"An Insatiable Craving for a Deeper Fullness": True Celebrities IV


In 1978 Maya Angelou wrote, "You may write me down in history, with your bitter twisted lies; you may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I'll rise." Only 32 years later on January 5th, 2010 my own history was written as formidable power was transferred into my hands and I became a top executive here at Inspiring Missions Ltd. I knew instinctively that this was not something I deserved or desired this early in my career, yet God gave the green light. I, Temisan, of all people? Dear God, look at what You have allowed. A despicable case of insanity and down-trodden dirt. 

Each morning I walk through those double-doors I feel their eyes staring at me, like eagles waiting for their prey to die. My co-workers became jealous after my promotion. It didn't make things any easier when a complex problem arose with project #3. If I didn't fix it fast I would become dead prey. So at 5.00p.m, even after everyone picked up their suitcases and called it quits for the day, I remained right there behind my desk. My plan: I would not go back home until I solved the problem. 

8.00p.m: I cross out plan B and reconsider plan A. 
9:01p.m: I remember I didn't have breakfast or lunch today. Regardless, I do not move one inch away from my desk. I remain.  
9:30p.m: I cross out both plans A and B. I begin to draw a new sketch. I rest my temples on my desk as sleep begins to call my name. I slowly drift away and dream of oceans and beaches.
11:30p.m: I wake up to the sounds of my growling stomach and begin to feel sore. I still have not eaten or solved the problem. I bend over and start to writhe in pain. My bowel is beginning to feel like a bursting sack. I am hungry and thirsty but I don't try to get up. Needless to say, I have a bigger insatiable craving for a solution to project #3, and I am not going to desert it for a smaller desire for food, water, or sleep.

* * * * * * *

Today's Celebrities: The Hungry & Thirsty:

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be filled"  
Matthew 5:6

With each beatitude we unravel comes a revelation that Jesus did not mean "basic stuff." He was not talking about a hunger and thirst for physical food, neither was He talking about just any type of hunger or thirst, but He was speaking of stronger impulses of our senses. The following will at least draw you closer to the truth of this verse:

HUNGER (Greek word: Peinao)- Greek Lexicon:

The origin of this Greek word means "pinching toil" and it's translated as "to suffer want or hunger." When I think of "pinching toil," I think of working hard under the scorching sun and still not finding the right spot to bury my hatchet; excruciating toiling that leads to frustration and suffering. To me this kind of hunger is more as a result of starvation, as opposed to just being hungry for a snack. It's more like feeling as if your intestines are suffocating, if you get my drift. So to hunger for righteousness is not the same as merely "wanting to know God's word." More than that, it means wanting to know God so much that you bury yourself into God's word until you become frustrated and bury yourself again for the second, third, fourth, and fifth time...until righteousness evades your life and you become unstoppable

THIRST (Greek word: Dipsao)- Greek Lexicon

The Greek word indicates a deeper form of "thirst"- i.e. painfully longing for a refreshing of the soul. Again this is like "pinching toil" above. Both of these Greek word origins have to do with a "painful" attribution. They are needs that if not fulfilled could lead to self-dissatisfaction.


The conclusion is that if we don't bury ourselves in the pinching toil and painful process of searching for the refreshing of our souls with God's word (righteousness), we won't be satisfied (filled). Do you know why I think this hunger and thirst involves "pain"? Because the world has released lots of polluted toxins into the atmosphere that hurt our eyes and irritate our skins. So the word of God has become like a prescribed medication from the doctor. It was never intended to be a painful process. We weren't created to be hungry and thirsty for righteousness, we were created to just bask in His presence without searching for it (garden of Eden). But the world is different today, and we need to immerse ourselves in the 'painful' hunger and thirst for His righteousness so that we can be filled. In this case hunger and thirst are more than just ordinary "desires," they involve "toiling" and "seeking" as a result of those desires. And after toiling and seeking, the filling comes.

What is your level of hunger and thirst for God? Is it beyond a basic "want" or does it make you bury yourself in the Word of God more and more until every confusion about Him is erased? I would love to read your comments. 


Favorsheart said...

I love the simiplicty with which this one was explained...indeed the Word is the medicine prescribed to bring health and strength to our famished bodies...was reading Prov 19:15"..an idle (lazy, slothful etc)soul shall suffer hunger..".

Hence I must come to that place where my desire and need to find refreshing for my soul drives me to bury myself in the Word.

