Soccer Brawl, Unfamiliar Players:

Team Players:
a) Frustration (Team F)
b) Depression (Team D)

At this point, team F is winning. A player from team F is running speedily towards the goal post. Oh no, team D players are losing their mind.


"Yes, Yes! A flash of pure inspiration, we've not seen this move since 1970's world cup when Pelé & Rivelino scored 3–1 in favor of Brazil. Look out, look out! Stealing like a thief in the night. Yes, a gift from the gods, he always has been. A magisterial hit! Like Deja Vu, it's happening all over again. Fifa World Cup player of the year? My goodness! This is incredible! He is running towards the gold. And there he goes again, as fast as a hyena. And...and...YES,'s a GOAL!!! Team Frustration has won, and Team Depression is defeated."

* * *

"It is better for one to have been frustrated than to have entered into the deadly grasp of depression"
#Personal Quote #Observation

You see, there's something I have to tell ya--->in life there's just no avoiding frustration. It will come and sit pretty on your doorstep like a lost child looking for a home. And then it will smile at you, until you give in to its smile. And when you finally decide to open your door, it will barge into your home and possibly take over. It will fall like heavy rain, and ruin the crops you've planted. Yes, it will visit you on those days when the sun refuses to rise. Bad-hair days and days when you feel like screaming. Shoe-kicking days and days when your efforts get mindlessly shoved under a pile of garbage. Days when a letter comes in the mail and you have to succumb to its treachery. Or other days when no one seems to agree with you, maybe except the oxygen in your lungs.

On such days, what should you do? You should vent all you want and even throw a tantrum in your room! But there's just one thing you must make sure you never do: never let your frustration give way to depression. Because you have a choice.

The Choice:
Yes, you have a choice. You will always come out of a frustrated moment. There's always a come-back. A return of the Jedi. There's always a light-bulb moment, an "AHA, I can do this again" moment. But I can't promise the same for depression. Depression is like a disease that slowly sucks the life out of you. Causes you to feel alone and useless to the world, when in reality you are the exact are a star the world is waiting to see.

Why choose frustration over depression?

There is nothing new under the sun:
"That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the has already been in ancient times before us," (Ecclesiastes 1:9-11) ~ someone has been through what you're experiencing, and they won. They won the battle, so you will win too.

We are not immune to the rain:
"...He makes His sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust..." (Matthew 5:45) ~ we aren't promised a life with no rain, but we have the power to stop the storm.

We won't always have it our way/the results may not show up on time:
"Though the fig tree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines; though the labor of the olives may fail, and the fields yield no fruit...yet, I will rejoice in the Lord," (Habakkuk 3:17) ~but you still can rejoice! As long as you have breath. And as long as there's still potential. To be depressed is to be lied to.

We are never alone:
"Where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there...If I say, "surely the darkness shall fall on me, even the night shall be a night about me," (Psalm 139)~ God is always there, no matter what you go through, no matter where you make your bed.

I've had my own share of frustrations, times when I've waited for answers and they never came. But I've learned that frustration must never lead to depression. Instead frustration can be a dream-builder, if you fail once you can think of better strategies. But depression on the other hand is a dream-destroyer, vision-killer, and image-eraser.

Do you have any lessons to share about your frustrated moments? Have you had any bad-hair days that turned good in the end? Let's hear it!

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Straight from the heart said...

Wow! first for the first time.

Timely post. As Children of God we should guide against depression, it is a killer as you said, drema destroyer. Everyone gets frustrated sometimes, this is born from impatience in waiting. I like all the scriptures quoted but my favorite is Habakkuk.
As Roms 12:12 puts is be Joyful in hope, patience in tribulation and faitful in prayer, with these three ingredient, depression cannot have a foothold.

Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer A. said...

Yayyy for being first Deb!

That Habakkuk quote gets me every time. The scripture from Romans you just quoted is just so fitting...if we meditate on those three things we'll be good for the road!

Mwajim Al said...

Ahhhh Jaycee... you just made my morning! Actually i had a physical chemistry exam this morning. By God's grace it went great! However when i woke up and even after my devotion i was just feeling sooooo down... i was thinking of how much work i need to do from now till the rest of my days just study study study and i started thinking of home and i wanted to cry. That was my moment of frustration (the latest at least). But the Holy Spirit is our comforter, He made me bounce back again, and i have been signing like a Bird! Have a great day ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'd never seen it from a frustration/depression perspective. I was actually talking to the missus about the point that Christ made about it raining not just on the poor but also the rich and such. thanks for the post. :-)

Jennifer A. said...

