The Discipleship of Twitter: "Why I Fell In-Love"

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Who would have thought I'd ever bump into such intense "discipleship" on Twitter? By discipleship I mean "such intimacy between a person and his followers just like that between Jesus and His disciples." Do you remember the conversation between that nosy girl in the courtyard and Peter, just shortly after Jesus had been arrested and taken away from his disciples? The nosy girl said to Peter,

 "Come on, don't deny it. Your speech betrays are His [Jesus] disciple" (paraphrased). 

Peter denied this fact he even cursed the girl out in front of everybody (he probably feared his own arrest if he dared confess he was Jesus' disciple)...but it was very apparent that he had been with Jesus.


A disciple is intimate with his master. By intimacy, I mean a more direct interaction than an outsider would have with someone. Twitter breaks barriers. The Direct Messaging (DM) even allows for a more intimate access. That being said, I have had the opportunity to follow mind-blowing bloggers, entrepreneurs, and role-models. Lately, I have been searching for thought-provoking people. They are all over the world, but I just couldn't seem to find them..until I found Twitter and people started posting links.


It feels great to follow such geniuses as: Michael Hyatt, Lindsey, Michael Perkins and Pete Wilson of, Rick WarrenBonaSings, A Day in God's Will, iWearPearls, WorthMore927Scott Williams of "Big Is the New Small," MyZenMyPieceDynamiqueProfessorZoebeliever, Rita (Erolyrics), and MwajimAl (Blogs with Christian Themes); Solomonsydelle, BlogorattiGeecyrus, Verastic, Olusimeon, Adeolu (9jaboyb)Myne Whitman, RukieItieMs. LNQ, Good Naija GirlakaBagucci, The ActivistEyidearie, Fabulo-la, Bumight, Tisha SmithKtravula, ToluPopoola, Femme LoungehapppyBBB, Seye KuyinuShubbyDoo, Jide Salu, NoLimit2Life, Funmsdrebirth, LohiO, Chiedu Ifeozo, PixGremlin, and the Bookaholic Blog (Blogsville People). What about LITERARY AGENTS: Nathan Bransford and Rachelle Gardner? And then there's ProBlogger. Oh, let me not forget my former heart-throb before I got married: Jeremy Camp. And then myself (SELF). I cannot begin to mention all of the followership because I am currently following 274 people (or so). Of course, there are those who tend to drop some bomb-shells (unbelievable, mouth-dropping, not role-modelish tweets) once in a blue moon, but that's a story for another day.


Again, I imagine how the disciples followed every foot step of Jesus. In the world today, we have something that is faster than walking by foot and climbing the tallest mountains. Today, we have TWITTER. And it is here to stay. The reason I call it a "discipleship" is that if you take away all the gossips, jokes, and inadequate comments, you will find out that you can learn a great deal. You can learn how people think and why they do the things they do. And then you can explain why you do the things you do. Hopefully, through twitter a person can shine just a little light to brighten someone else's day. That's why I fell in-love.


So much for the love. When it boils down to the nitty-gritty, we are all human and we will make errors. Twitter could be a distraction and a lair for unnecessary talk. So in as much as there is a useful exchange of very-needed information, we still have to be careful so that we don't throw our "real-life" goals, dreams, visions, and callings (purpose) all because of the internet age.

Just like that saying that "love is blind!"

Tell me, why did you fall in love with Twitter?
Don't forget to drop your twitter username in the comments so that we can follow :)

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See you next week.

Love, Jaycee


Adeoluwa - NBB said...

Hey! lovely post you have here! Twitter has come to stay. It has also given me the opportunity to interact with lovely people like you.I have learnt alot. Thank for following too. But u know Facebook was hot too at a time and i also ask myself what comes next after twitter.
Blogger + Twitter a sweet combo.
Twitter can be distracting sometimes too just like the internet as a whole. Just know your boundaries.

Anonymous said...

lol.. twitter is changing the way people relate in soo many ways.. can be a tad bit distracting though... perhaps the ability to tweet on the cuff reveals the us we try to hide? :)

Isabella said...

