"Thirteen Sweeter-Than-Honey Lessons & An Intelligent Answer"

Photo by Yuga

I am one of those people with the most random crazy/absurd/insane thoughts in my head sometimes. Thoughts that make my heart skip a beat. Eureka moments. Live-changing discoveries. Mundane things. That was how I started tweeting my #Lessons, and yeah I think they are sweeter than honey. *Blush*

So these are the words that came to me as I sifted through my day-to-day activities this week- through the sunny episodes, rainy days, and cloudy moments. As for the "Intelligent Answer," it was by Albert Einstein when he was a little boy. I found it on Doug & Danny Bagucci's joint blog >>> "The Think Box." Here we go...

This Week's Tweeted #Lessons:

Lesson #1: Faith should not be a hindrance to research what you believe. "Get wisdom, and in all your getting, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

Lesson #2: When you say, "I love you," make sure you mean it. Love involves sacrifice & not mere words.

Lesson #3: "Patience is the companion of authentic faith"

Lesson #4: Be everything you speak so passionately about. Your words 'r' you.

Lesson #5: Just be still always. No storm can take you down.

Lesson #6: Stopping to appreciate nature, even something as small as ducks swimming, is worth it.

Lesson #7: Don't shun the #typeofperson willing to take you to the next level.

Lesson #8: Stay close to the #typeofperson who will make you dream bigger than your imagination.

Lesson #9: All things are publishable, but not all things should be published.

Lesson #10: An idea written on paper has so much potential than when it's floating around in your head. #Inspiration

Lesson #11: It is an excellent thing to constantly rejuvenate yourself- physically, spiritually, and materially.

Lesson #12: Google changed the world; so can you.

Lesson #13: "Do not weaken the verb you choose by qualifying it with an adverb" (origin: theoldsilly.com).

And the Intelligent Answer?

Question For the Day: Which of the #Lessons mean the most to you? And what do you think about Einstein's smart answer? Have a lovely God-filled weekend guys. If you haven't, you should read the previous post on "Tell Me About Your Late Night Dream."