Thanks for the insight, Jaycee. God bless.

Unknown said...

Nice, grasping..
I mentioned you on www.helpnigeria.blogspot.cm
Hope you don't mind?

Remi, United Kingdom said...

... Painful longing... Hmmmm wow!

Lord please increase my Hunger for you; everything concerning you - from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same. Don't ever let me get to the point of "comfortable satisfaction" of the knowledge of you.. for I know there is always more...

Jaycee...what can I say... I love the way you unravled the simple encouraging truth... God bless you x

sosexy said...


Unknown said...

My level of hunger for God is certainly not as described here yet and I am not happy. Like you said, the world is filled with so many things that have turned the world of God into a form of medication that we have to seek.

Hmmm...I want to get there though. I want to get to that level of painfully seeking...

I love the way you brought out the deep meaning of those words. The english words often dilutes the meaning.

I have to do something about this post... thanks Jay


Anonymous said...

Before i comment JAY, i want you to know am not the type that quote scriptures at WILL but follow my GUT & SPILL out what is in my mind as at that moment.I write out of SPONTANEITY just as i did the first time i visited your blog remember? SO with all that said, this is my comment for today;

I HUNGER to know WHEN the HOLYSPIRIT is speaking to me & not my thoughts playing pranks in my mind. I thirst for the ANOINTING of dream interpretation & to know which is from GOD & that of my subconscious mind! ABOVE all, i HUNGER to be HIS BEST FRIEND & CONFIDANT which i doubt i am right now because of my numerous sins! *S-I-G-H*....

Blogoratti said...

One word: Beautiful...and Inspiring It's two words i know,but hey you deserve it!
Well done.

Jennifer A. said...

Someone just shared this verse with me, & I feel it somehow ties into this post: "The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought,and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail." Isaiah 58:11

@Favor's Heart...again, that verse compliments this post really well...if we desire food we won't just sit back and relax...we will utilize our energy to go and get what we want. Thanks.

@2cute4u...really? Will check it out, don't mind :)

@Remi...Amen to the first and second parts of your prayer...

@Sosexy...hey, you don't have to live with a problem dear. I'm realizing every day that God can fix any problem. So what do you say?

@LDP...tell me about how the English words dilute meanings. Someone once told me that many other languages are deeper than English. I didn't take that person seriously...but until you start learning French, Spanish, Greek and other languages you start to find amazing connections. The original Greek and Hebrew versions of the Bible are DEEP!

@Nitty-gritty...if you hunger to understand "when" the Holy Spirit is speaking, then you will be filled (He will show up and you will know). If you thirst for an anointing of interpretation of dreams, search the scriptures for what they say concerning that...research about those disciples/apostles/people who could do that...Daniel, David & others...and ask God to give this to you (He said if you desire any of these gifts, you will get them)...and after you've done all these ("toiling"), you will be filled.

@Blogoratti...yay for your blog rounds today. Thanks. He he...(abt deserving it, hmmm).

Mwajim Al said...

Another eye-opener to the beatitudes! Yes, there is that hunger and thirst, though it varies on different days. I am still learning to continually yearn for His word and presence, just as the psalmist says: As a deer pants for water, so does my soul pant for thee... my constant desire is to want to be like the psalmist to pant and yearn for a deeper relationship with Him.

Michael said...

Psalm 42:1 is very dear to me.

Totally describes the passion I desire for Him.

Pearl said...

I am absolutely enjoying the True Celebrities Series Jaycee. You express yourself very well and its always a joy to read your posts!!!

Harry said...

This is really wonderful... lemme see... I think my hunger level increased during the Easter period.... I am seeing Him in a new light now...

Formerly stealth reader said...

well i will say i am learning how to hunger and thirst for him, in the past i have always just wanted and i have realized that just wanting isnt enough ultimately, i wont say it is easy for me (it feels strange) but HE is helping me through it; having to makee the effort to yearn for righteousness. i will be fine/filled.

Jennifer A. said...

@Mwajim...you know what? I want to be like the psalmist as well. Is there a time where we'd ever stop thirsting like a deer thirsts for water? If there is, it may mean that the very essence of life is cut short at that point.

@p-Michael...thanks for sharing that Psalm

@Shona...aww, glad you're enjoying it. I'm also enjoying learning about all this stuff *grins*

@Harry...I like the way you're practical and try to connect this stuff to your life as it is right now.