Great write up, funny enough I was going to write a post on influence via twitter and I may do that later on today! Thanks for the big up, I'm happy for the day we started taking your blog has been a blessing hun.


Unknown said...

Jay, you never cease to amaze me :) Thanks for the lovely mention.

I used to wonder what twitter's all about until I went to present a paper of mine at a conference. The way twitter was used at the research conference blew me away. Absolutely mind-blowing. We had concurrent sessions in separate rooms and each room had a twitter fall where you could see what others are twitting in their separate sessions. So, we were learning all across the conference. Absolutely wonderful experience. There and then, I decided to dust off the twitter account I had opened ages ago. I began twitting and people started following me. DO not be amazed to see me twitting what my research is about when I am away on a research soon... cos that's what got me started.

What I am loving presently is the Nigerian community. I love my people. I want to relate with them more. I know I am sent to the youth of my generation, not only Nigerians but I feel, I am needed more amidst my people. Oh, I love twitter. I just pray it doesn't distract me from my research. LOL. Social media is just amazing!

Make I stop now o... lol
Y'all follow me on twitter o.. LOL

Blessings Jay :)


Zoe Believer said...

Just started on Twitter this week! I've been blown away. I love your post how you related twitter to discipleship. I think its a useful tool to promote the gospel. Thanks for the mention as well. To God be the glory. Looking forward to more tweets!

AliceDCL said...

Why I love twitter
The news datd d truth
Its like my personal encyclopedia
So many smart people
News on the go
Jist every second
If you need any info
Just ask d people
On my timeline
Exceedinly smart people
To seyekuyinu, to funmi, to bubusn
To solomonsydelle
To vera
To 9jaboy
To miss lnq
To juiceegal
To naturalsaturdays
To dynamique professor
Not forgetting
World prayer providing prayer on the go
Or rev run providing wisdom on the go
Its uberawesome
So many smart people
Its amazing
And its a mighty distraction

Follow me @happyBBB :)

lamikayty said...

Yeah I agree...Twitter is a must-have in this information age. I've thought recently of weeding out the pple I follow who post 'unwanted' and generally un-needed comments! but i've learnt so much and on occassion thought its the fulfillment of the biblical prophecy 'The earth shall be full of the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea'.
I didnt start enjoying Twitter though until I downloaded the app on my bb.

Harry said...

Amazing write up and is an honor to read your blog and follow u on twitter

Anonymous said...

Hello JAY, hmmmm...... wetin i go talk now? Am a NOVICE in this twitter stuff o! Am COOL with face book & SEMI-COOL with hi5. So please educate me hmm?
I wish i can CHAT with HIM often as i do daily on the net! *s-i-g-h*

Favorsheart said...

Me too...just opened a twitter account...more out of curiosity than anything else.

And now you dedicated a whole post to it? Ok, guess i have to explore it more and see what its about.

SO facebook's left the radar now? Whats the difference anyway?

Lovely weekend girl!

Blogoratti said...

Nice that you'd piece it all together like that. And it's always a pleasure meeting on twitter-as usual.
Thanks for the heads up*

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS GIRLIE!!! thank you so much for the shoutout first of all!! Definitely follow me ppl!! I'll follow you too!!

but the reason why i love twitter is because it gives me an outlet for all the wierd things I think in my head and the ability to speak about the God I love even more!!! It also allows me to catch up w/ people I haven't been able to talk to in a long time and follow some AMAZING people including you!! I love to read the inspiring tweets from you and many other pastors, teachers, and plain lovers of Christ. I also love the opportunity it gives me to maybe even change the hearts of some of my followers. This whole blogging and tweeting things allows for this world be even smaller and I love it!!!

I truly love reading your blogs (& the blogs that you retweet) and I'm soooooo glad that Twitter allowed me access to so many great minds!!!

btw follow me ppl!!! @WorthMore927

Unknown said...

You didn't mention mine oh..I'm almost 2years on twitter and I'm still not crazy about it.
Great comparison though.. This is nice.

Michael said...

I totally agree! I love how twitter has helped minister to me.

