An Ode to the One Who Dares to Turn the Pages

[Image by Dustin Diaz]

"I wonder why those soldiers divided His garments amongst themselves," Miguel said out loud. He was sitting on a brick fence reading the book of Matthew. "Why didn't they just toss His garments away like a pile of rubbish?"
He jumped down and started walking back and forth. Many things took place, not because they were important in themselves, but just so that every prophecy might be fulfilled. He ran back to the book on the fence to find the prophecy. He flipped the pages backwards...slowly going back in time. And finally he found what he was looking for in Psalm 22:18: "They divide My garments among them; for My clothing they cast lots." He smiled. He had searched the pages and found his answer. It needed to be done to show that He was the Christ, the son of God...the Messiah.

An Ode to the One Who Dares to Turn the Pages
[An Interpretation of the 1st Psalm for the 21st century]:

This is for the one who dares to turn those pages
Day and night he never stops
If he's not reading, he is reflecting
In English we call him "Blessed"
In Hebrew they call him "Barukh" which means "praised"
Yes, he is praised by God
"But wouldn't that be an irony?" You ask.
"Aren't we the ones to praise God and not the reverse?"
You see, what you don't understand is that God also praises man
He is also amazed when we walk in His ways
Just like we are amazed by His power
So to the one who dares to turn those pages
God praises you

This is for the one who dares to act according to the pages
He doesn't waste his time with futile things
He flees from all appearances of negligence and mockery of God
The people call out to him to be like them
They tell him he is wasting his time, that the world is theirs to enjoy
Sometimes they laugh and ask him why he is studying
But he makes a firm decision to continue doing so
Yes, he is praised by God

This is for the one who stands like a tree at the edge of a river
His roots stretch till they touch endless waters
That's why it's pretty difficult for him to die
He remains fresh and bears many fruits
Wherever he goes he serves to inspire others
Wherever he is found becomes brighter than before
Whatever he holds in his hands increases exponentially

This is for the one who dares to turn those pages
Those who do otherwise seem to have short-lived joy
Small issues blow them away, and bigger ones even kill them
But this one understands that God is sovereign
And so he knows where to run when issues appear
A strong tower he read about in the book
For this reason he is praised by God
God knows his way, and he knows God's way

Question(s) for the Day: How many times do we search the pages to seek answers for ourselves? This 21st century generation seems to be scared of flipping the pages of the Bible. We would rather call someone on the phone to explain something to us, rather than research it by ourselves. They say what you don't know can't hurt you, but I beg to differ...ignorance hurts, and painfully so. Maybe it's time for you to make a daily decision to turn those pages for yourself and find out what it holds for your own life.   

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