@, great to hear that you bounced right back!!! I can actually ASSURE you right now that you'll do fine at the end of the day. (yeah, bold confident statement, eh? That's the promise we have) :)

@ Aworan...are u kidding? So not a coincidence! Lol.

chayomao said...

i needed this!
Especially where i am right now in my life, plus the winter blues doesn't help matters.
This really came at the right time.
Sometimes u feel like u r heading nowhere, that dream that u once had is no more, u cant even see the road, talk more the end of the tunnel... u feel alone, like noone is around or cares.. the bills, school.. same routine each day... But after the rain (no matter how long) comes sunshine.
thank you for reminding moi!
Now following u on twitter

Jennifer A. said...

@ always excites me when messages such as this show us that "God has not forgotten."

Someone gave me a visual picture once: the way photographs were printed back in the day was by "washing" the film in a "dark room." It's amazing how many colorful vibrant photographs emerged from a dark room.

Can't wait for your testimony, and hey the times we wait are the most frustrating moments of our lives (#self-observation of my own life, lol).

Gonna follow you right back! :)

Kafo said...

i'm still thinking this one thru

Frustration is better than depression


Jennifer A. said...

@ know how I like to hear ur own theory, drop a line when u're done. *smiles*

Don said...

We are definitely not immune to the rain and having undergone depression at least once in my life...I do believe it is a choice.

I used to always ask when does depression ends. I was told, the minute I want it too. I have to admit, although depression is serious - there was some truth to that statement.

Good post.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Don...I like the fact that at the end of the day, you realized that, "there is always a choice."

Your experience with this topic, and statement here will help anyone going through this stage in their life to know that they can work towards getting out and making a great come-back. Thanksss...:)

Dinah said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's been a while I've been here but every visit is a breath of fresh air.

He didn't say I won't be tempted, neither did he say I won't fall but when I do, I'll rise again.I'm making a come back and I guess that's all that matters!

Thanks Jaycee.

Jennifer A. said...

"He didn't say I won't be tempted, neither did he say I won't fall but when I do, I'll rise again.I'm making a come back and I guess that's all that matters!"

You took the words right out of my mouth. Thanks Dammy.

Patrinas Pencil said...


I have a CHOICE indeed!! Your statement:

" are a star the world is waiting to see. "

You know, I've lived through 4 years of what they would call 'clinical' depression. But it was really a "spiritual deafness". The moment that life's circumstances became so overwhelmingly unbearable - that I loss sight of CHOICE - my CHOICE position in CHRIST!

I am right behind you with your observation here! What wisdom you have penned. I would just add, (since I've experienced this 'heavy rain' of depression), that there can still be LIGHT in the darkness of this defeating state - if your mind is stayed on CHRIST. It is possible - there can be healing in the darkness - if you remember your position in CHRIST! Only the HOLY SPIRIT (there I go again :) can cause our mind to be stayed on CHRIST in the midst of this chaotic downpour.

Much healing came to my rescue in this long 4 years - when anti-depression meds could not bring relief! God, in His power and His love - who is concerned about everything that concerns us - overpowered the darkness and the heaviness - with His wisdom and His TRUTH - regardless of my external circumstance.

I am who I am today, largely because of that long wait, in that holding place - where the enemy's intent was to devour me. A place, that I can factually call "prison"! .....BUT GOD

God in HIs Love, sent me HIs comforter, His HOLY SPIRIT to lift me up and help me to stand on the promises that continue to keep me standing this day!

That was 27 years ago! I haven't succumbed to that darkness - since -not once. Yes frustration comes knocking! It comes every day in my current position. I'm faced with spiritual warfare almost every single day..... BUT GOD

YES - God has lovingly given us CHOICE!! Choice to believe, that He is who He says that He is - in ALL of our circumstances. The ‘I AM’ over our past; our present; and our future!

The presence of His Holy Spirit keeps His "I AM' woven through-out the fabric of my life - He is my 'covering' - my umbrella, if your will - against the heavy downpour of LIFE's circumstances - because we remain residents within this fallen realm of chaotic messages that taunt our minds and afflict our bodies with LIES!

We walk side by side on a daily basis - with this frustration/choice dilemma - it is a given as followers of CHRIST. But keeping every thot captive to the obedience CHRIST will propel us right on through the dark tunnel - because we have CHOSEN to follow HIM - before the crisis!

With our CHOICE comes the PROMISE that He will GO before us and protect us from behind! We are never abandoned or alone. His HOLY SPIRIT goes with us - even into the heavy rain!

Oooooh the power of CHOICE!!