@Formerly Stealth Reader...permit me to align your statement "I won't say it is easy for me" to the meaning of hunger ("pinching toil") and thirst ("painful longing for refreshment")...ultimately the very reasons why it's not easy. But like you said...you'll be fine :). Thanks for that honest comment.

Unknown said...

I concur. Many times I've had to go back to Hebrew or Greek words for the real meaning of what I was searching for and it amazes me that their Greek meaning propels more rhema than the English substitute. Abi make I go buy greek bible ni?


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sosexy said...

I say I give it try..Eh. I don't have a choice do I?I def.want to be happy and stay that way

Jennifer A. said...

@LDP...we must to buy this Greek Bible o...lol.

@Sosexy...girl, I so want you to be happy. So here I am being your cheerleader...whoop whoop!!! Lol *e-hugs* BTW, you're a leader in writing suspense o...

daylight said...

Well thought out and presented. Just read the post. Wish I had done so yesterday. One or two words from here would have helped me on a matter. Once again, well done.

ShoePassions said...

im speechless, i have hunger but i want to be more hungry

Myne said...

Jaycee, you are truly blessed. This is beautiful. Thank you.

Jennifer A. said...

@Daylight...awww...I hope this "matter" has been settled squarely now...

@Audra...wow...that's exactly the type of hunger we all need. It's not like hunger for a snack, it's more like hunger for a humongous portion of food because you haven't eaten all day. I want to be more hungry too...(may your hunger cause you to search for the one thing which will fill you up completely).

@Myne...thank you always for your gracious "push."

Patrinas Pencil said...

I have missed your blog posts and comments the most in my time away.

It will take me a while to get back up and running.

I hunger for His holiness - every thot - word - and deed to be in PURITY - I hunger to be more and more like Him. Ohhh to have the heart and mind of Christ - as we are created to have. To walk with Him and talk with Him in season and out of season.

I hunger for His presence - in the little things as much as the big things. I love the way He speaks to me through the birds or His sky writing - favor - when I'm in need of His provision - peace when I'm fearful or frustrated - lost in need of His direction. I hunger for His interactive presence in my daily life. I hunger for His voice -in the stillness of the night - through dreams and visions when chooses to communicate with me in my sleep. I hunger for His Divine revelation when I put these dreams to paper. I hunger for His wisdom....the fullness of His heart.

This hunger will not be quinced until He returns to bring me HOME! I hunger to be at home - in the presence of my Lord and KING

Thanks Jaycee for once again stiring the ponderings of my heart.
God bless you, friend

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Jennifer A. said...

@Patrina...through birds and sky-writing? Me too. There was a time I was in an airplane and I looked outside my window, and all of a sudden scriptures were coming to me...His creations were glorifying His Name at that moment. There was another time the wind was blowing and the leaves were flying all around, and I thought about this same thing. And yes, the hunger cannot be quenched until the last day...and even then, we will be in His presence constantly.

Rainyjoy said...

i agree with favor's heart, i do love the simplicity of this posts and the truth that you have unraveled. Matt 5:6, seems to be one of my best bible verses because it gets me longing for more if Him. Everytime i dig deeper into His word and long for more of Him, i find myself being filled with an utmost joy that i am unable to describe. most times, we feel we are there but yet there is still so much more He wants to fill us with, the enemy always tries to make us feel we needn't want more n he makes us feel satisfied with the little we know and this hinders us from thirsting for more of God's righteousness. my prayer- oh Lord may i never be satisfied with where i am with You but may i continue to dig deeper into Your word and fall deeper in love with You,; may i be like a child who keeps wanting for more, more and more of You.
thanks Jaycee.. God bless u

Kafo said...

wanting to know God so much that you bury yourself into God's word until you become frustrated and bury yourself again for the second, third, fourth, and fifth time...until righteousness evades your life and you become unstoppable.

okay i think i lied
this might be more fave than the Gentle Strength

but then again
i'm still thinking about it

Jennifer A. said...

@RainyJoy...AMEN!!! I love that prayer, and I thought about a deer panting for water as I read your response. I don't think we should ever stop hungering or thirsting...may we continue, and God bless u too girlie. I love reading your comments because they add more knowledge to everything here, & that's what we're supposed to do for each other *big grin*...

@Kafo...lol. I can't believe u're trying to choose favorites...I think I'd be confused if someone asked me to choose.