"When UnSpoken Things become Spoken": Guest Blogger Friday

Who is KAFO? She's a young woman who's simply motivated by SOULS STRIPPED BARE!

It was love at first sight on my first encounter. So why do I keep going back to her blog for more? It's the way she "keeps it real." Most times the best lessons in life come from those who are not afraid to admit their doubts, worries, and concerns about God and to Him.

She's also a relentless "Spoken Word" artiste. So here I am, on a "Guest Blogger Friday" introducing Kafo, writer for the Unspoken Blog

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Title: "Dear Human I"

 5 Real Things About Kafo:

1)    1) Kafo, the first post you ever wrote quoted Lauryn Hill’s words, “Fantasy is what people want, but reality is what people need.” Over the years I’ve watched how your writings emphasize realities rather than theories. Tell us what your blog is about. Have your views changed since your first post? 

I am selfish. My blog started out as an outlet for me, it wasn’t initially about others reading or benefiting from it. It began in my mind during a very tumultuous period in my life when sanity and I didn’t always see eye to eye. I’m a PK (pastor’s kid) and so I grew up with a complex to be perfect, to be beautiful and to say the right things; when all I really wanted to do sometimes was scream. So, my blog started out as an avenue to be real about my relationship with Christ and with others. It has grown over the course of the last three years and now focuses less on me and more on the struggles that being a Christian presents. The ugliness of who we are and how it taints His beautiful gospel, is woven with personal experiences and revelation. So my views haven’t changed but instead, in some situations, have become spoken.

2)      2) What are you most passionate about? What drives you?

Wow, this is a tough one. I’m passionate about life, real life, not fiction or entertainment but just "souls stripped bare." Okay, that makes me sound like a wannabe psychological surgeon but what keeps me up at night is this Christian thingy and how to live a life that speaks volumes. So I’m attracted to the Christians in pain (that I can relate to) because on some level I need to know how they operate. I used to be shy, the first 18 years of my life were spent in the shadows and so now I just want to make a difference and yet not be seen. I don’t want praise or recognition but I want on some level to help others see that this walk with Christ isn’t about the layers of masks that have been put on. I live for that moment of comprehension when a friend wakes up from self induced misery and accepts life abundantly.

3)      3) Tell us about the origin of the name of your blog, and the transitions so far.

Initially being real was the aim of my blog. To strip the layers and reveal some of the ugly stuff that my mind comes up with. Over the course of the last three years, I’ve been invited to preach, speak and mentor others and so when this New Year started, I realized that speaking my mind had seized to be the main issue. Instead taking my thoughts and words that I now share and making a tangible difference was the new dilemma. So now my blog has two parts:
a) The Unspoken: wRitten which focuses on unspoken situations and emotions that arise and also things that are now said and must be acted upon.
b) The Unspoken: Reality’s Reaction which focuses on emphasizing issues that aren’t focused on by mainstream media and making a sustainable difference now that words have been spoken.

4)      4) Can you describe your first experience of “Spoken Word?” How did you feel? What inspired you to do it? What is the difference between spoken word and written word?

Spoken Word: I oscillate between wanting to share and yet not wanting to be seen. About 18 months ago, (11.11.08) there was this poetry slam competition on campus and I thought about it, got the flyer but rationalized and talked my way out of it. Until a friend was said emphatically, “you have to go” and so I did.

It was intense, I did Dear Human: Part 1 and I was nervous, sweating and my hands were trembling but there is this moment when one opens their mouth and for me it stops being me and it becomes a God thing. You have 3 minutes to make a point, 3 minutes to impact and then it’s over.

The difference between spoken word and written word has its origins in the tales my grandmother used to tell under a full moon. 

There was something about the way she told the story that made it personal. Spoken word is the word laced with emotion and drenched in personal experience. It’s the person and the content all presented to you.

5)      5) You once did a Series titled “Woes of a Logical Person” (Part I, Part II, & Part III) Can you tell us more about them? Why did you write them?

I’m logical, sometimes to a fault. I woke up one day and I was 22 and had never been kissed or been in a relationship and didn’t really care because I had other priorities. Then I met this guy who is also logical and so the series began. It focuses on how relationships are hard when one or both parties is/are so used to operating on a logical level.

You can WATCH Kafo's other "Spoken Word" videos here:

What are your views on this blogger who keeps it real? 
Many times we are logical, and that destroys the essence of God's love. But even in our "logical-ness" His love somehow still finds us.

That's all folks...see you on Monday as I continue the "True Celebrities" series.


Rita said...

I am more than impressed...gosh Kafo, you inspire me. And Jaycee...your love for Kafo is soo evident :-)

Pearl said...

Really enjoyed this guest entry. Kafo am just watching you on you tube you are blessed!!!!

Unknown said...

I used to read Kafo. She visited my blog too. I lost her link but it's good to know she's still doing her thing. I will read her again.

Liz007 said...

Lovely :)

Yay so my Google Chrome worked then

Jennifer A. said...


@Shona...I'm watching the rest too...currently watching "The Least of These."

@Naijalines...good to know you'll have her link now (I listed it in the first portion of the post) :)

@Elizabeth...your google chrome finally worked. Lol.

Anye said...

Thank you for sharing this Jaycee..It was very inspiring! God bless you both much and plenty through your walk with our Abba.

Straight from the heart said...

I do love Kafo's blog and find myself checking it out often several times a day to see what's new.
this is a very good piece on her.
Well written Jaycee!

Mwajim Al said...

Its inspiring. I like the fact that she really seemed to have a strong sense of who she is, what she is about and what her mission is.

Chizzy D said...

hooray for christian spoken word..i love seeing ppl using their gifts for Christ..
spoken word is uncommon, christian spoken word is even more uncommon, christian spoken word artist of Nigerian descent= Rare...soo im delighted to see a fellow artist :)

Adeoluwa - NBB said...

She's such an inspiration and a great blogger. keep up the good work. The unspoken word, very powerful

sosexy said...

Loved this.This is really nice..Happy Easter.

Vera Ezimora said...

Awww. This is a nice interview. I watched one of the videos on YouTube. Cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter JAY. I enjoyed it. Tnx

Jennifer A. said...

Happy Easter everyone...glad you enjoyed Kafo's Guest Blogger edition...

Have a great celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. There's nothing that can compare to His sacrifice.

Unknown said...

Good stuff. What I particularly enjoy about this is the reference to 'not wanting to be seen'. Its a God's picture, why should we want to share in his glory. God bless you Kemi and you too Jay.

Cheers and Happy Easter :)


Anonymous said...

"An ode to things left unsaid and thots that get squashed by conformity and reality" was the previous theme of Kafo's blog.

'twas deep and i planned (should still do) to write a post on it.

Well, eventually.....the idea or ideals behind beginning a blog always evolves to something else.

She does have an interesting blog.