"I See Myself As a Storyteller Above All": Between Two Kingdoms (Guest Blogger Friday)

He is a husband, father, storyteller, teacher, filmmaker, improvisor, pastor, actor, author, and a post-religious rebel pilgrim. His name is Joe Boyd, and his blog can be found HERE. The official site for the book is http://www.betweentwokingdoms.com/

I was given the opportunity to write a book review for His book, "Between Two Kingdoms," before March 1st, when the book is scheduled to be released to the public (you should read it). Below is the book review I wrote, and after that he answers some wonderful questions I made up for him:

BOOK REVIEW (shortened version): "Between Two Kingdoms"

In his book, Joe Boyd aims to capture two different worlds in his work of “allegorical fantasy”- one world with the qualities of lively hope and beauty, and the other with everything good turned upside down: dashed dreams, clouded visions, and ugliness. In comparing both worlds he shows that no matter how torn apart or destroyed everything seems to be in the latter world, there is a path that leads to making things right again. And this path leads to life, eternal life. The author raises issues such as whether the crazy things happening in the world today have any feasible resolutions.

In the beginning pages of the book the reader is joyfully enthralled and in awe while reading the descriptions of this beautiful luxuriant thriving never-ending “Upper” kingdom set in the middle of an island, with a mighty king and his ever devoted prince, and with all the lavishly pampered children of the King. One gets enraptured in the first couple of pages by this magical kingdom of great solitude; at least until the fear of the “Lower” kingdom (and its evil prince) is slowly instilled in the mind of the reader.

The truth of the matter is that the story is not really just about two magical kingdoms. It is really about the possibility of being chosen for a great purpose, which is to take a distorted image and restore its beauty. It is about the fact that God did not intend for the world to be the way it is today, but that the change will eventually come through His children…those who identify with His Word and know the power of His manifestation. This book is about boldness, bravery, uniqueness, choice, achievement, battles, and making things right again even after using wrong means.

Yes, this book is for everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike, to understand that these two kingdoms are not as different as we may think. But that there is indeed a very significant bridge that can connect one kingdom to the other, and that bridge is through God and His son, Jesus. The truth is that when presented with an invitation to dinner, not everyone grasps the opportunity to be filled. This is an excellent read, one that will provoke the thoughts of the reader even as they read the exciting and rough battles between the princes of the Upper and lower kingdoms.


What do you think is your calling/purpose in life? Why? When did you first catch a glimpse of what you were called to be, and how did you react?

I think I see myself as a storyteller above all. Many people look at my life and say it is all over the place – I’m a pastor, author, actor and film producer. But to me all these vocations are variations of storytelling.

I was an only child with a vivid imagination. All I’ve ever really known is that. The stories are always swimming in my head.

Why did you decide to write the book, “Between Two Kingdoms”? In one sentence, what is the book about?

I wrote this book almost as a form of personal therapy to deconstruct some very weighty and academic theological learnings. BTK is fundamentally about the particularly Christian idea that the Kingdoms of Heaven and Hell (anti-heaven) currently co-exist on earth. (This is clear in Jesus’ teachings, but many Christians seem to miss it – relegating Heaven and Hell only to the afterlife.)

What kinds of people or age-groups should read your book?

We have always said that BTK is a “Fairy Tale for Adults.” It is written for adults and teens to read through the eyes of a child.

Is there a difference between having a Religion and having a Relationship with God?

I think there is a difference. But a person can still be religious and have a relationship with God. James in the Bible strikes me as someone rather religious. I sometimes also grow as tired of the “relationship” word as I do with religion. It isn’t ALL about an individual having a relationship with God. It is all about God’s Kingdom – his full reign on earth. It’s about God having a Ruler-Subject relationship with his nation of servants…and simultaneously having a Father – Children relationship with them as well.

What will people gain by reading “Between Two Kingdoms?”

My hope is that people will have meaningful discussions with their friends as they read the book. I think BTK gives people a new language – a new canvas – to create conversations about God.

Between Two Kingdoms Interview with Author Joe Boyd from Still Rendering on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Joe Boyd, you should get his book on March 1st. Look out for more Guest Blogger Friday posts in the future.



Myne said...

He is so motivating, an inspiration to someone like me. I like what he said about providing a new canvas for conversations between people.

I'll put the title in my wishlist.

Jennifer A. said...

Hi Myne Whitman,

I guess since you're an author yourself you can apply the provision of a new canvas for conversations between people. It's the same with blogging, I'm learning to start conversations, rather than end them.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great book to be on the look out for...

DayDreamer said...

First of all, thats a great review.
Now, I have to go get the book. :)

Kafo said...

my interest has been piqued.
it sounds uniquelly thought provoking if that is possible.

two worlds one derailed and one blue sky happy.

yeah hopefully it is at BN next weekend

Jennifer A. said...

@akaBagucci...I think it is...the concept behind the book is deep.

@HomieGFunk...thanks. I hope you'll like it when u do get it.

@Kafo...exactly! One derailed and one blue-sky happy. You got it!!! :)

Unknown said...

Interesting concept about a new canvas for conversations.

seye said...

I usually read from my google reader so i didnt notice the website url change and blog design change. only its blogger not wordpress.lol

thought to comment on this one.
I cant wait to get a copy.gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer A. said...

LOL Seye...yeah, I would say get the book!!!!

Yes o, it's blogger. Guess I'm not ready for any Wordpress move. On the url change, I lost all my comments on the most recent (50) posts on my blog. Google says it's maintenance and the comments should return :(

chacha said...

This is a great review! You did some good work..
I really had fun reading..
It feels so good to be back here..