Update: "My Church is Better Than Yours," There, I Said It!!!

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Update: The Radio Show's Recap (in case you missed it):


Friday's Post Recap:

Let your imaginations run wild for a second & feel free to imagine that I made this unsolicited statement with a gigantic smirk on my face while still retaining the graceful halo sitting on top of my head :)

But alas, my views are entirely different from the title of this post and that is what landed me in BIG trouble. Tomorrow, on Saturday April 24th, 2010, I will be co-hosting on the Verastic Show alongside with Vera herself (a.k.a Mrs. Shoes) and the albeit popular Mr. Azazel. I am pretty sure you wouldn't want to miss this. The time for the show is 10.00am (Eastern time, U.S.A).

While I still have this smirk on my face, let me share 5 of my unoriginal thoughts on the issue:

  1. A Mistaken Identity:

    There is this crazy mistaken identity of the meaning of the word "church." The Greek meaning of church only denotes an “assembly of people.” Not denominations. Not buildings. Not labels. It is derived from the Greek word “Ekklesia” which means “Called Out.” In other words, it only suggests a group of people who have been called out of the general masses to be different. And if this is the suggestion, then many of us are responsible for destroying the original meaning of “church.” Many theologians will tell you that the people who translated the Greek word “Ekklesia” to “church” were wrong, because a church is a building or a place where people go to worship. Rather, it should have been translated as “Assembly” to mean “a group of people.” In all honesty, whenever the word “church” is mentioned we must be ready to think about it as the “entire body of Christ.” If we take away the true meaning of the word “church,” then we take away the true meaning of the body of Christ.

  2. Let's ReFocus, 'As we were saying':

    That being said, I also understand that this topic is really about different places of worship and whether one is better than the other. So instead of focusing on the original meaning of “church,” I will talk about the main issue at hand. Is Redeemed church better than Catholic Church? Are Anglicans better than Baptists? Is Deeper Life better than Cherubim & Seraphim? Are Seventh Day Adventists better than Mormons? Which ones are cults, and which ones are not even churches at all?<<<-----(valid question)

  3. Answer the Question Na:

    Is my church better than yours? The answer is “No, no, no.” There is no better place of worship. It's just like saying, “I am better than you,” which is definitely not true. We all have our areas of weaknesses, so would it be fair to say someone is better than another because he is stronger in a certain area more than the other? No. So also, no place of worship is better than the other because they all consist of imperfect weak people, like myself, seeking God so that He will perfect them. The true sons of God will worship Him in spirit and in truth, and if Jesus Himself said this exact thing when He was on earth, who are we to say what's the best place to worship? 

  4. Exposing False Churches:

    And even though I've said these things, still, I will say one more important thing: the bible also says that we should bring the dark things to light. In Ephesians 5: 11 it says, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” First of all, if any church is not principled according to the bible (pretty much if they're following a book inspired by a human being as opposed to following the Bible (inspired by God)) then that's not a church. Now, if a certain assembly is following the bible, they may be misinterpreting it, and someone has to tell them. Thinking about it, how will a place of worship know that they are doing something that is not according to God's word if someone does not tell them? How can we be blessed if we don't know that we are blessed? In the same way every unfruitful work is to be exposed. This is the only thing we need to do to propagate the truth even within people who say they are Christians. We need to bring the truth out so that they can see it, and so that they can change and refocus their ministries in the right path. Still, that same scripture continues to say that “we should walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as the wise,” meaning that there is a better way to go about this than to say something as foolish as “my church is better than yours” or “my pastor is better than yours.” A good example of this is how Paul talked to the Corinthians, telling them their gifts and at the same time telling them that what they were doing was wrong (1 Corinthians 1:4-13). 
  5. I am Not of Paul, Apollos, or Cephas:

    I will leave you with 1 Corinthians 1: 10-13, “Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. For it has been declared to me concerning you, my brethren, by those of Chloe’s household, that there are contentions among you. Now I say this, that each of you says, “I am of Paul,” or “I am of Apollos,” or “I am of Cephas,” or “I am of Christ.” Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul?”

    I invite you to join in the discussion tomorrow on the Verastic Radio Show (10a.m Eastern). Visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/verastic/2010/04/24/my-church-is-better-than-yours for more information.
    But while we're at it, please tell me: Is Your Church Better Than Mine, Or am I just a Crazy Selfish Abnormal Amused Child of God? *smirk*


kenya.fm said...

if the church groupings include "roman catholic, baptist, redeemed, full gospel, church of christ of latter day saints, christ the first scientist, methodist, etc'

Then of course it is possible to without blinking say to someone "your church is not a church at all"

Christ said it once "you samaritans you worship what you do not know.."

But if by church you mean the groupings of ALL born againts and spirit led people, then ....

NakedSha said...

How do we listen to this? Will it be streamed live? Is it available in the USA?

