable things about him.

Any time his mother would come into the room, he would get up quickly and bow down to her, and then he also set up another throne for his mother to sit (kind of like his own), so that he wouldn't be the only one sitting on a throne when the mother who bore him for nine months was around. Pretty deep man!

He gave some ridiculous offerings to God. Imagine in a time when people counted sheep for the slaughter, he came with a thousand of be served up as burnt offerings. In hind-sight, I would not have understood his offerings...I may have thought he was crazy at the time. But now I know better. His reasoning was that even a thousand burnt offerings was not adequate for a God who created the Universe, so why come to the altar with less when he had more back at home? Such a weirdo!

He's the only king recorded to have given a huge feast specifically for his servants. Yes, for the members of his palace who toiled day and night to keep the place clean, to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner...and generally to take care of the royal courtyard. He made a feast for all of them. I don't know...he was pretty weird.

I want this kind of weirdness...the ability to do extraordinary things that the eyes cannot fathom in a natural state. The power to be non-traditional because I won't always think with the mind-set of a mere human. The capability to operate exactly as the Spirit of God wants me to operate, even if it doesn't make sense to onlookers. Wow, I like Solomon. Such a weirdo!

Inspired by 1 Kings 2 & 3
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Kafo said...

first oooooooooooooo

Kafo said...

the power to be non-traditional

wow we are soo stuck in the cookie cutter christianity but this is true
this is soo true

have a blessed weekend

Giagerry said...

i pray for this kind of wierdness too.
lovely jaycee..!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! I want this kind of wierdness with every fibre of my being to oh..

Tradition is sometimes the very thing that hinders or leads us far away from the King! I love this, i need to read it again.

How are you doing girl? Hope work / study / home is not too tedious.. remember you are an overcomer already...

Have a favour fille weekend. x

Femme Lounge said...

insightful,and food for thought for today's selfish world.

Writefreak said...

Oh to be weird and pleasing God...

The natural mind cannot conceive the things of the spirit..!

The poets voice ~~~ said... break free from the confines of tradition or the 'usual way' of doing things and serve God with all your heart, even if considered weird to is pleasing to God and therefore I don't mind being weird in serving my God!

Bless you sistah! x

Harry said...

That is my prayer too... to be unconventional in my service to God

Ayomipo Matthew Edinger said...

i am almost forgetting the beauty of blogging.

i was here.

Enkay said...


It's not all 'weirdness' that is 'weird' lol! I know it sounds contradictory.

Solomon was one really different man! Oh! That we may have a heart like his!