She's All Woman:

The helper. The nurturer. The sustainer.

The child-giver. The pain-bearer. The burden-lifter.

The hand holder.

The assistant. The mother. The sister.

The wife. The judge. The worker.

The Lover

The follower. The Leader. The armor-bearer.

The One who needs wisdom.

She's ALL woman. And she needs your prayers.

iPray 2010: Day 4- The Prayer for Women

Art by GittiArt, redbubble.


Rita said...

I love the way you put this....God bless you Jaycee...

Enkay said...

Isn't the woman an amazing species? God bless the woman! God bless you Jaycee and God bless me!

Myne said...

Jaycee, that was a powerful prayer! We need it and thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

i could do with all the prayers right now
but encouragement works just fine.

~Sirius~ said...

I think it's amazing that God trusts us so much to be all these things at once.

That was a very Powerful Prayer @ ZOE.

Vera Ezimora said...

Yes, she does. She needs a whole lot of prayers.

seye said...

The woman: The one that made the scriptures record,"the way of a man before a woman...things we can't understand".


Writefreak said... we pray!

Jennifer A. said...

@ Rita...God bless u too, for all the things you do. Thanks for your prayer for careers.

@ Enkay...yup, such an amazing species! Amen.

@ Myne is indeed powerful. And there's something about numbers of people praying. Thanks.

@ Tisha, I hope that those prayers transform into whatever encouragement you need right now.

@ just made me think of something: it's amazing to know that we were made in His image, and God is so many things all at is no wonder why we are the way we are, and why we have so much power within us. Lol.

@Vera...yes o.

@Seye...secret and mysterious things...

@Writefreak, yes, AMEN.

Kafo said...

i love the way you put this together

thanks for spreading the word

Jennifer A. said...

@ Kafo...glad I was able to do something :)