The Oasis of The Seas: A Safe Haven?

"Man, in his most intelligent stature, will always try to re-create a safe haven away from the usual"- ©Lightherlamp.

Something caught my eye last night and made it glow and flicker in the darkness of the room. Fact: The "Oasis of the Seas" is currently the world's largest cruise ship, larger than several small towns in America >> *lightbulbmoment.*

Some catchy things about this huge ship: it has a promenade where people can buy anything from cupcakes to gold chains, the best specialty restaurants you can ever dream of (Giovanni's Table, Chops Grille, Solarium Bistro), pizza parlors, Karaoke bars, a central park (150 Central Park-a neighborhood with a huge walkway), a boardwalk (I love boardwalks), and every other thing a city needs for its people to survive.

Guess what? I think we're talking about another kind of "Tower of Babel" thing going on here! A philosophy where people get tired of conflicts and paradoxes, so they try to re-create a peaceful society where they can migrate to. This ship weighs 222,000 tons & sits over 8500 people, and it was created to look like a city. I bet the people on board don't even realize that they are floating on water.

The Way the World Thinks:
We can recreate. We can design robots, make clones do the job and handle our affairs. We can utilize stem cells and use them to create perfection. We can choose the best traits and put them in our children: blue eyes, good skin, great hair. We can surgically increase our heights. We have no limits. We have no barriers. "Not even God can sink this ship"-creator of the Titanic.

The Ugly Truth:
There is no utopia here on earth, no "ideal community." There is no place for perfection. But sometimes we pretend. We pretend there is no God. We pretend that we are our own creators, and that we can do whatever we want to do. Creating and designing the Oasis of the Seas was not a bad idea, neither was the tower of Babel...or the Titanic. But it is in the "mind-set" of people wherein lies the problem, the idea that "We don't need God." We are sensible enough. The idea that we can create a safe haven where God cannot reach. That we are, indeed, both the Potter and the Clay.
"Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence?
If I ascend into heaven You are there
If I make my bed in hell, behold You are there
If I take the wings of the morning,
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there Your hand shall lead me"
Psalm 139

Have you ever thought about running away from the world? Is it too much for you to handle? Admittedly, sometimes I wanna get away from it all. But wherever I go, God finds me...and He brings me back to Him. Does He bring you back to Him too? Away from the world's pretentious perfection into His own tried & tested perfection?

Your Take. Let's hear it :)

(oh, my comments on previous posts disappeared when I changed my domain to I heard they'll come back soon) *Hugs*

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Remi, United Kingdom said...

firrrrrrrrrrst.. go Remi.. lol

Hmmm.. where can we go that God is not there. He resides above and within the heavens, earth and all around.

Well quite a few times, I have really, really, really wanted to go to a mountain and just live there and praise God! lol - Away from all problems and contentions... but even on the mountain, He is there.

He reminds me there is no hiding from His presence because He is everywhere. He reminds me that He has already passed this way before me, so regardless of the need to run away from it all, I will be alright if I keep putting one step ahead of the other, in obedience to his instrucitons to me.. hard.. but what's a girl that love's God, got to do... Obey oh! lol.

But for real? Those ships are bigger than small towns.. oh wow... I need to google this one. I just learnt a new thing lol.

Have a great week.. much love

Unknown said...

When i want to shut out the world...
I start speaking in tongues
and i drive every unwanted personality
out of my territory...

Harry said...

It happens to me a lot... Sometimes I just get tired of it all... It's like you cannot just do enough when you are here... you have to do more and push more...most times..its like it is me against the world...

But i will survive.... I always do.... God dey

Adeoluwa - NBB said...

I love this post.
The only perfect being is God. Man can only strive to perfection or try to gain control over some things.
Atimes Man also tries to play God but I like what you said about God bringing us back from the world's pretentious perfection to His own tried and tested perfection. Thank you and God bless you really good.

Jennifer A. said...

