In rather pitiful haste, I held the bottom of my blue & gold evening garment, pushed my hair backwards and held it in a firmer hold with the black pin, and then I proceeded to climb the spiral flight of stairs which would lead me to the second-best vantage point in the theatre- the Mezzanine seats which were directly overhanging the symphony orchestra. I had been waiting for this moment for the longest time now...I had seen lesser orchestras, but nothing like this one. I've been told times without number that here in Chicago, my eyes will see and my ears will hear greatness, such that I have never heard before. As I sat down in my seat, I stuck my head out in a plight to identify the persons in this 100-membered orchestra.

This was the more modern form of a classical orchestra, in addition to earlier instruments such as flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons, the woodwinds section had the piccolo, English horn, contrabassoon, and the famous soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Instead of just horns and trumpets, they had 3 trombones and a tuba. Oh, my...in my entire musical life, I had never seen any harp as big or as beautiful as this one, it lay there in the shadows, a late addition to the stringed violins and violoncellos. I felt like rising up to stare, but I was aware I was not the only one seated here, albeit excited. My heart skipped a bit when a tall gentleman walked to the center of the stage with his head held high, the conductor...adorned in a beautiful black tailed tuxedo. I was flustered because I knew the experience would begin any seconds from now. I shifted in my seat because I could not remain.

As I lifted up my eyes again, his hands began to move. I closed my eyes and listened...this was "symphony." Every tune aligned exactly the way the notes were written. There was no shift or error...just perfect harmony.

* * * * *

Last night, I came across, errr stumbled upon (I really stumbled upon it by mistake) the scripture where Jesus said "I will not call you servants, but friends," (John 15:12-17). He explained that He said this because servants never know what their masters are doing (they are only given instructions and they have to just go and obey, kind of like systematic robots or clones). Rather, God chose to call us "friends" because He wants us to understand His movements and His heart, and then when we understand Him we'll automatically obey His commands because we'll know the ultimate purpose. Perfect symphony. Unbreakable harmony.

It suddenly hit me that the way I understand some of my friends is ridiculous. Sometimes I say things like, "I knew you would do that," or "I know what you're thinking right now," or "wow, I know what you're about to do." I know these things because of the nature of our "friendship." Most times, the friends you roll with are like-minded...they think like you, act like you, and do the things you do.

I'm certain you're getting the point by now...we were created in the "image and likeness" of God, so if we truly understand our nature and where we've come from...we would automatically be like God. In perfect symphony...no shifts or errors. That's why you're not merely a "servant" (robot), but you're more of God's friend.

But there's always the propensity that you didn't know or understand this up till now, so you have to come to that realization right now and start working in a new dimension...as His friend. God does not intend for you to be His robot, moving without any emotion or inclination. Rather, He wants you to see through His heart and understand the reasons why He does the things He does, so that your obedience is not merely robotic or fake.

The bible says that Abraham was a "friend of God," and also that Enoch walked with God and was no more. Who were these people? Seems like they were in complete symphony with God such that it would have been hard to tell the difference.

Today, my charge is that you become someone who is in such perfect symphony with God, like the musical instruments in a 100-membered orchestra, such that people will not be able to tell the difference between your mind and God's mind. A TRUE friend of God.

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Kafo said...

first ooooooooo

Kafo said...

okay so i just checked my email and i had about four comments by u in my inbox and it was like wow long time oooo

1. Yes oooo go and see the stage play if it is coming to town. I know for a fact that it won't be as good as reading the book because you won't have the opportunity to pause so you can digest it all but it will change your life.

2. The busyness you and mii both. I can't wait for Dec 1 for school to be over, so i can open my thoughts and not just shove them in the closest because they are to painful to deal with and require all that energy.

3. I miss TERC and hopefully will make an appearance before the year runs out.

4. I hope all is well with you

Kafo said...

oh i forgot to post about the post

i feel bad and horrible that i haven't shared that verse with you. I fell in love with it becuz it is 15:15 and then i love Isreal song and this just drives the point home

I really think i need to own a hillsong CD becuz ur playlist right now is just beyond beautiful

okay now i really need to get out of bed and start this day

stay blessed and beautiful

Jennifer A. said...

LOL Kafo...I love that song by Israel too...

I've read that scripture before, but it wasn't until I analyzed it "this" way that it made more sense. You know how you read something again and again and again, but it still doesn't enter, and then all of a sudden one day it begins to make more sense.

LOL...miss u on terc...

Kafo said...

okay i am leaving now
i have been listening to these two songs non stop ever since i got up


@ 15:15 so true it does happen and then it clicks in a way it never did

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

You write it so well.
Lord, as we run the christian race, may we be in constant reminder that I am created in your image and likeness. May we walk in perfect symphony tuned to your heart's desires.

Patrinas Pencil said...

I love the Harp! I can understand how David chased away Saul's depression with the harp! I use harp music for the same reason - to chase away the blues.

Oh to be loved by God! You got it. We are His friends. God bless Jaycee, love you page, your music, your heart and your gift of word pictures. God bless,


Is it possible to ever be in "complete harmony with God"? I understand that it is possible to try, after all that's what many of us try to do, but sometimes, it seems that trying to be in "complete harmony with God" is a trick test that sets you up to fail.

Anyway, I will simply not strive for perfection and continue to accept my shortcomings as they come.

Nice post, though. Gave me a bit to think about.

Hope all is well.

Jennifer A. said...

Solomonsydelle...let me quickly touch on something...being in complete harmony with God does not mean that we'll be perfect. It means that when you do somn that's not right, immediately your spirit tells you and, just like that scripture says, even when you fall "seven times" you will get back up again seven times.

Paul said that we shd strive for "perfection" (for the crown), and then I (not coincidentally) read Matthew 5:48 that says, "Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect," and also I read a commentary that talked about the Greek word that refers to "perfection or completeness" as Paul originally meant whenever he told us to be "perfect"...the word is "teleos," Teleos is derived from a complex Greek word with a number of different shades of meaning.

At its most simple, it means arriving at a goal, but it hints at maturity, completeness, even perfection. It encompasses a sense of arriving at an inescapable conclusion, an uttermost limit.

When the bible says "be perfect," I believe it is referring to a "sense of completeness," not necessarily not making any more mistakes/short-comings in life. All this I got from reading some commentary in my bible today, definitely not a coindidence...lol.

I'm doing well o, pretty busy in these last two months of the yr...

Reverence said...

i have not been here in a while.

great post.. i looooove that song.

Rainyjoy said...

Hi Jaycee,
i thik you said it all....
beautifully written
once again, am glad He led me to your blog. You are an inspiration, always
lots of love