"Spending Every Day in God's Will Results in Sexy People"- 10 Things About Remi Banjo (Guest Blogger Friday)

The beautiful Remi Banjo is the writer for 3 inspiring blogs: “A Day in God’s Will,” “Words in Poetic Motion,” and “His Fit Temple.” She's sexy because she loves God, runs her own company, is passionate about the younger generation, & is a great writer. 

The Will:

What is a "will"? A legally enforceable declaration of how a person wishes his or her property to be distributed after death. It declares who gets his/her belongings and assets. The death of Jesus is a testament that God has given us authority in His will. The question is, "Do we really spend every day of our lives in His will?" Well, join me on this ride into a glimpse of someone who does her best to live her days in His will... 

10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know about Remi Banjo:

1) Hi Remi. Can you tell the Lamp readers a little more about you?

First, thank you for making me a guest blogger.  I feel like a celebrity. *smile*.   And thanks for being a reader of  "A Day in God’s Will." About me, hmmm, what you see is what you get, physically and in my writing.  I am easy going, carefree, focused and very determined (although my ma calls it stubbornness! Lol!)  I am the 4th member of 5 children. I am passionate about fitness, both physical and spiritual and I believe one should not be to the detriment of the other. I try to live everyday to the best of my ability, by God’s grace – at work and at play.   I work hard and play hard too.  I love travelling, although I have not done  much of that lately because of work commitments. 

I am an independent Business Change Manager / Programme Management Consultant by profession and run my own company called Programme Smart Consulting. (http://www.programmesmart.co.uk/). I am passionate about influencing this and the next generation to come, by educating on the importance of knowing and understanding the intricacies of God’s Will for individuals, groups and nations. Everyone and everything is significant in God’s agenda. 

I am a mean cook “well I make the best “puff puff “this side of London! Oh… and I absolutely LOVE SHOES! My motto: “There are no impossibilities within my realities.” 

2) You don’t seem like a shy person. Why did you choose to spread God's Word through blogging?

I missed that shy gene by miles.  I talk a lot, ask too many questions and I am a very expressive and inquisitive individual to be categorized as a shy. I would be the one that comes up to you and say something like “I like your shoes, please put them back in my closet when you are done”  and then strike up a conversation which will somehow end up in the lessons of patience God taught me from shoe buying! There is always something to talk about or learn from a person or situation. I am a people person. The reason  I spread the word of God is because of my personal mandate from 1 Thessalonians 5:9, the second part reads “So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you'll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you're already doing this; just keep on doing it.”  

I remember reading this a long while ago and thought, oh dear that is my assignment right there!  I have never looked back since. According to the gifts that God gives to us all, I have been blessed with the desire to teach and encourage.  It sounds simple enough, however, it took me years to fully understand or even accept this calling and responsibility.  I found all through life, no matter where I am or what I am doing, people would somehow come up to me with their problems or questions with the firm belief that I somewhat had knowledge of the solution.  This used to irritate me to no end, for I kept saying “why is everyone coming to me? Am I the only one in this office, building or friend of this person?” Let all these people leave me alone.  Little did I know that I was in training to step onto a bigger platform and embrace more responsibilities of such. When I finally understood what this was all about – “ To Uplift and Inspire”  I became restless, in spirit and physically. I started to pay attention to those who are within my vicinity and really see how I could help them, and also sought out ways to reach people who were not within reach.  I started with emails, every Sunday night or Monday; I would email people with whatever I learnt from study or quiet time and just encourage them to have a good week.  Then I moved to MSN web space, but then that was not really a good and flexible tool and I wanted a much bigger platform.  I did a bit of research and found blogsville a whole community of wonderful people, a whole community of people could communicate to, from all parts of the world.  So the rest as they say is history. A day in God’s will was created, and I have been blogging since.   

3) Can you tell us about your unique poetry blog "Words in Poetic Motion"? What inspired you to create it? How different is it from your original every day blog? 

Words in Poetic motion
Flowing Through my veins
Intending to heal
This and future generations...

Poetry helps to give further expression or understanding and insight into what I write on my main blog.  Poetry is very powerful in that with one word and one sentence, hidden depths of a desired meaning or emotion can be conveyed. I find that most people will read a short poem as opposed to an article.  Thus, I sometimes use this to support a post on the main blog to emphasize the point, or just for the reader to enjoy the pleasures and wonders of life through words.  I am privileged to be a member of my church’s Drama and Dance team called – Word In Motion, where I am able to, alongside my fellow members use the gift of poetry through drama and dance to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, through poetry, drama and dance.  The reception we get is very much profound.  