@Remi...yesterday I and some friends were talking about people making "mountain trips" and staying in those mountains for like 50 days. I was saying I like the idea, and the others were saying it's a hard thing. I agreed, but I still like the And yes, the ship is bigger than some towns in the U.S. @ "unwanted persons." I understand trying to shut oneself from the rest of the world.

@Harry...yes we will survive. And that's how the fight is always going to be, "you vs. the world." Many times we want to run away from that fact, but we have to face's a constant grueling fight. The joy comes at the end of each victorious fight...

@NBB...right...we should strive to be perfect, but never get so cocky as to assume perfection (outside God's grace) :)

jhazmyn said...

I sigh, then i smile...for truly, "Where can I go from Your presence Lord"

Jennifer A. said...

@ Jhazmyn...I'm sighing and smiling from over here too, because the answer is "no where!!!"

Kafo said...

i don't try and get away from Him, i try and get away from the stress and strain of the world.
i want to be soo close to Him that a peace that only he can give will envelop mii and i will be able to face the world but instead it seems like he is not there.

so unlike david the psalmist, i try to find him and he seems ellusive,

is this the parodox that
those who evade will be found
and those who seek will not

i don't know oooo

NakedSha said...

Oh, this is just amazing! We're in the world right now, we're in the midst of imperfection. But we're not OF it!!!

Bless xoxo

Don said...

If they know like I know there is no place on Earth which consist of perfection. Not in the ocean, on land, above clouds, wherever it involves human beings and man made activity, a high level of imperfection surely follows.

I would love to witness such a vessel. The size of a small town? Wow.

I recall that statement about not even God being able to sink the Titanic.

Patrinas Pencil said...

Good post, as usual, Jaycee. When I got to the last line, Psalm 139 poped into my head - and wala ... there it was on our next line!

I am always desiring more time away - from the usual - for more of HIM. I can't seem to get enough of HIs presence. My situation here as 24/7 caregiver is exhausting and the ongoing interuptions and distractions break my focus. Thus the need to get away - just to steal a few quality hours with HIM.

When I lived in Colorado, there was a camp outside of CO Sprgs. It was caled PRAISE MOUNTAIN. I wnted to go there for a week - just to be with God! It was for prayer and fasting alone time with the Lord. No food was allowed into the camp!! There was a church on site where you could go and pray. You had your own little cabin to be alonw with God! Now this would be what I call 'getting away from it all". Some day, before I'm too old - I still hope to do it! I've desired msany times in my walk throughout the years - to take an occassional sabactical from life and just let God pour Himself into me. Does'nt that sound heavenly??

I have no desire to be on that big ship on the water or a part of any other 'big city' life. I'm a country girl at heart and I miss having "neighbors" that talk to you and help you and visit over coffee or over the back yard fence! When did we go a differnt direction??

How blessed we are to know that the God of the universe - hasn't moved!! He is the same today as yesterday and I can know - that He will be the same tomorrow! Knowing this - is my strength - in these missdirected times.

Blessings be upon you, Jaycee, as His Love covers you and fills your cup with much JOY

Hugs to you - my kind neighbor :)
Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Myne said...

wherever I go, God finds me...and He brings me back to Him. Does He bring you back to Him too? Away from the world's pretentious perfection into His own tried & tested perfection?

I really liked this part. Someone on another blog asked whether there could be utopia on earth and I said I didn't think so. The world is soiled but thank God for God. He is the only one perfect.

ps, congrats on the new domain.

Jennifer A. said...

@Kafo...that paradox is something worth thinking about. I once heard a story about someone who said he used to hear God's voice clearly when he first started seeking God, that God would tell him something is about to happen and it really would happen. After a while though, he got more mature and could no make that voice tell him what would happen in the nearest future, so he stopped telling people. The way he explained it to me was that in the times when he was younger, God proved Himself to be with him. Now that he is older, he does not need God to keep proving Himself again and again. He feels as though he should know what's on God's heart without God speaking to him in human words...more of a spiritual knowing. Just felt like sharing that story...