And I am humbled to be included in your list. I don't think I am a genius, just honest. Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jennifer A. said... @ "You know, Facebook was hot too." Twitter is hotter jare. I agree that we all need to know our boundaries. know that saying, "the truth will come out one day?" Lol. too, actually when I was typing your name I was thinking the same thing too. I can only say reading your tweets drew me about BIG businesses and SMALL businesses! Twitter has made many levels of entrepreneurship successful. It's the way you can tap into a business's vision via twitter, to know what they're all about. Through twitter, I fell in love with C28 Christian clothing. I didn't know they released new designs consistently. I agree Social Media is amazing.

@Believer...truth be said, the "discipleship" part is the main element of this post. There are so many things one can grasp about the teachings of Jesus via twitter, even faster than those who followed him on FOOT. LOL. I'm glad you joined twitter personally...:)

@BBB...I like that! "Personal Encyclopedia." You see, I forgot to mention how twitter was an informant. Lol. I've been seeing 4eyedmonk all over the place, I'm not sure I'm following him yet...will check later. Ha ha...I'm also following Rev Run...funny chap, but instrumental still.

@LamikayTV...I'm guilty of unfollowing some folk because their unnecessary tweets were too much for me to handle. It wasn't really the frequency that bothered me (since I'm getting really frequent myself), it was just the things they talked about. But I try to keep my original timeline as long as I can

@Harry...why, thanks. I would say the same for you as well :) Well, I was a novice until I started using it. Using it improves your knowledge on the subject matter. Oh, Google is also a great tool to learn how to use it. You can google something like, "How to use twitter," and voila: you will definitely find in-exhaustive tutorials.

@Favor's just did? Oh're someone I definitely would want to follow, vying from the kind of powerful comments you've been leaving on this blog. Ok, so the difference btw Facebook and Twitter: Facebook is too multi-faceted, while Twitter has just one purpose, "what are you doing right now?" (Substitute "doing" for reading, writing, listening to, absorbing...e.t.c). You get the drift? And it's amazing the powerful links I come across (if I don't count all the useless links, lol). Oh, also try to use applications such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to manage your tweets...they'll give you a better experience, trust me :)

@Blogoratti...yes, it is always a pleasure. Your tweets must be my MOST POPULAR Retweets. Oh, and the way you're dedicated to saying hi to everyone...I don't know how you do it. That would be too much work for me.

@AWoman'sWorth...apart from your tweets, I think everyone needs to also read your BLOG. Such a wonderful blog you have's a pleasure to have connected to you...:)

@2cute4u...I'm not sure if I'm already following you. What's your username?

@Michael...well, about the genius wouldn't notice, but others will! Glad that you're on my timeline :)

daylight said...

I feel I shouldn't be joining in this discussion because I'm not in love with twitter. I'm not even on it. Old school eh?

daylight said...

perhaps I'll try it out.

Jennifer A. said... are we tempting you? Lol.

~Sirius~ said...

LOL @ (unbelievable, mouth-dropping, not role-modelish tweets)

You can say that again!

I must say i actually get light bulb moments on twitter.

It is very distracting.....for those who don't know when to stop.

seye said...

*sigh* Twitter!

Twitter has become such a force in the social scene.
I recently got a proposal noticed because of the crazy social media marketing idea i got from one of's training that I got.

Through Twitter, I have been able to perfectly..perfectly...i mean 100% perfect know the true nature and minds of people I know.

It has unveiled a lot of anonymous bloggers, some without them knowing.

It has become the quickest way to know what people i know are up to.
It has brought me even closer to you, Jaycee.

Like akaBagucci said, it has changed the way people relate.
It has changed the way we get information.

At a google conference i attended, one of the programmers at google said, "do you want real time search? Try twitter."

By the way Jaycee, we need to talk o. Typing my full name on the internet usually triggers a Google Alert and I get it in my email...but i didn't get one from your site. A few questions ;)

NakedSha said...

Hehe, Okay! Na only me wey never get the twitter crase. I am on twitter but thats about it..

Slowly...slowly...I find myself yielding!!!

Jennifer A. said...