4) You once wrote a poem titled, “The Essence of Poetry.” What is the essence of poetry in a summary? 

I believe the essence of Poetry is the ability for the entwined words to transport the reader to another place like prose (Ordinary speech or writing) can do. A reader can conjure up and experience the reality of a world in the words a poem presents. 

5) Do you consider yourself to be a poet as well as a writer?

I would like to consider myself a poet at heart, and well, I do love writing. The strange thing is I compose most of my poems in my sleep – quite spooky. I wake up and I see and know the words already and then I remember that I recited them when I was asleep. Very strange!

6) I think you’re a natural-born teacher. Have you had any teaching positions/influences in the past? Do you think you have the calling to “teach” (especially the Word)?

Funny you should ask that, my profession means that I am always in a mentoring, teaching or solution implementing and coaching role. My desire is to encourage, and therefore teaching comes as part of it; which is not in isolation of the word. It is wrapped into everything I do.  Life and the word are one, thus, encouragement and teaching with and through the word is the path to a successful life. 

I am especially passionate about encouraging and instilling confidence in the younger generation. They have so much of life ahead of them and there is so much they can do to influence the world around them.  This is one of the reasons I am a member of the drama / Word in Motion team of my church as mentioned above.
Remi and 2 'younger generation' folk she works with

7) You seem to read a lot of books. What book stands out to you the most? 

Ooooh books, one of my favorite words and things!  I absolutely LOVE books. Wow, to pick a book that stands out is pretty hard for me, for I have read so many books that have impacted me.  A favorite one that comes to mind now is "The God Chasers" by Tommy Tenny!  I actually recommended that for my book club this month.  It teaches and challenges one to go beyond needing God, but to develop a hunger for Him.  It helps me to further explain to people that ‘we are not meant to just look in God’s direction, but we are to look at Him in the face’. Imagine if we all had a hunger for God like we did for food… the result will be awesome.  

8) Have you published any books and/or do you plan to publish in the future? Should we be looking out for you really soon?

I have not published any books yet, and Yes, you should be looking out for me really soon.  I am in the process of writing three books – I know, unnatural multi – tasking. Lol. The first is a compilation of articles from my blog ‘A Day In God’s will’. The second is called “My Father’s Illness” – my dad is  currently ill with a neurological disease, but through the storm, God has taught my family the intricacies of His love, the birth patience, requirement for togetherness and trusting in Him.  God is just awesome like that! The final one is a compilation of poetry called “A Love Story”.

9) According to your blogger profile, your 2 other interests apart from writing are dancing & singing. So tell us, do you think you can make it on the British X-Factor/American Idol competitions?

I love dancing and I must confess, I am usually the last one standing on the dance floor when I go to a wedding party, for instance. However, I don’t think I will win the British X-Factor/ American Idol competitions.  They might need to create the “z factor” or the “wannabe Idol competition” just for me.

10) What was the last crazy/funny thing that happened to you recently? 

Funny thing…hmmm it has to be my gym antiques.  A week ago, I went to the gym before an appointment. After my workout and shower, I realized that I forgot my shirt at home! Hilarious! I had to put my wet gym clothes back on, run to a shop nearby, buy a shirt, and go back to the gym, shower and then change.  Needless to say, I was late for the appointment.  However, my explanation of what happened was the "ice breaker" and I am still being teased about it! lol 

Can you share a poem you've written that made you cry (or at least made you emotional)? 

This is an emotional one. I wrote it when I met my special someone.


If all the colours of love
 were entrusted to me.. 
I would show you a beautiful dream

If I was given a canvas to express the emotions 
I would show you the desire that rotates within

If I was given the platform to speak
Your name will come forth with ease

If you asked me to define my desired reality
It would be to share it with you
Lost within the realms of your masculinity
In the essence of your security 
Is where my love simply desires to be

Those were 10 interesting things about Remi. BTW she is very passionate about enlightening people to knowledge that is readily available, through books and such; every month, she gives out free books on her blog "A Day in God’s will" and the book club – A Page A day. She also has a 12 page Booklet and some gifts (pens, e.t.c) that support the blog.

Follow Remi on TWITTER: @ADayInGodsWill
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So what do you think? Does Remi inspire you to live every single day of your life in God's will? I'd love to read your comments. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week Monday. 


Blogoratti said...

Very enlightening interview..enjoyed reading it all.
Well done!

Favorsheart said...

So beautiful.

I almost never comment but i love "A day in God's will". I've been encouraged time and time again by reading it.

lol@response to number 10.

Remi, you're doing a great work and thanks for finding your purpose and walking in it...we're blessed becos you did.

