Only a Keeper! (Chasing Frivolity 3):


It is as a result of my dreams that I have come to be where I am. Here, in this place. A place where I can just close my eyes, and when I open them again I can't help but smile. It is here that I meet so many people who have dreams like I used to. They come in, and they go out again. Some come in happy and leave happy, but for others it is a different tale altogether. One time, I had a man come in, and he walked right to the dreaded region...the place where the most expensive diamonds were situated. My heart almost skipped a bit, and I actually opened my mouth a little bit too widely. I had to close them again and smile because he started walking towards me to ask for something. I thought he was out of his mind since he did not look like he could afford anything in that section.

You see, I work in the most expensive part of town, in this jewelry store called Cui-Fen, a word of Chinese origin that means "emerald fragrance." It is not a store for fragrances, but rather for all types of pearls, diamonds, and other expensive stones. Just like regular young people these days, after classes are over I usually find myself at this shopping district. Yet, since I started shopping here, I have not been intoxicated by just any random store; I fell in love with Cui-Fen the first time I set my eyes on it. To the extent that I went to see the manager one day and literally pleaded to work as an attendant here. To my surprise I got the job and was ecstatic. Now, I don't have to dream about diamonds anymore, because I see and touch them every day.

Yet, I have no rightful ownership to these precious stones...I am only a Keeper!!!

* * *

"Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and KEEP it"
(Genesis 2:15)

I understand the reasons why we are so dissatisfied sometimes. I can comprehend now why many times we chase hard but only grasp the wind. I have figured out the reason why chasing the frivolities of life, rather than God, never ever turns out right.

We were placed here to tend and keep the earth. The original intention was for us to maintain the garden (or in modern day terminology: the world) in its most beautiful state. Not to be selfishly so into ourselves that we start to chase after the things in the garden for our selfish wants. Whatever we have today is a GIFT, and not a right. Whatever we have today is not just for our benefits, but for someone else who has a need. It is only by grace that we are who we are today.

If God placed Adam in the world to look after the world, then it would make sense that God would walk with him at the cool of the day to discuss the plans He has for the garden. The plans God has for the world, not Adam's plans for the world. That's why we get so dissatisfied in today's society. We no longer know and/or seek the One who owns the world, and whose plans and goals we have to fulfill. Instead, we choose to chase the wind and grasp for air, yet the real deal is behind the wind. We chase material things and forget the ultimate plan. We forget that we are only the Keepers, and He is the Owner. Frivolous!!!

Father, please teach me how to be a better keeper. Walk with me in the cool of the day and train my feet not to chase frivolities, but to chase You.


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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

All of which were all too grevious to me, a chasing after the wind.

One the most important lessons I have learned so early in life is to hold whatever it I have lighlty, that way I never have to be tempted to sell my furture for something so worthless - worthless since I have no real ownership.

A man of God once reminded me that when I complain I am actually complicating my life, and so if I see everything as moments in transition.. temporary, I will learn to appreciate God. Therefore my prayer Lord, as I've been reminded in Psalm 119:175 - dear Lord, let me Live each day, just so i may praise You, and may your laws continue to sustain me.

Thanks for sharing hunny. Love this mini series of yours.

Mwajim Al said...

Glad you continued this series again, I never saw the whole tending to Eden n keeping the world safe as an analogy, you made a nice connnection to frivoluity. Deep n I enjoyed it!

DayDreamer said...

Getting the right priorities in our lives and stripping ourselves of selfishness. Food for thought. Really it's easier said than done. In our society, hardly can you find someone who is not chasing one degree or thing because of the monetary or material benefit for themselves. God help us!

Myne said...

I like how you're making this into a series teaching. I'll catch up with the last one after this. It's so interesting how we can draw lessons from the word of God. Thanks for sharing this.

NoLimit said...

Awesome post!!!...this brings it home...Not about me...but about you Lord...awesome!!!

James said...

Perpetually i forget.I really long for that walk in the cool of the evening.

Beautiful put together.
Thanks for sharing.

Kafo said...

how do you do this

today is a GIFT, and not a right

you are gifted ooo and thanks for sharing this gift with us

i have to read it again and again.
this is explosive

Blogoratti said...

Your posts are always ever so calming to the mind and uplifting as well-and i'm liking the whole 'better keeper' concept.