@Sirius...true :)

@Seye...congrats on the notice of your proposal. That's great news. Yeah, we need to talk. I also have Google alerts on this blog and whenever there's a new post, it alerts me. I wonder why it didn't alert you. Google genius, no probs...hit me up later.

@NakedSha...r u serious? What's your username? Or is it secret? Don't get carried away by the craze's good that you're not carried away. But utilize the great parts :)

lani said...

Nice... I think we need to be careful who we follow when you put it like that.
I signed on twitter but haven't updated in about a month.. not YET my thing...

Myne said...

Twitter, I just don't get it to be honest. I am on there, I use it to disseminate info but blogger and FB are more me.

BTW, how come I didn't get an alert for this post? I would have been here earlier. Thanks for linking me dear, have a great weekend.

Scott Williams said...

Well said... The world is getting smaller and twitter is speeding up the shrinking process.

#FistBump & Thx. for the luv!

tope said...

I guess I am the anomaly
I still have not gotten on the f acebook wagon, talkless of twitter. i see it as a distraction to my current projects and i
t is not exactly my cup of tea.

FYI-Just last week i read an artice where a lady's house was robbed by one of her facebook buddies while she was out,because she posted on facebook that she was going to a concert.

I think people should be cautious when posting too much personal info.

Jennifer A. said...

@Lani... I agree that we need to be careful about who we follow. I think I've tried my best to be careful so far with my selections. It's a crazy world out there...

@Myne @ not getting Twitter. I actually didn't alert anyone individually, I just sent out a "Blog Update" tweet with the title of this post :)'s such a pleasure to have you over here. Thanks for pimping my blog too :)

@Tope...I feel you. I think it is easier to be protected on twitter than facebook, because on Twitter you can protect your tweets and don't need to add or mention your location. You can also be security conscious on Facebook. Most of the time (I would imagine) people get into trouble when they have stuff like phone numbers, room numbers, and street addresses on Facebook...of all places. But we still need to be careful regardless. Even with blogging, don't you think? Thanks Tope... said...

I have a caution though about twitter and these wonderful media:

"Of course the media ( as in the electron particles propagating the stuff you consume ) is neutral. That is not good news, for it means that whosoever is wielding their power, can and will use them against you. "

Yes, i know, to the righteous, all things are righteous. But i fear for those that have not the Spirit, that they will never know when the tide has turned against them.

To fully appreciate what i meant, see post-

Patrinas Pencil said...

love the analogy here! I don't tweet and I don't face - I just started 'texting'!! Blogging takes more time than I really want to give it. I find that all of this social networking is creating a generation of 'abreviated relationships'. I hear what is being said here, (I read all the comments - as I usually do here) and it sounds like a great tool - but it is too addictive for most and takes the place of real face2face relationships. I'm old! I see things differently :)

Boundaries are soooo important with all this networking. I liked your ending comment.

"So in as much as there is a useful exchange of very-needed information, we still have to be careful so that we don't throw our "real-life" goals, dreams, visions, and callings (purpose) all because of the internet age."

Focus! Focus! Focus! I can't be centered if I'm that connected to the outside world.

Patrina <")>><

Zee said...

hey Jaycee,

Michael mentioned you in his post and i came over to check your blog out :)

interesting post.

in my line of work (web-content coordinator), there is not a day when i don't learn something new. at one of the meetings for the launch of a new project, one of the gals mentioned Twitter. it was Feb '09 i believe. since i did hear about Twitter but never really was into it, i decided to give it a try.

i wouldn't say that i am a twitter lover, at least not yet. yet, sometimes it's fun. *shrug*

my 2 cents :)


Zee said...

(oh, forgot...

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Came over by way of Michael's post. Reckon I am one of the weirdos. I am not on FB and have never Twittered and wouldn't know the first thing about it. Does that make me a dork? lol.

aloted said...

seems i am the only one not on twitter...fb is enough wahala, to come and add twitter again...not yet not just yet!

i like your post though


Jennifer A. said... statement might just be the most important response I've gotten so far. CAUTION. "But I fear for those that have not the Spirit, that they will never know when the tide has turned against them..." I pray that the Holy Spirit orders our steps even as we use these modern tools of social media. doesn't take much to get trapped in the fowler's net. But I know that God is the one who rescues us from the fowler's net and from the miry clay.