BTW...you're beautiful...

Have a great week Jaycee...see you soon.

jhazmyn said...

I love the depth and clarity with which she writes...and that poem...oh, my...mad me fall in love over again...lol

Keep Rocking Remi...and enjoy the weekend Jaycee

daylight said...

Nice to know the owner of adayingodswill. Nicer to know that she knows her purpose and is walking in it.

sosexy said...

this is totally inspiring..will check her out..
Great post as usual...

Dee said...

Remi Banjo - gorgeous, beautiful, talented, inspiring, motivating, encouraging - all this and more!
Everytime i read or hear Remi, my spirit leaps for joy! She uplifts and transforms with words in a way that i have never experienced before and listening to her sharing her faith and her experiences is a powerful motivator for me. I thank God for you, Remi Banjo! Keep rising, keep running and keep reigning! Let God be true and all men liars! :)
Every blessing, Doose xx

Michael said...

will definitely check it.

AfroElle said...

I love Remi's blogs and I think she is truly living out her purpose. God bless

Mr Quadosh said...

Remi is such a wonderful writer. I'm impressed and blessed each time i visit her blog. Now i can say i know her more... lol. Keep up the good work sis, you're a blessing. Dayo.

NoLimit said...

I love the poem...very beautiful!
Well done and keep doing what you're doing...enlightening the youths...one at a time!

Mwajim Al said...

Jaycee, have I told you that the stuff I read on your blog ALWAYS uplifts me. Well done for choosing Remi, reading up on her has just fired me up to want to live my life according to the purpose God has planned out for me :)

Harry said...

Yea..she is really inspiring...can't wait for next weeks blogger

Myne said...

Great interview, Remi is really beautiful and sexy, lol. I did not know of her poetry blog, will check that out. You're right that she's a natural teacher, I enjoy reading her messages. I pray God's blessings and provisions for her and her family and will forward to her books.

Anonymous said...

yipeeeeeeeee. its my remi...yes yes yes..... weldone girl proud of you......

Kings kid

Ben said...

Yep, shes a talker alrite.Very cool to be around with. Her blog is inspiring (after her takes all my notes, lol).
A gud friend indeed

Jennifer A. said...

Thanks guys for reading about Remi, and thanks Remi for inspiring us all (esp the younger generation). :)

ADEY said...

Wao.....Very interesting interview. Well done Remmy, keep up the good work.....And God will continue to bless you and give you more wisdom.

Love the Poem as well....:_)

Unknown said...

This is very beautiful. I tend to share Remi's vision of inspiring and motivating this generation and the next. I am now following her blog. I have to learn more from this well of knowledge... God bless her spirit.

PS: I love that poem radically. LOL


aloted said...

i enjoyed reading this...
thanks for sharing

Straight from the heart said...

Remi is all she said she is, funny, witty, striaghtforward, no none sense girl but sweet and kind.

She is one of my best friends. I met her over 6 years ago after a failed attempt to introduce her to my brother inlaw, since then our friendship has progressed. She's an encourager, helper and great friend. Her shoe! well that's something else too.
Until recently we also fellowship in the same church.

Remi, talks. Lol! we were at a wedding today and we never stopped talking, and she danced lo! Gosh, she is definitely gifted.
Thanks Jaycee for introducing Remi to the world. She is indeed born to do what she is doing.

To Remi I say Go girl.

Love you lots.

Your personal person xxx Debbie

Unknown said...

Interesting lady. So many bloggers are 'coming out' of their anonymity. So...when are you coming out?

*Diana Ross sings: "I'm coming out" for Jaycee.*


Jennifer A. said...

LOL @ naijalines...:)

Harlem Loves said...

Great blog post. Love your blog too :)

Coach said...

Inspiration made flesh!

The Activist said...

Nice to see Remi Unveiled!

kenya.fm said...

What does it mean sexy, in the context of a Christian person? Would we say Jesus is sexy? To see my thots on this word, see http://kenya.fm/?p=25, which i wrote sometimes in 2007. Let me hear your thoughts.

kenya.fm said...

Correction: The correct URL is http://kenya.fm/?p=25

Just to add, that apart from the word that i have an issue with, i think the post is great.

Jennifer A. said...

@Kenya.fm...I just went and read your post. We need more people like you to shout from the roof-tops. Thanks for pointing that out, and yes I responded.

Mel said...

Uhhhhhhhhh , my favorite blogger1 Lovely interview Rems, well done and may God continue to bless you with creativity.
Much love, Mel.

Kafo said...

a face to go with the words

i love this

thanks Jaycee