This Insane Thing Called Love:

Love is insane. It's on the verge of not making sense.

You may not fully understand it:
Love is that concept that we may not fully understand, but is always there staring right back at our faces. Always eternal, never dying. Outrageous in action, it gives us freedom when we deserve to remain bound. Yes, there are times when we feel so dry and spent that we can't seem to show any more love, but that's exactly when love finds us again. It is like a relentless lover that never gives up on us. It holds no grudges but just keeps loving. It is like an onion bulb that you keep peeling and peeling, but just when you think you're done there's still room for one more slice.

The Reason for Destiny:
Love is the reason for my existence, the one reason I was born into a world such as this and things were already written about me. The reason why the passion never dies. The reason why my tears don't go unnoticed or my expectations never get dashed. The reason why I cannot undo my family or unlove my husband. The reason why the fire in our romance will keep burning. If there is no love, then there would be no final destination. We would all march onwards to eternity with no direction. But Love gives guidance. Onwards towards a better day.

In the Weirdest of All Places:
Love can be found in the weirdest of places, in spaces that we don't even search. In the stern look of a father, the tease of a mother, the annoying stalking of a sister, the kick of a brother, the taunting of a friend, and the love of a husband.

In the Name ABOVE all Names:
Yes, the world is so full of love, because the One who created it is Love Himself. His name is LOVE. Love begins and ends with Him, and not with a human being. If He exists, then love must prevail. Yes hate exists, but love is the victor in the midst of the chaos.

With all the love in my heart, I say "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY." Enjoy all the candle-lit dinners or self spoiled moments if that is your plight. Not just on February 14th, but everyday of your life as far as God's love never fails.

Side-note: I love the video above because it's a simple song by Chrisette Michele about the meaning of love. In my opinion, we cannot completely understand love until we know who God is.

So how do you plan to share this insane love on February 14th?

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Anonymous said...

Love is insame.. I like that....

Mwajim Al said...

<3 *sigh* yes ooo Love takes us to unknown and unthreaded heights!!!

Straight from the heart said...

Powerful post, "love is the reason for my existance".
We can't fully understand it, but it's not ours to understand but to give, because we have been created in the image of Love itself, "God" who is Love.

Happy Valentine's Day.

uNWrItten* said...

I love it!!

Adeoluwa - NBB said...

Nice Post! Love is one thing that a lot of people around the world really crave for but just a few people experience it. God is Love and He holds nothing back, He loves us anyhow, anyway and anytime not just on Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Jennifer A. said...

@Bagucci...I like it too. INSANE!!! Totally LUNATIC!

@Mwajim...yup, unknown heights. Love causes us to go beyond our imaginations. We can't give up, because love keeps us going. We can't stop now.

@Debbie...we were all born out of God's love, yes, He's the reason we exist. He looked at His creation and called it "good." Happy Vals dayyyy...

@Unwrittern...thanks. How have you been? I hope you have a lovely Valentine's day :)

@NBB...I like how you said, "God holds nothing back." Looking back through history, He never has. The problem is our hands are not always open to receive His love, and so it ultimately depends on us. Thanks, I just visited your blog and blogrolled you. Happy Vals day too :)

Myne said...

I liked that song and video and she's right, God is Love. Love is so so insane..

Admin said...

been a while here,just checking you out,cheers

Remi, United Kingdom said...

I so love that song!

Love sure is insane. It is absolutely impossible to comphrend its depth, width and endless intricacies.

...but in its intoxicating complexity and profound simplicity; it is the only thing that makes absolute sense!! ha!

Happy Valentines day girl. Much Love x :-))))

Misstarii said...

Love is all sorts of things and even though love makes us do all sorts of things and its accused of many things, LOVE IS GRAND!
Missed your blog!

Jennifer A. said...

@ one else has that 'perfect definition." Happy vals day to you and hubby.

@ Muyiwa...thanks for checking this blog out. Hope you're doing great.

@ Remi...I liked the way you said love is complex but yet simple.

@ Tricia...see, that's the mysterioys thing about could be many things at once, just like God cannot be fully described by using only one word. Thanks for stopping by again :)

Believer said...

Ms Jaycee, i've listened to this song like fifteen times today! Lol! Love is totally insane, it is past my comprehension why He would love me and yet He does. Love is beauty and pain, laughter and tears, ups and downs, amazingly simple and yet a mystery. God is love!

Jennifer A. said...

LOL Believer @ listening to the song 15 times. I wonder how many times I've listened to it in general. LOL.

Kafo said...

i have always loved this song
it is wow
i once heard a Christian version with some of the words changed
actually i heard the Christian version and then went searching for the original

thanks for the reminder

Jennifer A. said...

@ Kafo...oh my gosh, I was actually looking for the Christian version, but didn't find it...but I love this one too :) Gosh, us and our similar music