Another spin off I can talk about is why Jesus went to dine with tax collectors. He knew that eating with them was out of character (based on the pharisees perspective), but He did it because those were the ones He was called to.

@Patrina...honestly, I think the age of face2face relationships is passing by. A lot of significant relationships are being built these days without being in physical contact. Still, face2face influences cannot be underestimated.

@Zee...tell me about learning something new everyday. I also think that this is the age of "information overload" and we have to filter every piece of information that comes in. For instance, so many links come via twitter...but not all are beneficial enough for us to click. Thanks for coming over and sharing your twitter link with us Zee :) I actually think all the dorks are on twitter. Now, what does that make you? I don't know. Thank you so much for coming over Bill! LOL :) How did your birthday go? I heard on "TWITTER" that it was your birthday. See? (Thanks, I'm doing great and hoping to have a lovely weekend).

aloted said...

shu??? who dey carry me go twitter oooo? nawa
it is tomorrow actually
so what did twitter say about my birthday?

Unknown said...

Jaycee, you are very persuasive. Right now I'm trying not to succumb to temptation as I recently blogged about my dislike of twitter. But then maybe I should reconsider, having read your post?

Twitter should seriously consider hiring you as a rep to convert the not-yet-converted. You have prolly converted thousands already with this post.

Jennifer A. said...

@Aloted...aww...let me be one of the first set of people to say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." I can't even remember who mentioned it...hmmm...Olusimeon or's got to be either one of them. Or maybe not...

@Naijalines...I, for one, would follow you...(t.e.m.p.t.a.t.i.o.n alert). Lol. said...

'why Jesus went to dine with tax collectors. "

I never implied that a saint ought not do so. In fact i said, "to the righteous, all things are righteous", meaning, one who has the Holy Spirit and is going about obeying the Lord never has to fear ANYWHERE,ANYTHING or ANYBODY: in fact, they can make the home in hell and be safe and remain unconverted by the enemy!

Mwajim Al said...

Thanks for the shout out :) Yes... twitter can be quite addictive... and yet as always, moderation is the key. Have a great sunday!!!

Jennifer A. said... totally understand your point. Thanks for your first statement, it's really important.

@Mwajim...hiiiii. I totally agree that moderation is the key. Thanks.

sosexy said...

Mine isn't here oh.. But I'd say, Its a really great post.You sure can spin.Late here..Please I'd say you go over to and vote..
Vote for 2cute4u and her Poem, i think is FOR YOU THEY AND THEM.. I don't know if I got it right.It was touching seeing she dedicated it to Jos

Parakeet said...

Am on twitter as Parakeet but am not much of a tweeting person. I just cant get into the thing but am glad it's working for people like you. How you relate spiritual things to real world situations deserves a commendation. Well done.

seye said...

Oh by the way, Jeremy Camp stole her from me. She was lead singer in the rock band: Benjamin Gates.


Jennifer A. said...

@Sosexy...thanks for rooting for 2cute4u.

@Parakeet...I feel like tossing a roulette to bet that twitter may pull you even closer, I'm gonna add you anyways...maybe I can get special updates immediately you write a post.

@Seye...don't tell me you're hating on Jeremy Camp. I further ban all sorts of "Jeremy Camp" beef on this blog henceforth. Lol. Ohhhhh nooooooo!!!! That calls for you entering my pepper-soup.

Jennifer A. said...

@Kafo...twitter has been what I "made it to be" for myself. You can make it what you will. It could be:

1) Family territory
2) Friends Only territory
3) Blog networks territory
4) A place to share updates
5) A place to receive updates ONLY from people you deem important to you...

Then lastly,
6) It could be a SUMMARY of all these things if you create what is called 'Twitter Lists' and you assign functions to your lists. It's sort of like Microsoft Access, organizing your social networks...:)

ps: and you can choose when to go there and when not to, it doesn't have to become an unnecessary and unhealthy addiction, BUT not everyone can stand it & that's okay too.

pss: LOL @ that lengthy explanation. Can you imagine?