@NakedSha...very true :)

@Don...I think there may be pictures on Google of this vessel (fingers crossed). That was a dangerous statement to make (about the Titanic). And there have been recurrences of such statements as the years have gone by...

@Patrina...your post just made me day-dream of a group of us ('neighbors') taking a one-week trip to Colorado springs. I think an annual Christian Writers conference is held somewhere around there... better way to put it, "the world is soiled." Thanks about the

Patrinas Pencil said...

You wrote:
@Patrina...your post just made me day-dream of a group of us ('neighbors') taking a one-week trip to Colorado springs. I think an annual Christian Writers conference is held somewhere around there...

yeah! Me too. In act I was thinin that very thing as I wrote about Praise Mountain! Wouldn't that be coolio!! I most certainly would want to go with you! :)

As for the writer's conference - it is in Estes Park. The other direction - but also a beautiful place. It is at he YMCA camp of the Rockies. I really never got to go in all my years of living in the Denver area. And now, I don't really care to write books or articles any more - maybe it'll come back - but for now - the desire is gone.

I loved the story you shared on Kafo's comment about a 'spiritual knowing'. I know that spiritual knowing! :) It's like finally trusting that God is just exactly who He says He is and will do just as He promises to do - in His WORD!

hugs, Patrina <")>><

Anonymous said...

"...where can I flee from Your presence?" if we make this question an ever-present thot in our minds eye, we will understand that the safest haven ain't the oasis of the sea but, the 'palm' of His hands....

Jennifer A. said...

@Patrina...maybe we could even plan something like that in the future, who knows the possibilities? :)

@Rethots...tell me about it!!! It definitely ain't the Oasis of the Seas.

Patrinas Pencil said...

Awesome thot! That would be sooooo cool - to actually meet face to face some of His faithful blogging followers - what JOY that would be to see HIs face in their faces and to commune with HIm in the presence of His family - before HIm. Definitely an awesome thot indeed! It would be like a little sliver of heaven...a glimpse of His Glory each other.

Ps - thanks for you kind response to my previous comment. It was sooooo appreciated and I received it with the JOY of the LOrd.

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Anonymous said...

I am so glad He is here, there and everywhere...

Jennifer A. said...

@ Patrina...*smiles*

@ Lil Miss Thang...yup, I know what you We can't hide from His ever loving grasp. There's just no way. Hope ur day has been splendid so far...

David C Brown said...

"in the last days shall be ... lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God", 2 Timothy 3 1,4.

But all things work together for good to those who love God ..." Romans 8.

it's good to those that God is working for

Straight from the heart said...

Yes. I find that I want to run away from it all and I do run away to his arms and I find his peace.

You are right nothing wrong with creating a perfect world, but having the mindset that we don't need God or he can't touch us is our undoing.

This is a very nice piece, you put things so simply but so powerful.
Well said

Jennifer A. said...

@ David...what I got from your comment is that the people who fear God enjoy things in a different manner from those who don't. It works together for their own good, but for those who don't fear God it actually works against them. For instance, there's nothing wrong with enjoying such a larger-than-life cruise, but when we ignore God's power it works against us. I hope I'm right in analyzing your point to this dimension.

@ Debbie...true, it is "our own undoing." Thanks Deb! :)

Rita said...

I really liked this, including the matter the "safe have" the void is always there as long as God is not there.

Unknown said...

This is really nice.. comforting..
Everything gets so blurred at times and When faced with so much pain,its difficult to know what's real and what isn't.
Please visit

Jennifer A. said...

@Rita...yes, there is definitely this void that can be sensed when God is absent.

@2cute4u...also most times when faced we so much pain, we forget that there's only One who can give us peace...God. No one else can give complete peace. But He "turns our mourning into dancing..."(Isaiah 61)