'cross the USA?

Chizzy D said...

deep...its very important that there is unity among the body of Christ, but it is also important that false teachings are brought to light.

Rinsola said...

All i know is My God, (The only God) is nothing compared to their gods.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU JAYCEE. I have been saying it for yonks.. the CHURCH is NOT the physical building. It is the body of Christ. And we cannot say that in the body of christ that one part is better than the other. Just like our whole body. We cannot say our leg is more useful than the hand and vice versa. they are all needed to make the body function better. We the people are the church.... When we will all get this.

The denomination is rooted everywhere, when I go out for street envagelism with some folks, and we try to speak to people, we get " I am catholic, I am penticostal, and the rest of it" I mean, are we not meant to be serving the same ONE GOD... Even in the corinthian times they were rebooked for trying to divided themselves - saying one was a follower of Peter and the rest. God help us.

But then again, the Bible says we should be "wise as serpents and gentle as doves" but it seems most are living "wise as doves and gentle as serpents"

Some 'churches - as in the building and demonination the world has created' is actually headed and run by demons... yes, they know a whole lot of Bible too!

We must be vigilant and wise enough to know whom we are following and serving.. It is God, who we are free to worship, through Jesus Christ, because "we who have been set free, we are free indeed". We must be careful not to 'bond-age' ourselves in demoninations separating us from God.

Thank you for this.. I am going to share it oh. :-)

I think I have missed the show.. lol. oh dearie me.. let me check
Much love

lani said...

I concur!!!
We are the church. It hurts me when leaders of the congregation forget this in a bid to keep members locked in.

jhazmyn said...

Hmmm, I used to say, to every man his own...then i used to say, my way is THE way, I've learnt to pray...lead us all in the right path, and help me live such that my living might be light to another.

Wish i could listen in tomorrow...have a great weekend Jay

Andrea said...

I will be listening to the show.

Unknown said...

Yorubas say: "okan eni ni igbagbo eni". "Your heart is your faith."

There will always be divisions among human beings of any faith or creed and christianity is no different in that respect. The human tendency to create artificial divisions in race, class or faith is always there.

It's only through education and raising awareness as intended in posts like this that people become more enlightened or choose to be more enlightened about their own attitudes.

Thought provoking, I like.

Unknown said...

Hmmmmm, No comments.so sad today..
I'd just read and leave.Just to let you know I've been here.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hmmm... the issue of church is a big debate. What churches believe in and what they practise if often a subject you find most in christian media today too. It is not a new thing in the airwave to heart churches lashing out against each other, thus making church members taking sides in a seeming 'clash of beliefs" Did christ encourage this, No.

I always like to say and would still stress that the church is not meant for perfect people living a perfect life. It is infact meant for those who desire to live and walk the walk of Christ. So, people should stop criticizing a christian that falls, especially fellow christians. C'mon he/she is human too. I love the words of Donnie McClurkin, "a saint is just a sinner who fell down but cldnt stay down and got up"...

Church, church! May God help us. My church aint better. I wont be able to join your show on vera... take care and have a good weekend :)


Giagerry said...

but u know--with all my skool work at hand--i must still listen to the show tmr!!
for 2 reasons!
1. its jaycee cohosting!!!!!
2. this topic makes sense!
LOOOOl--talk to u 2moro!oooooo!

SimpleeMe said...

I love this! As long as the presence of God is felt, I'm good! Who are we to judge? Will try and listen :)

Jennifer A. said...

@Kenya.FM...it is possible. All you need to do is to take a hold of your bible, read it, and then look at how a certain congregation is coordinated...if it doesn't match the Word of God, there is a very obvious problem. It will be ridiculous to just sit back and say, "all is well." I want to know your thoughts on your last paragraph...

@Nakedsha...would love for u to be on the show :) All you need to do is to visit this page at 10a.m Eastern tomorrow (or you can go there now to see all the instructions), I think the instructions are very clear: the page is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/verastic/2010/04/24/my-church-is-better-than-yours (would love for you to call in and say your views too).

@GoHard...you've just summarized two important points that every Christian needs to know.

@Rinsola...yayyy! How na? Your statement is as clear as water. Now, the question would be which God are all these denominations worshipping? I hope it's the same God. I've never been a fan of denominations, of course we all need to find that special congregation that is "spirit-filled" where we can be planted and GROW, but being divided against other congregations is not on God's heart...and it does not depict truthfully who God is.

@Remi...if only we can all catch this revelation. If only! I've been reflecting on the Christians in Paul's time. They were so different from Christians of nowadays. They encouraged, uplifted, corrected, and agreed with each other...and they did it all in LOVE. Where did we go wrong? Remi, NO, you haven't missed the show. It comes on tomorrow @ 10a.m (American Eastern time)...I think you guys in the U.K are 6 hours ahead of us.

