One in the Midst of Six Billion, Seven Hundred and Six Million, Nine Hundred and Ninety-Three Thousand, and One Hundred and Fifty Two Faces:

That's the population of the world today.

One day, the world will stand still.

It will be just you standing in a pile of your own ideas. One in six billion faces. There will be no story to tell, no fairy tale. There will be no epic, neither will there be any poetry. There will be no major hero, for at some point we will all become heroes. There will be no Science fiction, neither will there be a fantasy flick. No action movie or an adventure series. No animation either, because it will be as real as it gets. No drama, musical, thriller, or even romance. It will be just you, as one face in the midst of 6 billion faces.

One day, you will choose your own path. You will choose your own destiny.

Being different is often a taboo. We often want to roll with the crowds and be seen amongst the the best, and it isn't such a bad thing either...sometimes anyway. But your existence is only an individual experience and not 6 billion individuals' experiences wrapped in one.

This year, you are going to make a lot of choices, really hard ones. Not because a prophet told me so or a pastor said it, no. A lot of us will have to make very difficult choices, and we will have to do it either God's way or the world's way. As it is, the world consists of six billion, seven hundred and six million, nine hundred and ninety-three thousand, and one hundred and fifty two people.

The world seems to have the majority vote on your life. The world and its lovely fashion sense, intercontinental exotic foods, and multicultural exposures; the world and its seven wonders, kings, Queens, and Presidents...the world and its chosen way of life.

Don't be lost in a sea of six billion faces. If you were given the opportunity to make a choice, would you be unique or would you go with the crowd? If you were given 6 billion dollars, would you share it with 6 billion people, or would you find your niche? Tell me. Let's hear it.

(Thought I'd repost this: Original Post is titled: "One in a Billion Faces.")

Have a wonderful day ahead everyone. God bless you.

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Blogoratti said...

If given a chance...i will take it with wide open arms by being unique.
One day i will go down that path that i have chosen!
Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer A. said...

@blogoratti...I pray you do go down that path you've chosen. The first thing to do if we want to go down a unique path is to have a vision, then according to Habakkuk write the vision down. Every day you look at that vision statement it emphasizes who you really are :)

DayDreamer said...

Interestingly, I was reading Deut. 28 where God tells us He has placed before us life and death, blessinga and curses. He then tells us what to shoose, life. I chose life. Thanks for sharing!

Mwajim Al said...

Its hard... yet I would choose to be unique, and take a stand by His Grace. Funny thing, the last thing my mummy would always say to me before dropping me off at sec. sch in the morning is: "You are different!" It always pissed me off, but now i know all she was encouraging me to do was take a stand no matter how different i would look.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Homie...what can we say? This life is all about making choices...good or bad. One leads to life, the other...

@ Mwajim...I like your mummy. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I would choose to be just ME!I tried following the crowd once & i HATED it! Hence, over the years, i had chose to be MYSELF! On the day of judgment, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Oh! by the way Jaycee,am having trouble in sending you an e-mail. Thanks once more for your words of encouragement & prayer. I do APPRECIATE the kind gesture.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Nitty-gritty...that's what we're here for o. You can just send an email to

Unknown said...

This is mind blowing!Gets you thinking...And seriously.. First off, Thank you for coming to
I'm touched.. I hope we continue to see more of you..
I'm not forgetting to add that I like your place and I'm making a tent here.. I hope you get to give towards the WE ARE JOS initiative..Thank you.

Jennifer A. said...

@2cute4u...thanks. I added the Jos blog to my blogroll so I can follow updates. When you guys find a way for those leaving overseas to give to the project, I should put it on my sidebar. It's a really BOLD task and I pray for success for you guys.

Vera Ezimora said...

Jaycee, I wanna be unique!!!

That said, please tell me where I can register for the six billion dollars... lemme go and register immediately.

Jennifer A. said...

@ Veraaaaaaaaaa....lolololol.

Kafo said...

totally loving the new direction of the blog
it's edgy, real and less nice in a way, u just say it without buttering us up
i love it

of course
growing up i wanted to be different and unique so much that i went out of my way to do things that were not the norm and somehow now in my 20s i don't care, i'm different and it's okay
i'm learning now that being different and unique is one thing but being able to stand before God on judgement day and say my uniqueness was made perfect in your sacrifice is another

i need to study

Jennifer A. said...

"...but being able to stand before God on judgment day and say my uniqueness was made perfect in your sacrifice is another..."

@ Kafo...I can't seem to get this line off my mind right now, it's just so...pungent. Lord, please let my uniqueness be made perfect in Your sacrifice, but not by my might. Definitely not!

Hope your brain absorbs everything you study, intelligent somebody!!! :)

Unknown said...

I am making a difference.
I refuse to be just ONE of them.

Quite inspiring as always Jaycee. Thanks for sharing.

Enkay said...

I think it's great to know that we can each choose our destiny and path in life.

We all have a unique role to play in this life. We just need to find it and blossom there!


Rose said...


"One day, you will choose your own path. You will choose your own destiny."

May we all find our unique, individual purpose through grace & strength. Truly inspiring!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Thanks hunni for everything :)

Have an awsome week (what's left of it).

Anonymous said...

do we dare to stand out?

Bomi Jolly said...

Certainly food for thought!

Jennifer A. said...'re welcome. And good to know you posted recently as well.

@Enkay...that's the key. The problem is actually the "finding" part.

@Rose...I pray so too. And we also need to resound the trumpets, tell others about their uniqueness... @ what's left of it. Can't wait to see what u come up with. I like changes, well sometimes...

@akaBagucci...I'm all for it o. Yup, we DARE...against all odds.

@Bomi...good to know. Thanks :)

Aba T. Tetteh said...

I will stand out; different, in Jesus name.

Eyitemi Egwuenu said...

One of my heroes, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

"It is easy in a crowd to go with the crowd's conviction and it is easy in solitude to go with your own, But, the hallmark of a truly great man is he, who in the midst of the crowd is able to keep with perfect sweetness, the independence of solitude."

I guess that says it all.