The Power of Choice & Beyond, by Bona: Guest Blogger Friday (You need to read this)

In my last post, I asked a very pertinent question, "Do you say you're one of us?" Well, guess what? Today I have the pleasure of introducing someone to the blogosphere, Ms. Bona Ekundayo; someone who does not just say she is one of us, but goes beyond the limitations of tall walls to show that she has the I.D. She's simply an amazing person who has a great heart. Let her tell you her story of how she had to make a choice to be different (watch the video and then read the story below it):

"With Each Person I helped, It Seemed Like There Were 20 More I Couldn't Help" : written by Bona

I believe strongly in the power of choice and of free will. I also believe that in life, every person is given the opportunity to choose to see beyond their own needs and their own prayers and to look toward being an answered prayer for someone else...

My choice came months ago. Working in the heart of Washington DC is a huge blessing for a city girl like me. During the spring time, I would use my lunch breaks to take walks and to think and write. As I continued to enjoy life in the big city, I realized that with all of its glamour also came a measure of depravity. There were so many people living on these streets. They were hungry, lonely, and pretty much forgotten.

During my walks through the city I would stop to give food, to give money, but with each person I helped it seemed like there were 20 more people that I couldn't help. I longed for the opportunity to do more. Now, I'm not independently wealthy and I don't have the means to do all that I wished I could do, but I knew that I had to start somewhere. I had to use the little that I had and hope that it'd turn into something bigger than me. So I sent a text message to a few friends. I asked them if they'd like to join me in taking lunches to people living on the streets of DC.

From those small beginnings, what is now known as More Than A Melody Ministries has grown into an organization that takes volunteers to the streets of DC to hand out food and clothing and shoes and socks and Christ's love to people who have very well been forgotten. I think that everyone that donates and everyone that volunteers makes a choice.

They choose to look beyond themselves and to make a difference
in the lives of other people. We aren't pastors or evangelists or nuns.
We're regular people who love Jesus, and in turn, have a heart for people.

One story that really stands out to me was an incident that happened at the January ouitreach event. A gentleman came over to us looking for shoes in a size 10.5. He looked through all of the gently used clothes that had been donated and found a perfect pair of shoes with wonderfully thick soles. He took the shoes, quietly said "thank you," and went on his way. About a half an hour later, the gentleman came back, wearing the new shoes. He held out his old shoes up toward us, looked at us and said, "I just wanted to show you guys how much I really needed these." The old shoes were worn past the soles and would have offered no protection for his feet.

I'm grateful that when my choice came, I had the grace to brave the obstacles and make a difference with a ragamuffin band of yielded people. I believe that God is simply looking for willing and obedient people. You don't have to be rich, you don't have to be ordained, and you don't have to be perfect; but you do have to CHOOSE.

Bona Ekundayo
More Than A Melody Ministries

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And VISIT BONA'S BLOG: "With All my Heart" (add to your blogroll)
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So what do you think? I'm very inspired right now. How about you? What can you do in your own community? How can you grasp the power of choice and do those things tugging at your heart? How can you break through the pile of rubble, past all the layers of fake Christianity, and thus become a rare gem, true to God's heart? Please post your thoughts below...I'd love to hear from you :)


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Wow..the little things have become the weapon of hope to those who had given up. May God continue to increase Your ministry Bona, and continue to bless the work of your hands. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Jennifer A. said...

@ The Life...I was also "wowed," at such little things...such as a size 10.5 pair of shoes.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Wow.. no matter how small it is... we all have something to give... I ask myself like God asked moses "Remi, what is that in your hand" ... hmmmm

I can and should do more... hmmmmm
Much Love, x

Kafo said...

i saw this man this morning on my way to work and he was shaking, seriously shaking i guess he had like parkinsons or something

and i rolled down the window and offered him a dollar and said God bless you and it seems like before i finished giving it to him, he struggled to say God and because of the tremors he couldn't say more and it's imprinted in my mind

we can and should do more
tears roll down my cheeks now as i type on my break becuz his need and suffering was real and being in that much pain he still tried to say a blessing on mii,
mii in my car who only gave him a dollar when i had a 10 dollar bill in my purse,
mii who is warm
mii who has a home

Bona may God continue to bless you and expand your ministry

Mwajim Al said...

This is very piercing to my heart because for the past week I have been thinking about how I am not doing anything to advance God's kingdom with regards to servitude. This is like another splash of water on my impregnating thoughts...

Myne said...

Aren't the little things the greatest? Big Oaks grow from little acorns. May God continue to bless Bona and enlarge her coasts.

Jennifer A. said...

@ true. "What is that in your hand?" I wonder how the world would be if each of us thought about that question every single day...

@ Kafo...I want to say I know how you felt, but it is impossible to know. Because each experience is different. I've been in situations where I see sorrow and poverty, but can't do anything (because of my pocket). But every experience is different, every human being in need is different, and even a little can go a long way. You're making me almost shed tears :)

@ Mwajim...God speaks to us in mysterious ways, I suspect He's placed something on your heart as well.