Thank you, once again, Jaycee, for your platform here that awakens my voice. I am an interactive soul - I literally spend more time commenting on other's posts rather than posting on own BRIDGE... because God uses another's God-given voice to awaken my own. He's made me interactive that way. His CHOICE in ME - and YOU and YOU and YOU - releases His voice -through me & YOU - as a pencil in the hand of God.

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Jennifer A. said...

@ Patrina, there's one thing I want to say to you, you are truly a pen in the hands of God. I could not stop myself from praising God as I quickly read the testimony you've shared here.

There's only so much anti-depression drugs can do for us. When it comes to the nitty-gritty our minds have a battle to fight, and it is only by the consciousness of the presence of God that we can really understand who we were created to be. When we get the full picture, it will be well with us. I read a post this afternoon about finding our purpose with the manufacturer...

Patrinas Pencil said...

Thank you for your kind blessing...I receive that!

So....what's the post that your read? Can you share it here, Please?

I wrote so much on my previous comment, that I forgot to share the picture that the HOLY SPIRIT awakened in me, as a result your statement about being a star :

" are a star the world is waiting to see."

The LOrd reminded me of the dream that He gave me that involved dancing stars over my head in the darkness - several years after my divorce. The enemy was trying bury me with my husband's CHOICES. The Lord instantly deposited in me a strength that could have came from only His Holy Presence.

And He caused me to choose LIGHT and LIFE rather than darkness - because of my previous CHOICE to choose Him - to make a choice to not walk or sit in darkness - not then - not now - not ever!

He immediately caused me to walk outside into the darkness - where He caused a display of dancing stars to dance over my head in an open roofed hut! I lifted my hand to the heavens and received the KISS of the Messiah, as a black box sitting on the railing in front of me actually spoke "AMEN". Meaning "let it be so"... the stars gathered together to form a fluid fish that came down to me. I recognized the power of CHOICE, and with that CHOICE, I received the KISS of the MESSIAH... on the tips of my outstretched fingers.

The stars re-grouped and followed each other to the 'ends of the earth' - out of my natural sight, but two beautiful golden retrievers came bounding back - in their place - upon me and my sister in the grass - and the darkness became DAY!

CHOICE given ...CHOICE Received!

The KISS remained with me for minutes - even after awaking. The wetness of His Kiss stuck with me -and lingered on my outstretched hand as a 'seal' of His promise to me. My hand was still lifted high above my head - when I awoke!!

Is that awesome - or what???

We are all stars - that the world is waitng to SEE! They need His LIGHT to shine through us into their darkness and their heavy rain!

SHINE JESUS SHINE - let the whole world see your LIGHT in me.

Patrina <"))><
HIS watchman on the wall

Jennifer A. said...

@Patrina...Sounds like a Joseph type of dream to me :)

The link to the blog I read today is here:

Anonymous said...

Where do i start from....hmm!

Anonymous said...

AS i write, am so depressed! Nothing seems to be going in my favor! Am desperate for GOD'S divine intervention. I am......*sigh*

Jennifer A. said... dear, you don't need to search your soul to find where to start. Only let the testimonies of all those who have been through this same experience speak life to you right now. Trust God. There is ALWAYS a solution. Always, always, always...although when we're climbing the mountain it is REALLY hard to see the top. When we're drowning, we are blinded to see the lifeguard who's swimming rapidly to rescue us.

Oh God, please hear the silent prayers of nitty-gritty-housewife. I don't have a perfect solution, but I am quite confident that You do.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Tell me about frustrations and waiting.. ah.. everything I want seems to be dispatched on the last train that leaves the station!!! shissh! Butyou are right frustration must never lead to depression, cus tht will be giving the devil an upper hand. We must wait for God to work that thing called 'patience' in us.. ah patience... meeen it is not easy. But when we learn that our frustrations comes from the lessons of patience that God is trying to give, it somewhat makes it easier and it never leads to depression.

Jaycee.. I can't even say how much looooooooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeee this post! Girl.. NEVER stop writing oh, othewise you will find me standing at your front door asking.. why! lol.

Much love xx

Patrinas Pencil said...

@ Nitty-gritty,

Lord, please let nitty-gritty's EYES to her soul SEE this offered prayer in her behalf...Please Lord

Lord, I lift up this beautiful soul, for your keeping. Wrap her in your bundle of JOY. Give her a song - your song - the lyrics that you wove into the fabric of her life - cause that song - woven inside of her when you knew her and created her - before she was ever even a seed in her mother's womb... cause that song - her song to raise from the depths of this heaviness and make a sound! cause that sound to rise to the highest mountain and settle in the breeze of your Holy Spirit!!

Pour your healing balm from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes....may it drip like honey and stick to her flesh - so as to cover her - and shield her from this heavy down pour!

