Chunks of Bread are not it!

Its 2010 now!!!

Nothing happened to end the world in 2009. Yes, we're still here, here on planet earth, here with our nostrils stretched upwards to receive the oxygen that comes with each day. December came by and with it came the heavy snows engulfing the midwest, the wet winds that blew from places we don't even know, and the dreadful Harmattan dry winds blowing south from the Sahara and into the Gulf of Guinea. In December we also had Christmas trees, and maybe a few gifts from family. It was a beautiful season to celebrate, to dine, to laugh, and to treasure those close to our hearts.

January also came by and many took their New Year vacations-- some stormed to New York City and specifically to the Time Square to watch the ancient tradition of the new year's eve ball drop, and maybe to kiss under some hand-held mistletoes. Others like myself and the significant other flocked the doors of Disney and Seaworld to celebrate the beginning of life and love. Still others stayed in-doors watching China and other Countries on CNN counting down to the New Year. The hearts of many human beings were set on fire, beating as hard as the loudest talking drums...just waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Waiting for something good to happen.

A few days have passed since the new year began, and for many of us...well, our hearts are still beating. The expectations for this year are enormous and sincere. Today, I opened my Bible and read the book of Luke where Jesus was led into the wilderness. In hind-sight, I know that His heart was also beating loudly, because He also had great expectations. He knew He had a calling on this earth, to do grand things that had never been seen before. So yes, His own heart must have been beating too. That was when Satan came and asked Him to turn the stones into bread, seeing that He had not eaten for many days and was very hungry.

Now the next statement made by Jesus would be something that would remain in our hearts for many centuries after. He answered the devil and said, "It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.'"
This statement means that our human bodies will always want to be satisfied by carnal and physical things. This applies to food, but in thinking about this scripture I went past food itself. There are other things the human body desperately wants, such as the desire for romance, the pleasures of wealth, the competitive spirit to be above others, the ability to be able to buy or do anything one pleases, and even more. The physical pleasures of life...the whole nine yards.

But when I read Luke today, I realized that in this year if anyone of us is focused on all these things as a first choice, then we would miss the mark. The word of God is the first choice. "Not by bread alone"-- this means that YES we would need bread because we are human...but there's something way more important than bread-- we need the word of God to lead us in the right direction to find the right bread. Don't know if I'm making sense but I will try to explain again. God must come first in your life this year. If you don't know who He is, ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Then when He does, He will show you the bread of life that can make you satisfied. And when He does, you will have accomplished the search for the kingdom, and all other pleasures of life will automatically run after you. You shouldn't run after pleasures this year, run after God first and the pleasures will follow you. Trust me, that's the best way to get satisfied. Chasing after physical pleasures rather than God first will get you no-where. Many have tried, and they ended up in places you don't wanna be. If you're reading this, I really pray that you'll make up your mind not to chase after chunks of bread. But to chase hard after God!

Happy new year blogsville...may you have the heart to chase God this year and even forever...Cheers...:)

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Tolulope Popoola said...

Welcome back Jaycee! And a very happy new year to you. I'm so happy that you are starting this year with so much joy, hope and a whole new adventure :)

Thanks for the timely reminder. God's word should be our daily sustenance above physical pleasures. By God's grace, we would have the strength to seek Him first everyday.

We are looking forward to many exciting things this year! xxx

Kafo said...

Yes, this is true
may the Holy Spirit help us this year and remove the smoke screens so we can thirst first for Christ above all else

happy new year

Jennifer A. said...

@ FG...thank you so much...yes, we are looking forward to exciting things this year definitely.

@ Kafo...yup, no smoke screens this year. How are you doing? Hope your Christmas and New year celebrations were fabulous? Missed reading you...

Myne said...

Hi dear it was a joy to meet you on FB and share in your good news, congrats again and may the new year bless us all abundantly.

Thanks for another message. Sometimes it is a struggle but one realization stands sure, the spiritual will always satisfy more than the physical.

Patrinas Pencil said...

I hear you! welcome back. Happy New year.

I like how The Message puts it in Psalm 2 - towards the very end:

"Worship God in adoring embrace, celebrate in trembling awe. Kiss Messiah!...make a run for God - you won't forget it!"

He is the King of all KINGS.

Great post, thanks for always sharing your heart message.


Zayzee said...

happy new year jaycee

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Welcome back... with a bang too..

Yes, God has to be first. There is NO OTHER WAY to live this life! ...and for all that we hope and have faith for Him to do, the key lies within the realms, walls, pregnancy, embedding, meaning and all the quantifiable and unquantifiable intricacies of OBEDIENCE... when WE ARE WILLING & OBEDIENT.. we WILL EAT THE GOOD OF THE LAND... To put Him first means to be obedient to His very word... daily, continously.

Lord Help us to consciouly remember to put you first, in all that we do.

Thanks luv.. and welcome back... and congratulations again :-))) xx

Straight from the heart said...

Welcome back Jaycee!

And thanks for this timely reminder!
Indeed our bread for 2010 should be God's unfailing word.


olusimeon said...

yeah,,true words ! we should remind ourselves of this regularly..

happy new year...

Blessing said...

Thanks for always keeping it "real"...I pray that as you've been a blessing to others, that the good Lord will bless you beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Seeking God first is def the way to go! A great word in due season!!!

Happy New Yr dear!

Giagerry said...

happy happy happy new year!!!!

Enkay said...

Happy New Year!!

truly, we would need more than mere bread to make it through 2010 successfully.

Rita said...

Real "Selah"

I say amen to your prayers.

Thank God for the new levels HE is taking you to.

Anonymous said...

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Reverence said...

i really love how you take popular bible passages and bring out something different. awesomeness! ( i can just imagine you right now laughing at my "white girl* word) free me abeg!!

jhazmyn said...

This book reminds me of the book God chasers and its sequel God catchers....we would pursue and we would catch in this year

Anonymous said...

I inclination not approve on it. I assume nice post. Specially the title attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.

Mak said...

Ah-- jC dear. I just felt like stopping in, and saying happy new year. Am glad to see you're doing just well. My name is Mak Azubike, you can find me on facebook.

Take care, I'll stop by more often