@ Myne Whitman..."the pipe that carries water must also be watered." Thanks for your prayer for Bona :)

Blessing said...

Wow..wat a wonderful story! This is truly an inspiration...May God continue to bless her and grant her the grace to do this work! Love it!!!

Jennifer A. said...

@ BBYW...Amen. Glad you're inspired.

Patrinas Pencil said...

Awesome! I know how she feels. I worked in a homeless shelter for a year. It was a painfully stretched heart string - every evening that I went to work - and then to make them go back into the cold and wet at mornings light - was more than I could bare. A pair of socks!! A change of underwear! A cot; a hat; a suitcase...a SMILE!! I learned a lot from them! More then I could ever learn on my own - in my own safe surroundings. They became my friends.

Blessings for this enlarged territory! You, Bona will never be the same! You will be changed forever! God bless

Patrina <")>><

Zoe Believer said...

Wow, thank you Father for your children who have chosen to be the salt and the light literally. Thanks Jaycee for this showcase. Lord, I ask for you blessing and continue to show us ways we can be relevant in the kingdom.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Patrina....GREAT JOB for working at the shelter. For bringing joy into the lives of people who others seemingly do not care about. wow. :)

@ Believer...RELEVANCE...that's the key word.

olusimeon said...

God bless you for this..
cant find my words right now..
just keep doing what you do..the Lord is your strength..

~Sirius~ said...


I'm so touched.

The little things that matter.

It's so sad that back home; sometimes these acts of goodness backfire......I'd really want to help the homeless/beggers, but you never know what acts of wickedness they are up i tend to stick to the people around me who don't have so much.......I hope I can do much more.

Jennifer A. said...

@Sirius...I totally feel you. I've heard of how so many people on the streets of Lagos for instance will pretend to be blind, and then they'll go on a street corner to count their money, with eyes wide open.

Today I heard a message about the Holy Spirit; He's the one who can guide us by giving us the "spirit of discernment" know when to move and when not to move. If we're in tune, I'm sure He'll direct us to see which acts are "faux pas" and which ones are HONEST needs.

Patrinas Pencil said...

I came from Denver CO and that's where I worked in the shelter. None were blind - physicaly - but some probably pretended to be when they stood with their signs on the corner. I heard their stories. I watched them make their signs.

My point is that though they were not physically blind, they were ( for the most part - some were not -but those holding sign were) spiritually blind and still in need.

It is a very fine balance and very difficult to discern one need over another. But you are absolutely correct about the Holy Spirit! If we are in tune with the Holy Spirit, I think we can give with an open hand without judgement or concern with what they are going to do with the money. The Lord's Holy Spirit will free us from all of that.

Seriously, we aren't going to change them or harm them by giving what little we may feel prompted to give. They need so much more!! Even if they buy drugs or alcohol with whatever they get from standing and begging for 4-6 hours a day - it is what they need for the moment. I've said it before - the goverment programs keep them in bondage rather then help set them free. What they need is their basic needs met first and formost -then they need friendship of the spiritual kind that can build a trust with them and actually walk the talk with them. It is at this moment that we are called to give more than money but also our time and comittment to helping them SEE another way. This is what Bona is comitted to doing.

@ Sirius

I tend to do the same - give to those in need around me - that I know or know of ~ through other people! Because I feel they are in a better position to actually recieve help. It's HELP that I want to give - not just money!

But, again, if the Holy Spirit lays it upon my heart to give to one of these on the streets, then I want to be open to His lead. Only the Holy Spirit knows their next step and final journey.

Patrina <")>><

Jennifer A. said...

@ Patrina, what you've written is so profound and true. Summing it up in one sentence, "no matter who they claim to be, they need more than our money, they need GOD."

Thank you so much for your unwavering passion. My prayer is that God will continue to use you to touch lives in special ways. Thankssssss. Wow.

Patrinas Pencil said...

I am humbled by your kind words...and I recieve your prayerful blessing...Thank you and thankyou for letting me speak ..and for 'hearing' me. I am a passionate soul for the Glory of God!

This post stirred some great emotions! Terrific! Keep growing closer to Jesus.
Patrina <")>><

adebanji said...

This is Powerful! I have been inspired to do something along these lines (especially with the homeless and poor) but reading this even almost expands my thinking! The opportunities are endless.....

Thanks for sharing! I mean this!

jhazmyn said...

Bona, this sure is inspiring

Jennifer A. said...

@ Adebanji...thanks to Bona for enlarging our territories...

@ sure is :)

Femme Lounge said...

God bless mona, hmmm, we take so many things for granted everyday.

Ms. Ken said...

Wow...i am moved, literally. Bona may God continue to bless you and increase your ministry. It might seem little but like the widow in the Bible gave little but it meant a lot,to Heaven you've given them more than clothings.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Femme Lounge...yes, we DO take certain things for granted each day...we do.

@ Ms. Ken...I like how you said she's given them more than clothings. She's building up so much treasure, and she doesn't even know how much. It's really not just abt shoes and socks, is it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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