@Lani...it hurts me too. Imagine people trying to lure people into leaving their [good] church and attending their own [other good] church? Why? What's the use? There are LOST people out there who need to know the TRUTH about God, and all we're concerned with is drawing "believers" from one church to another? I think it's an utter waste of time.

@Jhazmyn...*sigh* please have a wonderful weekend as well. It is a funny situation.

@Andrea...you will? I'm so excited. Please PRAY for the Holy Spirit's guidance that I will say the right things and not be caught in any loop-hole or fallacies. I need your prayers, thanks.

@Naijalines...the proverb is so true. That's why God already provided "ways of escape" for us to handle all these things when they do come up. I've found out that there is no solution that is not in His Word. Thanks Naijalines.

2Cute4u...I'm so sorry that it's been a sad day for u *sigh*. I heard abt DaGrin yesterday and was sad, I'm not sure if you have other reasons...but "it is well."

@LDP...thanks for those views. You can also listen to the show later on in the weekend as it would be recorded. Please PRAY for the show. Please PRAY (I don't know why I'm emphasizing prayer this morning). But all of us are human, only God can guide us in the right direction. I thirst for the Holy Spirit or else...I don't want to be anywhere the Holy Spirit is not.

@Geecyrus...u sure know how to make someone smile sha. Thanks for the support. Pls pray too, and call in if you get a chance...would love to hear your views too :)

@Simpleeme...may God guide us in the right direction sha. The human tendency is for us to become judges of one another, rather than encouraging each other in love. Where did we go wrong and how can we fix it?

Myne said...

No way! You didn't just say that?

LOL, I spoke with Vera on this issue sometime ago and she was very passionate about it. I hold very laid back views on the topic, to each their own. I like your views, was almost about to comment with a challenge till I got to #4, there are churches and there are churches.

I'll be listening in tomorrow.

Jennifer A. said...

@Myne Whitman...yes I did. Lol. And on your comment "there are churches, and there are churches," shouldn't it be this way instead, "if you're not a church, then you shouldn't be called a church." Why pretend something is a church when it really isn't? There are no hierarchies. Even James and John couldn't get on top of the hierarchy when they asked Jesus for that favor.

You'll be there tomorrow? Sweet!:)

Anonymous said...

wow! JAY, u sure hit the jackpot with this topic i tell you, because it is quite a sensitive one
First, the translation of the bible to English had caused a lot of KATAKATA!in Christendom!

Anonymous said...

what happened to my comment?
Anyways i was saying this was an expository piece and would try to be on the show tomorrow by God's grace.
People have carried church on their heads. It's like carrying yourself on your head. :)

Vera Ezimora said...

Jaycee, I'm looking forward to co-hosting with you tomorrow. I'm not going to talk too much here. But to those who are wondering about the time and how to listen, the time is 10am U.S. Eastern and 3pm Nigerian time. It's an online show, so listen right here http://bit.ly/cogV7M and if you cannot listen but would want to send a comment in, send it to radio@verastic.com or text 1.443.934.9039. To call the live show, call 1.646.929.1905

sosexy said...

Hmmm interesting read, I absorbed it..

NakedSha said...

Since, I wasn't in Boulder, I just received this message. I would have loved to be a part of it.

Jaycee, how did it go? And,would there be an upcoming one?

Eyitemi Egwuenu said...

Jaycee you said:

"First of all, if any church is not principled according to the bible (pretty much if they're following a book inspired by a human being as opposed to following the Bible (inspired by God)) then that's not a church. Now, if a certain assembly is following the bible, they may be misinterpreting it, and someone has to tell them. Thinking about it, how will a place of worship know that they are doing something that is not according to God's word if someone does not tell them?"

The question is/are:

What is the truth?

How do we know that the person telling "them" in spite of all good intentions is telling the truth?

Pardon me, but I tend to post long comments.

There is what I call a "bandwagon effect" in every group formed by people (wether church or secular). People from any denomination tend to believe the same thing and they preach that belief even if it is wrong. Nobody of course wants to admit that they are a part of anything wrong so they will argue from sunrise to sunset about why their "doctrine" is right and others are wrong.

When you read the four gospels does it not strike you as odd that the message of Jesus is so plain and direct but that somehow men and denominations have succeeded in complicating it?

Men are too quick to capitulate to "this is how we do things here" attitude rather than to the plain message expressed in scriptures. I wonder how many people read the bible without bringing in the bias of their own denomination into its interpretation.

The irony of it all is that if you get a million responses to this post, they will all say how it is not a good thing for church to be split among denominational lines BUT the obvious question is, if they all believe this why is the issue of "division" and "finger pointing" and "my church is better than yours" still a real issue in the body of Christ.

It makes you wonder wether christians really believe what they say.