Cause her - in her weakness - to put on the garment of praise for this spirit of heaviness. She is vulnerable now, Lord. She is in a weakened state, she need your strength - your touch. Fill her empty cup, Lord. Fill her up and make her whole.

You have asked us to pray for each other that we might be whole and healed. I offer this prayer for nitty-gritty because she is so pressed down from this heavy rain. Pull her up out of the mud and the yuck and set her on your mountain. Your special mountain - just for her - Give her your extended right arm - and let her SEE that it is you that offers HOPE in the midst of Heavy rain.

Breathe on her, Holy Spirit. You alone know where she is and what she is in need of right now. Only you, God can come to her and lift her up so that she can stand! I ask favor in her behalf. FAVOR, Lord! Come to her with a mountain of FAVOR!!! She needs your FAVOR right now! Call out her name - Lord that she might hear you and SEE you - and receive Your all encompassing LOVE right now, LORD!
oooooooh I give you praise for Nitty-gritty and her courageous plea. Hold her and never let her go, in the precious name of JESUS CHRIST... Amen and Amen!!

offered by Patrina <"))>><
His watchman on the wall

Jennifer A. said...

@ Remi...for frustrations we need "patience," for writing we need "grace,"...we just need Him at every instant, don't we? Our manufacturer.

@ Patrina...I join you in saying Amen. I'll visit her blog now to tell of this prayer. Thanks so much for being a WATCHMAN. You may never even know how far your prayers will go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! a lot Pat & Jaycee! Oh! Thank you so much for the soul touching prayer! I am crying right now with HAPPINESS! I don't know why, but the tears are so happy that there are people out there that still care for others. I had a dream yesterday night were i saw my husband kneeling down by the bedside & praying; I heard in JESUS NAME;i was surprised because he is a muslim but very liberal & we do pray together sometimes. This morning , i woke up with a light heart & sang along with the worship song i was playing; YOU ARE SO FAITHFUL! i love that song that anytime i hear it, i pause with whatever am doing & flow with the music.
Please, if Jaycee happens to read this; i couldn't connect to your mailbox so that i could thank you, hence , i commented in Pat's blog & here right now. So please send your email address to my blog or to my box. TNX for your love & concern. May God continue to give you all the strenght to DO HIS BIDING. AMEN! To all commentators in this blog that is going through their lowest ebb this moment; CAST YOUR BURDENS UNTO HIM FOR HIM CARES!

Patrinas Pencil said...

@ Nitty-gritty


Still covering you and your husband in prayer!!! God bless you with DIVINE favor dear soul!

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Patrinas Pencil said...

@ Nitty-gritty

I forgot to give you my favorite quote:

" weeping is a place of redemptive work that strength can never take you" Bishop Joseph Gallington

weeping is like a deliverance - the depresion has moved on!! Praise - the weapon against the spirit of depression - is working for you right now! keep praising Him and singing with your whole heart. Praise music will do it everytime! He is indeed FAITHFUL!!

I'm sooooo praising God for you tonight!!

Patrina <"))>><
His watchman on the wall

Anonymous said...

whoa... this is such a wonderful, wonderful post. It so blessed me, had never looked at the two that way.
I like
"... You will always come out of a frustrated moment. There's always a come-back..."
"... I've learned that frustration must never lead to depression. Instead frustration can be a dream-builder, if you fail once you can think of better strategies. But depression on the other hand is a dream-destroyer, vision-killer, and image-eraser..."
"... Depression is like a disease that slowly sucks the life out of you..."
that is so true... and eventually, it sucks the life out of those around you too... i have had moments of depression... terrible ones. and i made up my mind that i don't want to go through those times again, and by God's grace, i won't...

Thanks Jaycee.

Jennifer A. said...

@Beloved...with the realization of these definitions and with the help of God, we will not to go into such times again. I am confident that you won't. :)

Enkay said...

My goodness!

All of this is so, so touching!

I think there was only one period in my life when I was depressed. it was the period following the death of my beloved father.

As I look back now, i know that it was only God's Word that brought me out of it. So many things in my life seemed to be going wrong all at the same time and I felt like I was drowning.

But He saved me!

Now I can say truly that I have the Joy of the Lord bubbling in my heart even in the midst of dire circumstances.

Thank you Jaycee and thank you Patrina for your testimony!

Jennifer A. said...

@Enkay, thank you so much for your testimony as well. People like yourself and Patrina make Isaiah 61 come alive, that YES God's plan is to exchange our mourning for dancing, a spirit of heaviness for a garment of PRAISE!!!

The healing from depression is in His word. His word is so powerful that as soon as we believe it is done. As soon as God said, "Let there be light," there was light. There's no mistaking the power of His word.