The Chicken Run!

5.35a.m. Two chickens wake up, their names are Albert and Muchacha.

Albert: "Come on Chacha, we've gotta keep moving before sunrise."

Muchacha: "Okay, okay, soldier! At least let me just do a little stretch with my wings first."

Albert: "Ha! Foolish chicken. Like that ever helped anybody! Cuckooooorooooo-kooorooo."

Muchacha: "Hey, hey, hey, shut up. It helps me. Don't know about you!" (then he starts to flap his wings, one after the other). The morning wind starts to blow softly.

Albert: "Come on, we've gotta keep moving. If these farmers wake up, they might think they own us."

Muchacha: "Alright Albert, I think I'm ready. So where are we going today?"

Albert: "I don't know. Wherever the wind carries us. And wherever there are grains."

Muchacha: "Okay."

They start to walk towards the east. They see a little rock, and decide to climb it to get to the other side. Then on the other side, a few kilometres away they spot a puddle, and beside the puddle lay a few grains which mistakenly fell out of torn sacks from last night's harvest. Albert begins to run to the puddle and gets there before Muchacha.

"Heyyyy, leave some grains for me Albert, you greedy chicken!!!"

They continue to walk aimlessly. A farmer's raggedy red truck in the distance speeds towards them and almost knocks off Muchacha's wings. Luckily he survived. A little boy in the distance shouts, "chicken, chicken, Mama come!!!" Albert and Muchacha begin to run away again. Fortunately they find an empty shed, somewhere between the boy and another farmer's house. The sun begins to set.

Albert: "Let's call it a night Chacha."

Muchacha: "Okay. I'm tired. My wings need to rest."

Then they call it a night. One day for the roosters.

* * *
"So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom," Psalm 90:12

Have you ever felt like your life is a "chicken run?" One day in and one day out? Well, two days ago, I remembered this Psalm...teach us to NUMBER our days. Wait a minute, are we supposed to know how many days we will live on this earth? Or how many years? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...oh Lord, how are we supposed to number our days?

And suddenly I caught the revelation. It's not necessarily about the "count," but about the purpose and importance of each of our days. Best believe that there's something genuinely purposeful about each of your days. No day is meant to be ordinary. Every day is a treasure and a nest of goodwill.

So yes, we all need to learn to number our days. We need to be able to ascertain each day and ask God what's so important about this day. What's so crazy about today? What's different from yesterday? What's new and what's happening? But most of all, "what exactly do I need to do today according to God's will?" Something has been written about today. And there must be a manual or blueprint that can tell us what indeed has been written.

I saw this excerpt in a book I just started reading called, "The Journey," (Billy Graham).

You can't change the past. But with God's help you can change the future. This doesn't just happen, however. An architect draws the plane for a new building-but it still has to be built. A composer writes a new piece of music-but it still has to be played. A chef devises a new recipe-but the ingredients still have to be cooked. In the same way, God has given us a blueprint for living-but we must know what it is and then put it into action.

So what's your blueprint? Are you tired of the chicken run? Aimlessly waking up in the morning and sleeping at night? For me, my blueprint is God's word...the place where I can get wisdom and start the day right. Enough of the chicken run, I don't want it anymore.

What's your own blueprint? Have you figured out how to number your days? Tell me.

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Remi, United Kingdom said...

Firsssssssssssst :-) I will be back.

Jennifer A. said...

LOL Remi. You deserve a medal or somn! Mwah!

Blogoratti said...

Albert and Muchacha...nice!

Everything is on point and i'm liking this post. It's sincere and really is food for thought.
And yea..enough of the chicken run!

Blessing said...

wow...I never looked at that verse like that! Thanks Jaycee...

For me, interestly enuff I've been doing the church run lately...I've been very bored and growing impatient...but like u said, everyday has a purpose...

I def need to key in and find my blue print! Thanks for the daily does of stimulating my mind! You're the best!

Blessing said...

I meant *

Myne said...

As usual I really enjoyed the preamble. Set the stage for the message. Thanks for sharing.

Femme Lounge said...

powerful story, it drives home the message in an unforgettable way. story of our lives! i am surely tired of the purposeless chicken run.

Adeoluwa - NBB said...

Funnily I had a post on this verse of Psalms a few days back also along the same line of thought,Living life base on purpose, influence, adding value, etc, Thats my blueprint!

Jennifer A. said...

@ Blogoratti...yeah, enough of the chicken run. It's time for us to run with purpose, and every single day too.

@ BlowingBlessings...awww, the church run...the first step is even realizing that you've been running...and you've passed that test. My prayer is that you will be settled in that perfect place where you can grow into the actual person God wants you to be. You'll be doing great in no time...:)

@ Myne...glad you loved the preamble :)

@ Femme Lounge...being tired of something can actually propel us in the right direction, so I know this is a good thing. Thankssssss...*smiles*

@ NBB...are you serious? I'm going to check out your blog now for that post. That's great to know...

James said...

Wow. Been thinking along these lines as well.A blueprint for each day of our lives.Each day sums up to purpose in life.

Jinta said...

i like the theme that life must have a purpose.

i like it better that albert seems to be the leader so i'll eat him first.

jhazmyn said...

"Every day is a treasure and a nest of goodwill"...........this kindda matches my facebook status...and i started this week with that thought in mind...really refreshing reading this post, feels like a gentle reminderkn

Jennifer A. said...

@ Telekinesys...yes, each day comes with it's own purpose. It's no wonder why I feel dissatisfied when I don't achieve an important task in a day.

@ Yes o, Albert is the leader. But it seems like you're more likely to eat Muchacha first, since he's the dumb one.

@ Jhazmyn...glad you started your week with a good thought. There's nothing better than "starting right." Thanks for sharing...:) *Hugs*

Kafo said...

numbering my days

for mii it is living in the present and not in future dreams. this is easier said than done becuz i have the habit of putting things off and saving and scrimping just so that in the future i can live well.

i sit in my car sometimes and talk to myself and just imagine a future, and it differs from time to time but it isn't what i have control over

so yeah
i'm learning to live now and dream less

Jennifer A. said...

@ Kafo..."live now and dream less." Hmmm. I understand the policy to live each of your days to the fullest. Your thoughts can be aligned with exactly what this posts talks about, each day comes with its own purpose...and we have to go ALL OUT to accomplish that's not supposed to be a futuristic task.

Regardless, I feel that we still need to balance our dreams about the future though...:)