Christ asked a question while he was earth which I think would make anyone think seriously about what we are to expect. He said:

"When the Son of Man returns, shall He find faith on earth?

Everyone should ponder that question seriously.

Jennifer A. said...

@all..the show finished some minutes ago, in case you missed the LIVE edition you can always listen to it anytime, since it's archived: http://bit.ly/cogV7M

@Nitty gritty...I actually used your quote on "Super-Stardom" on the show...thanks in arrears...

@Ochuko...lol @ carrying urself on the head.

@Vera...it was great being on your show today. It was an honor too. Thanks.

@Sosexy...how's ur weekend going? I'm absorbing everything with you...

@Nakedsha...it went well, thanks (you can always listen to it on the archives). Vera has many upcoming show topics on her blog, www.verastic.com, not necessarily relating to Christianity or church, but just about life in general. Check her website out when u get a chance :)

@Eyitemi...first, I love long comments. Second, I pray that when He comes He will find faith on earth. And yes, the "bandwagon effect" can be seen in the interpretations of Christians and their own ministries...it really does make me wonder too. You're not the only one...

Straight from the heart said...

What more can I add to the numereous insigthful comments. There is none perfect no not one. Since this is the case, that imperfect people make up churches, it does mean that we cannot have a good or perfect church. We will have wrong doctrines and teachings and as Jaycee says our mandate is to preace and expose the gospel truth.

Since none is perfect we all have a mandate to spread the good news of the gospel which is Jesus Christ and him crucify.
We've not been called to make popular a leader or particular sect or denomination, but to make popular Jesus Christ.

I don't identify with a donomination, because that sorts of defines us. I just say I am part of the body of Christ.

Good post.

Somuso said...

Great post Jaycee!
I'm Catholic and I love my Church. However, I don't worship the church, I worship God. I have no problem visiting in other churches whether it's MFM or Redeemed or Anglican, as long as we are gathered in the name of the Lord, that's all that matters. People need to see that.

Tatababe said...

I finally put a voice to the name hehehehe.....and I enjoyed the show too :)

Jennifer A. said...

@Debbie...I agree with you that when we identify with a specific denomination, it sort of defines us. I'm not against denominations, I'm just against denominations causing divisions amongst Christians in the body of Christ. Hope your weekend was fantastic :) :)

@Somuso...I like your statement, "I don't worship the church, I worship God." To be 100% honest worshiping God in spirit and in truth is what will matter most in the end.

@Tatababe...LOLLLLLLL, abi o? Finally...& you had some interesting perspectives too. If nothing stops me, I possibly might be listening to ur show next week too :)

Mwajim Al said...

I am completely onboard with you on this... I think the mentality should be that God is God everywhere, and as long as he is being worshiped in a Church according to the word of God, then all is well... sadly, most aren't focusing on Christ but on the people that are in the church.

sosexy said...

I always find myself in that argument arena but somehow do find way to extricate myself from it.
I try not to judge cause, I believe its not in my place to do so.

Anonymous said...

kai! my body do jigi jigi when i first hear your voice & when you quoted my earlier comment; JAY AM STAR-STRUCKED O! Lol.

I enjoyed it!

Jennifer A. said...

@Mwajim, very true that there is now a huge deviation in churches today away from Christ. It's not about people, pastors, building, church funds, and the likes...it's about Jesus. Everything else is sinking sand if we're not careful.

@SoSexy...it is good that you try to steer clear of arguments. There are two types of "judging." The first is "discerning" (which we will be able to do because the bible says that "by their fruits you will know them,") and the second is "looking down on others' wrongdoings" (this is the wrong part of judging). So many times we WILL know those practicing the right things and those practicing the wrong things (through good judgment/discernment), but still there's really no need to get caught up in fiery arguments.

@Nitty-gritty...yes o...I liked that line about "super-stardom." Lol.

justjoxy said...

Jaycee, can't believe I'm just reading this now. Well done, you did a great job co-hosting. Looking forward to hearing you again soon.

Jennifer A. said...

@JustJoxy...thanks. I thank God it went well, and I'm glad you were able to share your own perspective on the issue as well :)

Vera Ezimora said...

Jaycee, thanks again! Thank you very, very much. Perhaps, you might want to combat the 'Of Demons and of Demons' show next? LOL.

Jennifer A. said...


Adeoluwa - NBB said...

so i missed the show. im downloading the podcast now!

Jennifer A. said...

@NBB...good to know...you could even share your views too after you've listened :)

idomagirl said...

denominational-ism is one tool that the devil has used against God's kingdom. while we are busy fighting amongst ourselves and trying to convince ourselves that our churches are better, the enemy of our souls is plundering and destroying lives.
more emphasis should be placed on soul winning and not on which church has the best doctrines.

Jennifer A. said...

@Idomagirl, I completely agree with you. Thanks for bringing up the issue about what we really need to be focusing on.